Tellpopeyes Survey 2024 at Win $1000 Gift Card

The TellPopeyes Survey is one of the most trusted feedback processes. conducts it for all the major restaurants and dining establishments across various regions. 

To learn about the experiences of customers who come for expensive dine-ins and in the hope of receiving firm and honest feedback to help the restaurants serve the customers better the next time they come in for a pleasant evening meal. 

Tellpopeyes Survey

TellPopeyes has been conducting the TellPopeyes customer survey for years to learn about natural and fruitful consumer experiences that are relevant for improving the experience for the next time in a better and more thoughtful manner.

Why Is TellPopeyes Survey Used As A Survey Experiment?

The primary goal of this tellpopeyes guest survey is to learn about the nuances and details of the restaurant experiences conducted in this experiment among long-term customers dining in for the first time. 

The other strong motivation behind conducting the tellpopeyes feedback survey is to know the long-term satisfaction levels of customers, which need to be radically changed and for which other related work has to be done. Also, take Jacklistens survey.

Tell popeyes survey

To connect with the existing consumers and to show them the value of the restaurants and the care they take about the well-being of their customers. 

We will also tell the staff and the management of the restaurants and their related services that it has been finally served to the customers in their interests of getting the experience of a lifetime.

Tellpopeyes Survey

Popeyes survey at

Apart from this, with the help of the TellPopeyes customer satisfaction survey and the Popeyes validation code, the customers get to precisely mark the loopholes that need to be filled along with other customers in restaurants and other related businesses.

In terms of how they feel about the hospitality of a particular brand of the restaurant, in the long run, that will help shed some light on fixing those loopholes in the years to come. TellPopeyes survey helps us understand any reports of harsh behavior, poor food quality served, or any related issues that may arise shortly. 

The need for experienced personnel is missing in many restaurants and can be addressed beforehand to prevent any loss of revenue for any restaurant in the long run.

What Are The Rules For Taking survey?

It is highly recommended that a new customer follow these rules and regulations even to be eligible to take one and be considered as having genuine feedback. To begin, the person taking this survey must be at least 16. 

Anyone below that will automatically become ineligible for this popeyes guest experience survey. They should be citizens of the United States of America. They should have visited the Pope’s restaurant at least once; otherwise, the purpose of your feedback becomes irrelevant because you have firsthand experience with it.

The consumer who wishes to fill out the TellPopeyes feedback survey form must have received an invitation by applying the invitation code. Apart from this, the customer can only take one survey at a time, which should be considered one survey per customer to avoid duplication of surveys. 

Once you fulfill these, you, as a customer, also need to have a purchase receipt from your recent visits to a Popeyes restaurant.

How Is This Survey Conducted?

  1. This TellPopeyes survey is conducted based on your recent visit to a restaurant and your experience related to food quality. 
  2.  Visit the official website at and select your preferred language. 
  3. Click the “Take the survey” button, and you are ready to take the sweepstakes and give feedback. 
  4. Once you finish this feedback which has a TellPopeyes survey phone number, you have to click submit. A page will open where you have to enter all other details.

Finally, you have to click on the finish survey option, and you can get your prize for the same! Tellpopeyes survey offers free 2-piece chicken for providing honest feedback that is going to help them improve and will help them to provide their customers as per their requirements.  


The most valuable parts of this experience survey are the TellPopeyes Survey Rewards. If you are lucky enough, you will be rewarded with a $1000 gift card that will be non-transferable or non-redeemable by any other person except the customer whose name is printed on the purchase bill.

FAQs on popeyes customer satisfaction survey

How can I redeem my validation code?

You can redeem your validation code at any of the Popeyes restaurants and also have the option to receive your rewards. The customer must check that the code is valid when visiting the store.

What is the incentive that we receive at the Popeyes store?

Firstly, you can win a $1000 gift coupon. In addition to that, you can have a nice chicken meal.

Can I validate my gift coupon survey code at any Popeyes store?

Yes, it is possible to redeem it at any Popeyes store in the US.  

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