DSC Pay Slip 2024 – Download DSC Kannur Monthly Salary @ paodscknr.gov.in

Ministry of Defence has launched the online portal named DSC Pay Slip for DSC Personnel to access monthly salary online. Apart from generating payslip, the website holds the account for other financial functions. DSC is short for Defense Personnel Corps.

About DSC

DSC is a Defence organ of government. It established in the year 1947. The organization provides defence security to the DRDO and other nuclear laboratories. The department has launched a service on its portal for defence personnel to now access their payslips online. Now, these army men need not stand in long queues. They can access the DSC Army Kannur Monthly Salary Slip by sitting at their home.

DSC Kannur Payslip

DSC Payslip Online Benefits

By generating DSC payslip Kannur online, you get all your payslips just at a click. Apart from this, you can:

  • Access payslips anywhere – If you have your login credentials with you, then you can access your DSC payslip unit login from anywhere. All you need is your computer device along with an internet connection and login credentials.
  • Access To All Your Past Payslips – The paper payslips made of paper which gets destroyed after some time. But online Monthly payslip of DSC Employee remains forever on the portal.
  • Get DSC Army Pay Slip Regular – The DSC salary slips generated by a computer are regular and reach out to the employees on the specified interval.
  • Reduced Logistics Cost – The online payslips are generated by the computer. They sent to most of the employees in one click. They don’t need offline courier mailing which includes costs of packing and shipping the payslips through the mail.
  • Eco-friendly – Online payslips are eco-friendly as they don’t need paper to print on. They are available digitally.
  • Secure – The online Indian Army DSC Pay Slip, accessed only by those who have access to your login credentials. Hence, only you or your authorized person can know about your payslip. Also, read about CISF payslip and their benefits.

DSC Army Pay Slip Login

How To Generate DSC Monthly Pay Slip Kannur

To generate the payslip online, you must have army login credentials. You can create an online DSC Employee payslip by following these processes:

  • Visit the portal by clicking the official portal.
  • To generate your DSC Army Kannur Monthly Salary Slip, click on Army Unit Login.
  • Enter your army code. Click on the submit button.
  • Enter the password associated with your account. In case you have forgotten it, contact the Administrator. They provide you with the DSC payslip reset password.
  • Hit the Submit Button. Upon submitting the credentials if you are successfully verified by the website, you able to see the payslip on your screen.

DSC Pay Slip

Download DSC Kannur Monthly Salary @ paodscknr.gov.in

You can also download your payslip for future use. Just follow these steps:

  • Once you have successfully logged into the portal using DSC payslip unit login, you can download your DSC monthly payslip. By clicking on download.
  • You must have a PDF reader on your device to open and read the payslip.

DSC PaySlip Login

FAQs On Por DSC Pay Slip Kannur

Q1. How to check the DSC Payslip?

A1. If you want to know about your payslip and you work under DSC, then you can check your payslip online by sitting at your homes. All you need to do is visit the portal and log in by entering the credentials and submitting them.

Q2. How to get DSC Pay slip Reset Password?

A2. Once you forget the password, you can reset it by telling your Administrator about this. Give him the asked details, and he shall help you in logging onto your account.

DSC Pay Slip Kannur

Q3. How to do DSC Payslip Army Login?

A3. You can log in and generate your payslip. First, visit the portal by clicking on the link mentioned in the above sections. Now you must enter login details and enter your account to generate your payslip.


Ministry of Defense has now launched an online portal to help the defence personnel of DSC manage their DSC payslip online. Now, these government employees can access their payslips all at just a tap. For more details, check Timesalert.

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