Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam Treatment, Curing techniques, List of Diseases Cured, Benefits

Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam: From past years, there are several methods to treat different types of diseases. Those are ayurvedic, homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathic, and many more. Among them, Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam is the oldest type of medicine followed from ancient days. It also said that this Nadi Vaidyam is one of the oldest traditional ways of medicine introduced from Dravidian Civilization. Using this medicine, one can quickly get out and get cured of Chronic illness and other types of diseases. More details regarding Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam discussed in the following sections of the article.

Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam
Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam

What Is Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam?

Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam technique used by people all over the world. The name Siddh means Perfection, and this says that it gives a complete cure to your diseases with proper treatment. It is merely the art of healing illness and also called a super technique to cure diseases with no medicines. The Nadi Vaidya is one of the branches included in Siddh Vaidya. Mainly this technique is used to cure all chronic disorders and painful health conditions. It not only deals with chronic diseases but also the best treatment for muscular, neurological, and skeletal problems.

The practice of Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam started from the past generations to cure painful illness. Our ancestors have learned this Nadi Vaidyam from the Taala Patras. Later the knowledge of the treatment is transformed to the eligible next-generation persons. It is said to be one of the best and perfect therapy to cure and heal chronic diseases. The procedure manually is done, and there is no place for medicines. Here a person who is suffering from illness is treated by pressing the Nadi points and activating the body to function normally as usual. By touching those points to clear the blockages and handle all the dysfunctions of your body.

Benefits Of Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam

Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam is an excellent treatment for all the diseases, and there is no Surgicals and Medicines. It is one of the best methods to heal and cure diseases with a lot of benefits. Now we here going to discuss a few best benefits from Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam.

  1. Using this Nadi vaidyam one can de-stress the body by pressing the muscles at some Nadi points.
  2. It helps to improve blood circulation and oxygenate the brain.
  3. Nadi Vaidyam Improves the immunity system through muscles and cells.
  4. Helps to increase the flow of oxygen levels in the body by contracting and relaxing the toxins.
  5. Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam reduces stress, tension, and anxiety.di
  6. It stimulates the glow on skin and growth on hair.
  7. Through massage, this Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam helps to reduce sleep-related issues.
  8. Helps in maintaining peace, calmness, and tranquility.
  9. It mainly focuses on the muscular tissues, and it is the main key point for this medical technique.
  10. Nadi points relax pains and aches on neck, head, and muscles.
  11. Gets the relaxation within a few days and the days of treatment lasts depending on the type of diseases.

Apart from all these it also gives many other benefits to your body and muscles. Mainly this Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam technique involves muscle contraction, releasing of toxins from the tissues, and proper circulation of oxygen throughout the body.

Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam Curing Techniques

In the human body, there are seven cervical Bertebraes, five crucial vertebrae, and 12 Dorsal Vertebrae. Along with these, there are Sacrum and Coccyx. Generally, blockages occur in small joints and muscles. Those blockages are detected usually by these Nadi Vaidyam techniques. Mainly those are formed due to stress, internal diseases, and few more. To clear those blockages, we use Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam curing methods. The treatment begins with the touching and pressing those strong points to releases toxins and relax muscles. Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam involves a few steps, and those are

  1. Contact – At first, the practitioner touches the pain point of the patient to create tension in the muscle.
  2. Traction – Now they track the exact pain by pressing the location of the pain area.
  3. Impulses – Then the final step is impulse where it helps in contracting and releasing the muscles or joints with little bit pain.

How Does Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam Healing Works?

Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam used to heal all the chronically issues through Nadi or Marma therapy. Nadis are nothing but the channels of energy which helps to flow the current throughout the body. According to history, there are nearly 72,000 key Nadi points on the human body, which helps in reducing the stress from the body through a contraction. Along with these points, there are also some energy points connected with nerves and blood vessels. So by touching those sensitive energy points reduces the patient illness.

Nadi Vaidyam manages and balances the nervous system by touching pressuring the Nadi energy points. So the practitioner who presses that Nadi location helps to simulate the blood vessels and activate the blockage area. The final result in curing and healing of diseases. Also, search and know about Calorie Intake Count In A Day to Stay Healthy.

Diagnosis And Precautions During Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam

Before starting with the Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam treatment, they follow some procedure like precautions, dietary chart, and diagnosis. So those details are now discussed in this section.

  1. Firstly the person who does Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam checks the patient medical history and reports.
  2. After examining the patient health record, the practitioner gives counseling regarding the healing process.
  3. They also clear all the doubts raised by the patient regarding the diseases and treatment.
  4. Now the treatment begins with the perfect course.
  5. The treatment depends on the type of diseases the patient is suffering.
  6. The session may last for half an hour to one and half hour.
  7. Besides this, the patient is advised to go under physiotherapy to make the body flexible.
  8. By doing so, all the strong points become easier for the treatment.
  9. To undergo Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam treatment, a person should be far away from alcohol and Smoking.
  10. The patient must also follow a strict veg diet during the Nadi Vaidyam.
  11. The women who undergo this type of medication must not attend the sessions while they are in the menstrual cycle.

Is Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam a Safe Treatment?

The Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam is the ancient medication followed by our ancestors over many years. It is the best method to manage, heal, and cure all chronic, muscular, skeletal, and neurological illness. In a short period, a person feels free from all the disease they are facing. During this Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam, the person is safe and secured as this process is not involved in any surgical methods or medicines. It is purely a natural method to cure all diseases.

There are absolutely no side effects while taking Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam treatment. Patients sometimes face some soreness at the Nadi points during the procedure. But those swellings will cure in less time. It says that the marma point is feeble. They are so taking all this into mind Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam is one of the best olden technique to cure most of the diseases with lesser pains.

List Of Treatments Cured By Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam

  1. Migraine
  2. Back Pain
  3. Knee Replacement and Pain
  4. Polio
  5. Sciatica
  6. Brain Hemorrhage
  7. Osteo Arthritis
  8. Paralysis
  9. Neuromuscular disorders
  10. Joint Paints
  11. Spinal problems
  12. Frozen Shoulder
  13. Cervical and Lumbar Spondylosis
  14. Slip Disc and Many more.

Mahesh Babu Raising Awareness About Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam

A famous Tollywood actor, Superstar Mahesh Babu, was facing a Migraine problem for many years. He stated that he has undergone many medical practitioners but is of no use. Finally, he is addicted to painkillers and going on his work as usual. But his wife Actress Namratha consulted a Nadi Vaidyam Doctor named Dr. Sathya Sindhuja who is a chief specialist in Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam. Namratha explained the complete health condition of Mahesh Babu and asked for the proper treatment.

Within two months now Mahesh Babu is free from his Migraine pain. He is delighted with this excellent curing technique. So he gave an interview and raised awareness on this Chakrasiddh Nadi Vaidyam. The interview held by Anchor Suma, where the discussion carried out between Mahesh Babu and Dr. Sindhuja. For more other information check Timesalert.

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