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Happy Valentine Day: The best day of the year to express your love is on its way. Valentine’s day is celebrated on February 14th every year as Valentine Day. It is celebrated as the remembrance of the priest Valentine in Rome for his self sacrificing for the couples. This day is also called the Saint Valentine’s Day or Feast Of Saint Valentine.

Happy Valentine Day 2024 

The couples celebrate their love by wishing and expressing their love. They gift their loved ones with cards on this beautiful and enjoyable day. The Valentine celebrations started in the 19th century and became a tradition in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Valentine Day WhatsApp Status

Everyone expresses their love in different ways. Couples plan their loved ones to gift them and surprise them with many things. Also, a few Restaurants are coming up with exciting menus. Lovers who are far away will also celebrate the valentine day by sending the images and updating their Whatsapp Status and quotations to them. Nearby people also need words to convey our feelings to others.

Valentine Day Celebrations

Valentine Day is celebrated for seven days. The week before February 14th is celebrated as different days to express the love between the couples. These days are listed below.

Valentine Week Days
Rose Day on February 7th
Propose Day February 8th
Chocolate Day February 9th
Teddy Day February 10th
Promise Day February 11th
Hug Day February 12th
Kiss Day February 13th
Valentine Day February 14th


People celebrate these days by sending images cards and keep their Whatsapp status in their accounts and show their love. Now, why are you waiting for? Go download or share the below Happy Valentine Day 2024 Images and send it to your dear ones on this beautiful occasion.

Happy Rose Day Images

Happy Rose Day Quotes Happy Valentines Day Wishes

Rose Day – It celebrated on February 7th. Couples give away roses to each other to show their love. This day starts the valentine week. So people who want and wish to express their love to their loved persons can now express them quickly and simply by sharing these beautiful images.

Happy Rose Day 2024 Wishes Quotes Images

Happy Propose Day 2024 Images

happy Valentine day images

Propose Day – Celebrated on the next day of rose day. Youngsters propose their girlfriend and boyfriend on this day. This day is a special day where people confirm their love towards each other. Different people choose different methods to propose their loved ones.

Happy Propose Day 2024 Wishes Quotes Images

Happy Chocolate Day 2024 Quotes

Happy Valentine Day Wishes

Chocolate Day – Celebrated to show they care for your lovers by giving loads of chocolates to each other. Generally, girls love to have chocolates. So boys can express their love to their lovers by giving chocolates to them on this special Valentine Week that is on Chocolate Day, which celebrated on February 9th 2024.

Happy Chocolate Day 2024 Wishes Quotes Images

Happy Teddy Day Whatsapp Status

Valentine Day photos

Teddy Day celebrated on February 10th, 2024. Lover’s present the cuddly and fluffy teddy to show how special they are to them. Most of the girls love to have teddies. So many of the Valentines express their love to their girls by giving them beautiful Teddies.

Happy Teddy Day 2024 Images Wishes Quotes 

Happy Promise Day 2024 Messages

Happy Valentines Day whatsapp status

Promise Day – The special day celebrated by every age group couples and promise each other for love and affection. Not only people who express their love celebrate this day but also all the couples promise their life partners. So this is one of the beautiful days which gives you a lot of memories with your loved ones.

Promise Day 2024 Wishes Quotes Images

Happy Hug Day Wishes

Happy Valentines Day Quotes

Hug Day – A hug is a symbol of love, care, passion towards each other. On this day hug your friends, family and loved ones to retain the affection between you. People on this particular occasion express their love by hugging each other with lots of warmth and responsibilities.

Hug Day 2024 Wishes Quotes

Happy Kiss Day 2024 

Valentine Day Whatsapp Images

Kiss Day celebrated before Valentine Day, February 14th, 2024. Express your love and passion on this day. Kiss is nothing but emotion to express love towards each other. It makes their bond strong full of comfort and enthusiasm.

Kiss Day 2024 Wishes Quotes 

Happy Valentine Day 2024 Images

People who fall in love wait for this day to express and propose their love to their partner. The whole week of valentine celebrated with many plans. They have a lot of memories which will be mesmerized by them as days goes on.

Valentine Day Wishes

The quotes are beneficial to celebrate your valentine’s day. Below is the list of them for you

“True soul mates are together forever. I am ready to stay beside you, my true friend and partner”.

“There are no limits to what we can achieve together. Let’s go for it, my brave one.”

“You are more than just my boyfriend. You are my best friend, and I hope you know how much that means to me.”

Valentines Day wishes

“It hurts that miles separate us this Valentine’s Day, but I know our love will carry us through until we see each other again. I love you.”

“You mean the absolute world to me, and it is just another day to go out of my way to tell you so.”

Happy Valentine Day Whatsapp Status

Happy Valentines Day best quotes

“Love Is The Happiness Of Today, And Promise Of Tomorrow, So This Warm Note Comes to You, To Say That Live Life With A Heart Full Of Love.”

“I don’t love you because of who you are, but because of who when I am with you.”

“What we have is deep and precious, like a sunken treasure chest deep in my soul. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“Becoming a life partner is so tough. Still, you have given me your best priceless care. Wish you Happy Valentine Day dear.”

“You shine in my eyes each, and every time, I love you so much, Happy Valentine.”

Celebrate love with these images and messages by sending to your girlfriend and boyfriend and convey your feeling with them. Happy Valentine Day.

Valentine Week and its specialities discussed here. All the lovers who are going to express their love this year can use all the above mentioned Happy Valentine day 2024 Images quotes Wishes Messages and many more here. Also, check each day in Valentine week on Timesalert.com. It gives you the complete details of this excellent occasion.

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