Google Task Mate – How to earn money, Google Task Mate Invitation Code

Tech Giant Google is testing Task Mate in India, a paid crowd-sourcing tool that allows people to earn cash, but the company still hasn’t given any official statement about the report.

The Google TaskMate software, which is still in beta, gives users assignments to earn money by using smartphones.

Google Task Mate 

Google Task Mate is currently in the beta testing stage, which as said, “is restricted to selected testers.”

Testing Google TaskMates beta version in India is going strong. Users can generally earn money through simple tasks on their smartphones.

Google Task Mate

Google Task Mate Available only to Selective Users

Google Role Mate access is currently limited by a referral code scheme to selected accounts. The app is available in the Google Play Store but its activation relies on your referral code.

The app overview reads, “Find tasks in the neighborhood, finish a task and collect your money.”

You need to connect an account to a third-party processor to cash out the money received from the mission.

  • Enter in the payment partner’s e-wallet or account data in the Google Task Mate Account.
  • After going to your profile page, tap on cash-out.
  • You can withdraw the money in your local currency after the above step.

How To Earn Money in Google TaskMate?

You must complete the tasks below to earn actual cash in your bank account. Tasks can differ from person to individual depending on your profile and interests-

  • Capture Photo Of Shop Fronts
  • Record Spoken Sentences
  • Transcribe Sentences
  • Check Shop Details
  • Record The Sentences Shown In App
  • Answer survey questions about your preferences
  • Translate English Sentences to other or preferably local Languages.

How To Get Google Task Mate Invitation Code 

In India, Google launched this software and for the time being it is only available for restricted user count or you can just say it is available to only employees. For more updates check Timesalert.

Limited Invitation Code – You can pass on your Google Task Mate Referral Code to just 3 users and who can further share their codes with other users. That’s how the chain operates.

Google Task Mate Invitation Code

You can’t log into the app without Task Mate Invitation Code.

Invitation Code1: GH60T1

Invitation Code2: IN42Z6

How to cash out money from the Task mate app

You paid for the activities you perform correctly in local currency and you will require a third-party payment processor account. Make sure to register your e-wallet or account with your payment partner in the application and review your profile page and press the “cash-out” button when you’re ready to cash out.

Google Task Mate App On Play Store

You will be able to withdraw your earned profits in your local currency, which is rupees in the case of India.


Google Task Mate Referral requires people to perform basic tasks such as clicking restaurant photos, shopping, answering survey questions about personal choices, or helping organizations worldwide to translate phrases from English into other languages.

The tasks of clicking on businesses’ photographs possibly allow Google to map and link businesses to the sector.

Sitting or field activities are the main types of tasks. Google may also order a job directly. The app also shows your finished tasks, tasks performed right, the degree, and the tasks under review.

The google task mate app also displays the average time you would get to reach the location if you have any job in the surrounding area. The task number is also shown next to the ongoing task. You can miss the task in case it doesn’t interest you or if simply you don’t want to do it.

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