Top 10 Best Android Apps 2024 | Most Used Android Applications

Top 10 Best Android Apps: Android is an operating system developed by Google. It is based on versions like Linux, kernel and other open source software. These android versions are mainly designed in touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Google introduced the Android Tv and Android auto for cars. Different types of Android applications are used in pcs and other electronic devices.

By using any Android app we can perform any activity on our mobile devices. Apps are day by day becoming handy to all the smartphone users. We can send mail to others by using email app, play games on your handset using any Android game applications can chat with your loved ones using messaging applications and what not. Everything is now made easy with our amazing and wonderful Android applications on mobile devices.

Top 10 Best Android Apps

Best Android Apps 2019

An Android app is a computer program or software application which is running on the Android platform. They are mainly built for mobile devices. All the available Android apps can be used on any devices like smartphones, pcs, laptops, and tablets. We can create Android apps by using Java programming language and java core libraries. All Android apps are the first executable in Dalvik virtual machine.

It is specially designed for mobile devices. For the creation of apps, first, we need to download the Android software development kit from the Android website. In that software includes the tools and some sample code. Android apps have many benefits like low maintenance, Open source, Easy to integrate, Multiple sales channels and Easy adoption. Now we are here listing some Top 10 Best Android Apps In 2019. One can have a look over it and can use them on your smartphones.

1. Mx player
2. ES File Explorer
3. SwiftKey
4. Alarmy
5. SnapTube
6. EbookDroid
7. Google Pay
8. What’s App
9. Google Chrome
10. Google News

Top 10 Best Android Apps 2019

Mx Player

Mx player is one of the Best Android App 2019. The application is used to play video on your devices. It will play almost all the movie files including .3gp, .avi, .divx, .f4v and many more. Not only that it supports hi10p. Mx player consists of advanced accelerated decoding technique. The advanced features of Mx player are here now:

  • Variable Playback speed
  • Switching Audio Track
  • Multiple Decoding Codes to run videos effectively
  • More Controls Over Playback Option.
Mx Player App
Mx Player App

ES File Explorer

Es file explorer is previously known as Windows Explorer. It is mainly used for transferring the file from one device to another device. From windows 95 onwards it included in the Microsoft Windows operating system. So that the reason, the app has been recorded in the top 10 Best Android Apps 2019. Features of Es file explorer are listed here:

ES File Explorer App
ES File Explorer App
  • Access the computer from Android over wifi
  • Browsing Android files from your pc
  • Quickly install Multiple Applications


Swiftkey is a keyboard application. Used in Android and also IOSdevices. Artificial intelligence technology is used by Swiftkey application. One of the most advanced applications where we can type text and also get predictions. Features of Swiftkey listed down.

  • Stunning Word Prediction
  • Sync across multiple devices
  • Built-in clipboard
  • Swipe and gestures
SwiftKey App
SwiftKey App

Most Used Android Applications In 2019


Alarmy is an alarm clock app. The app not only works on the Android platform but also on IOS. On using this application you can keep alarm. To off the alarm clock, you can keep a picture when you wake up in the morning with the help of Photo mode available in the app. Here we are sharing a few features related to Alarmy app. People who are in search of the Hyderabad Metro Rail App can now download it here by clicking the link.

  • Supports Math Problem Mode
  • Includes Loud Alarm modes
  • Turn alarmed mode using picture dismiss mode
Alarmy App
Alarmy App


Snaptube app mainly used for downloading songs and videos from youtube. Downloading speed is very fast and it is simple and easy to use. It is one of the best video downloading Android app in 2019. Features of Snaptube are

SnapTube App
SnapTube App
  • Customized SnapTube Homepage
  • Add A New Video Site On SnapTube
  • Use SnapTube To Access Restricted Videos


EbookDroid is a powerful file viewer application. It can view and open electronic books, comics and other documents in any format. It is a closed source application and it supports only in Android 4+ Version devices. This Android app can be customized on user preference while viewing or editing the document. Here we are sharing some features of EbookDroid Android Application.

  • Define directories where the user can find some extra font details.
  • You can highlight text, select text, add notes and many using this amazing Android Application.
  • It uses MIME types to maintain different file formats.
EbookDroid App
EbookDroid App

Best Android Apps 2019

Google Pay

The new mobile Android Wallet Application. Google has changed the Tez app to Google Pay. Used for transferring money from one account to another account. By using this app you can store your financial information in the form of credit, debit, gifts and reward cards. It is one of the best digital wallet mobile apps. So this application listed in top 10 Best Android app In 2019. We here discussing some features related to the app.

Google Pay App
Google Pay App
  • The app encrypted and secured by Google.
  • The best handy app to make transactions in less time.
  • You can also even shop using this smart Android Google Pay Application.
  • Your card and bank details secured 100% safe.
  • You can also have many cash back coupons available and redeem them in the app itself.


Whatsapp mainly used for sending messages, photos, and videos using the internet. On using this best amazing application, the user can send text messages, audio messages, and even video messages. We can also make both audio and video calls using this app. So it is one of the best Most used Android apps in 2019. Features of Whatsapp listed here:

  • Group video and voice calling
  • WhatsApp payments
  • Group admin controls
  • Download all data for free

Top 10 Most Used Android Applications

Google Chrome

Google chrome – a browser and used for browsing the data using the internet. An open source program for accessing data and released in 2008. One of the most trusted, secured and the fastest browser used on any platform. The app is the Best Android App forever. Few of its features discussed here.

Google Chrome app
Google Chrome app
  • Can have all the data with less time
  • You can download any file and watch it offline
  • One can translate any text using this amazing app.
  • It also searches based on your voice using Google Voice Recognition feature

Google News

Google News app used for reading the news using the internet. Developed by Google. Google news is available in all Android smartphones. It is very easy to read news by using this app. So it is one of the most trendy Android App in 2019. Features of google news app  listed below

  • Videos in the google news will be played in youtube
  • You can save articles in offline mode.
  • One can have complete coverage all over the World
Google News App
Google News App


We have here discussed all the Top 10 Best Android Apps used on Your Smartphone. Nowadays Android apps used by every mobile user. Most of the people had no time to go to banks and deposit money. By using these Android apps, it is very easy and simple. Not only that we can do a lot of things using this awesome Android Apps 2019. Also, check more articles on by bookmarking the page.

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