Google Pay Maximum Amount Transfer Limit – Gpay UPI Limit

UPI apps have made our life very easier as most of the activities that we had to take a long time and effort to do, no we can do with just a few clicks from the convenience of our homes. One such UPI app is Google pay where we can carry out many online transactions.

Gpay UPI Limit

Google Pay is an online payment platform created by Google. It helps people to transfer money directly from and to their bank accounts. The app is very convenient and can be used at any time from any place. We can also pay utility bills, book online tickets, and recharge our phones online. Online transactions have never been easier than today because of apps like Google pay.

However, there is some maximum limit to the transaction which we can carry out in Gpay. After a certain amount of transactions, you will not be able to transact anymore in GPay in a day.

What is the Google pay Maximum Transfer limit?

There is always some restrictions in all the UPI i.e. Unified Payments Interface Apps related to the amount and the number of transactions that can take place. In Google pay, we cannot carry out transactions of more than Rs. 100,000 per day. There is also another restriction where we cannot do more than 10 transactions in a day. 

Here is the list of restrictions or limits which is faced during Gpay transactions:-

  • No transaction more than Rs. 100,000

The maximum amount of transactions that we can do in a day in Google pay is Rs.100, 000. We have to delay the transaction to the next day to do a transaction of more than Rs. 100,000 in a day.

  • 10 transactions per day

The maximum amount of transactions that we can do in Google pay on a particular day is 10. Again, we need to postpone our transaction by one day to do more than 10 transactions in a day on Google Pay.

  • Money request restriction

We cannot request more than Rs. 2000 at once in Google pay. To deal with this problem, you can break down the amount to more than Rs. 2000 and request for the same from the person you want the money.

  • Sending less than Rs.1

There is also another limit on Gpay to avoid fraudulent activities which are an error message that will show up if we try to send less than Rs.1

Google Pay Bank Transaction Limits

Besides, the transaction limit set by the UPI apps, there are also some restrictions laid down by the Banks which is the maximum limit of the transactions which we can carry out in a day. Here is the list of the maximum transactions of some major individual banks:-

BanksDaily Transaction Limit
Allahabad BankRs. 100,000
Andhra BankRs. 100,000
Axis BankRs. 100,000
Central Bank of IndiaRs. 50,000
Canara BankRs. 25,000
Dena BankRs. 100,000
HDFC BankRs. 100,000
HSBCRs. 100,000
ICICI BankRs. 25,000
Induslnd BankRs. 100,000
Kotak Mahindra BankRs. 100,000
Oriental Bank of CommerceRs. 100,000
Punjab National BankRs. 50,000
YES BankRs. 100,000

These are some of the maximum transaction limits of some of the major banks of India. We will have to wait for another day in order to carry out transactions more than mentioned above for our respective banks.

Google Pay Customer Care Number

We have to write the problem that we are facing and select the best description of the issue out of all the options available, and then you get the “Chat” option, and also the waiting period is mentioned there.

One can share our problem related to Google pay transactions here and we get the solution for the same. For more information and updates check Timesalert.

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