Remuneration To Jabardasth Comedians Team Leaders Anchors Judges

Remuneration To Jabardasth Comedians Anchors 

Etv most popular show Jabardasth Katharnak Comedy Show is one most watched show in the Telugu television show and also with a high TRP rating. The show was first telecasted on ETV on 7 February 2013, featuring megastar brother actor and producer Nagababu and actress turned politician Roja as Judges. This show is inspired by Hindi comedy show “Comedy Circus.”


Remuneration to Jabardasth Teams Leaders

Jabardasth Katharnak Comedy Show is telecasted on ETV on every Thursday at 8.30 PM (IST). The show has five to seven teams, and each team performs a comedy skit. Based on the team performance and skit content judges will award scores to each team. The team with highest posts is declared as the winner of the episode and will be price money of Rs. 10000. Winning team performance will also get the chance be the poster of the week. Jabardasth Katharnak Comedy Show has become the most favorite show.

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Remuneration to Jabardasth Anchors Rashmi Anasuya

Jabardasth Katharnak Comedy Show has become most favorite show within a short time. Due to the popularity of the show the production department “MalleMala productions” launched another comedy show as Extra Jabardasth. The Extra Jabardasth is aired on every Friday at 8.30 PM (IST) on ETV. Judges are same for the Extra Jabardasth, the team leaders and anchor are different.

Remuneration to Jabardasth Judges Nagababu Roja 

Anchor Rashmi is the host of Jabardasth Katharnak Comedy Show whereas Anasuya Bharadwaj is the host of Extra Jabardasth. Jabardasth is a favorite show so everyone will be interested to know the remuneration of Jabardasth Team leaders, comedians, anchors, and Judges. So here we have shared the official information of remuneration offered to each actor. Check the below table to know the details of Remuneration to Jabardasth Comedians Team Leaders Anchor Judges.

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Jabardasth Comedy Show Anchors Rashmi Anasuya Remuneration

Anchor NameRemuneration
Anasuya4 Lakhs
Anchor Rashmi4 Lakhs

Jabardasth Comedy Show Judges Remuneration

Judges NameRemuneration
Nagababu5 Lakhs
Roja5 Lakhs

Jabardasth Comedians Team Leaders Remuneration

Comedians, Team Leaders NameRemuneration
Chandra2.5-3 lakhs
Ravi1-1.8 lakhs
Phani1-1.8 lakhs
Sudheer2.5-3 lakhs
Srinu1-1.8 lakhs
Abhi2.5-3 lakhs
Ram Prasad1-1.8 lakhs
Shankar2.5-3 lakhs
Venu2.5-3 lakhs
Jeevan1-1.8 lakhs
Dhanraj2.5-3 lakhs
Rakesh1-1.8 lakhs
Sunny1-1.8 lakhs
Raghava2.5-3 lakhs
Chanti2.5-3 lakhs
Sheshu2.5-3 lakhs
Apparao1-1.8 lakhs
Sudhakar1-1.8 lakhs
Ramu1-1.8 lakhs
Remaining Others1-1.8 lakhs


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