Giant Eagle Customer Satisfaction Survey 2024 Win $2000 Gift Card

The Giant Eagle Customer Satisfaction Survey is an online survey that Giant Eagle created that can assist the firm in improving the store. It can be found at, as this is an online survey.


Giant Eagle is an American grocery chain asking its consumers to participate in the Giant Eagle satisfaction survey. The company will use the survey results to improve the customer experience because it is dedicated to giving its customers the most excellent care, service, and facilities. In return, it allows customers to enter sweepstakes to win a $2,000 gift card.

For sending in your feedback and compliments or complaints, surveys are a terrific method to share your praises and concerns with the business. Giant Eagle takes complaints and praises, but they take all issues seriously because they could reflect a problem with the entire store.

After submitting the Giant Eagle survey, participants will be entered to win one of ten $2,000 Giant Eagle store gift cards. This Giant Eagle guest experience survey will assist Giant Eagle in gathering feedback from frequent customers. Also, take part in TellPopEye’s Survey.

Giant Eagle Survey Rules

To take the Giant Eagle customer satisfaction survey and get the Giant Eagle gift card reward, you need to follow some rules listed below:

· You must have a previous Giant Eagles Cash Receipt with the survey code.

· You must be legally living in the United States of America.

· You have the option of taking the survey in English or Spanish.

· If you don’t fill out the winner’s form after winning, your name will be taken from the list of winners.

· You must be or above 18 years old to complete the survey. survey requirements

There are a few prior requirements for the survey: 

  • Participants must have a computer, smartphone, or tablet that is online.
  • You must have a recent Giant Eagle purchase receipt.
  • Participants must remember their most recent visit to a Giant Eagle shop and know whether it was a positive experience. 

How To Take Gianteaglelistens Survey

You must have access to a PC, laptop, or mobile phone with reliable internet connectivity because the Giant Eagle feedback survey is online.

1: Enter the survey code from your receipt at You will find this survey code on top of the receipt from the Giant Eagles. 

2: Respond to the Giant Eagles feedback survey. You can rate your experience using these. You can rate using a scale, write a paragraph or select from a list of options. A box will be provided to enter your response to essay questions. If these are accessible, please utilize them to give more information to the business.

3: Enter your details to receive ten other benefits. This could contain your name, phone number, and email address.

Giant Eagle Customer Satisfaction Survey Reward

This will make it easier for you to complete the Giant Eagle feedback survey and receive a promo code and a sweepstakes entry good for a $2000 Giant Eagle reward price. 

So without spending any more time, take the Giant Eagle Customer Survey for a chance to win a $2,000 Giant Eagle store gift card by simply following the instructions we have provided below to finish the Giant Eagle Online Survey.

About Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle is a store that provides a variety of goods and services, including those related to food, medication, personal hygiene, banking, etc. The business was founded in 1931 and is one of the largest privately held, family-run businesses in the United States. Nearly 400 locations in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia host retail storefronts for the company.

Gianteaglelistens Survey Faq’s

  Can I participate in the Gianteaglelistens Survey if I am 16?

 No, you cannot. The survey applies only to individuals above the age of 18.

Can I enter the survey without purchasing anything?

 You must enter the survey code before taking the survey situated on top of your receipt from the store. Therefore, you can only enter the survey with purchasing.

I am a citizen of Canada. Can I still enter the survey?

 Anyone legally living in the United States can enter the survey. So if you are a Canadian citizen but are legally living in the United States, you can enter the survey without a doubt. 

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