What is the difference between Dual Active Sim and Dual Standby Sim ?

Difference Between Dual Active Sim and Dual Standby Sim

Mobile has become a part of everyone’s daily life. With the increased usage, a large number of Smartphones are being launched with different specifications. Currently, most of the Smartphones are coming with Dual Sims. In the dual sim smartphones, Dual Active Sim and Dual Standby Sim feature are creating a lot of confusion in the users. So here we are mentioning the difference between Dual Active Sim and Dual Standby Sim.

Dual Active Sim and Dual Standby Sim Difference

Dual Sim Active Phones

The user who wishes to buy Dual Sim Smartphone must know about this feature. Because once you have bought the phone there is no turning back and without knowing the difference you cannot use the features efficiently. So let us explain the difference between Dual Active Sim and Dual Standby Sim.

Dual Sim Dual Active Phones

At first, let us start with Dual Active Sim feature. As the name suggests, it is a feature where the mobile phone contains two Sim slots. You can use two Sim actively on a Single smartphone. The cell phone contains SIM 1 and SIM 2 slots, you can use one SIM for Voice Calls and other for internet. Even while you are using SIM 1, you will receive calls from SIM 2. You can switch calls from SIM 1 to SIM 2 by keeping on the hold. Many of the latest Smartphone offers Dual SIM function but you have to very carefully while verifying whether it has Dual Active Sim or Dual Standby Sim feature. Only a few mobile phones have Dual Active Sim feature.

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Dual Sim Dual Standby 4G Phone

Dual Standby Sim is slightly different from the Dual Active Sim. From the above section, you may have a gotten a pretty good idea on the Dual Active Sim function. The Dual Standby Sim also supports two SIM, but it cannot operate both SIMs actively at the same time. For example, if you are talking voice call on the SIM 1, you will not receive calls from SIM 2.

Dual Sim Dual Standby Data Connection

Dual Standby SIM means, it supports dual sims but in Standby mode. While using SIM 1, it puts SIM 2 in standby mode. Similarly, if you are using a 4G/3G network on one network, the other network will be disabled. The Dual Standby Sim is perfect for the users who use One network for their personal use and other for their regular use.

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