Oppo Warranty Status Check Online – Oppo Free Smartphone Warranty

Warranty is an important factor especially for devices like smartphones which might require repair from time to time. A warranty is a promise made by the manufacturer for a particular period of time since the purchase to repair and replace the product in case of a manufacturing defect.

Oppo Warranty Status Check Online

So, it is an important part of the purchase to check for the warranty available for the product. These days’ companies are also offering an online feature to check the warranty of their phones in case they want to know if the warranty is still available.

Similarly, Oppo provides these services to its users that they can check the warranty of their particular device through an official online mode

Usually, when we buy our smartphones from online platforms, we are sure about the product is authentic. But, when we buy from local vendors or buy a used smartphone, we must check the warranty of the device to make sure it is authentic.

With the number of scams happening these days, it is better to be safe rather than taking rushing into a decision. There have been times when the users come to know that the product is fake when they visit the service center for some repair. So, the best thing to do will be to check the warranty of the product.

Oppo Warranty Check

To do so for the Oppo phones, you should check the Warranty of the Oppo phones officially this can be easily done online.

Need of warranty?

Why do we need a warranty for our phones? Following are a few of the important uses of warranty:-

  • Hardware defect

If you find a hardware defect on the phone such as buttons not working, volume or screen wreck, then you can visit the service center in the warranty period and get a free repair.

  • Software problem

Sometimes, new phones might hang or lag for some software defects, in such cases also, you can take the phone to the service center and get a free repair.

  • Replacement of phone

In case, the hardware or the software problem cannot be solved, the phone is replaced in the warranty period. However, the replacement does not take place if the cause of the defect is the fault of the customer.

How to check Oppo Smartphones Warranty

Many of the oppo users want to check the warranty of their phones. So, the official website of Oppo has a section specifically designated for checking the warranty status of all the Oppo products. One may easily go to the Oppo website to check the warranty of Oppo products which helps to know their authenticity. Follow the steps given below to check the warranty of your Oppo smartphone:-

  • Open the dial pad

First, you need to open the dial pad on your Oppo smartphone. On the dial pad, enter “*#06#” to proceed.

  • IMEI Number

You will see a pop-up that will mention your IMEI Number. Copy or note down the IMEI Number which will be used further.

  • Go to the Oppo Warranty Status Check Website

Now, visit the official Oppo warranty Status Check page which you can either search on Google or any of the other preferred browsers, or you can click on the link given below:-

  • Enter the details

Now, on the official website enter the IMEI Number and Verification code which is the CAPTCHA code that you have to enter, and click on the “Check Now” button to proceed.

  • Warranty Status Check Result

Now, finally, you will be able to see the status of the warranty of your Oppo Smartphone. If your phone is authentic, then you will find the description of the phone along with the warranty status. Under the warranty status, you will see the month or years of warranty, if any left. If your warranty is expired, a message in red will appear displaying the same.

The warranty period of Oppo products

The warranty period for different Oppo products varies. Following are some of the Oppo products of India and their warranty periods:-

  • Phone- 12 months
  • Battery- 12 months
  • Inbox Headphones, USB cable, charger- 6 months
  • Car Charger- 12 months
  • Power Bank- 12 months
  • Bluetooth Earphones- 12 months

Oppo Principles of warranty

Oppo has certain principles for the product under warranty which are as follows:-

  • Warranty Card and Invoice

The customer must present the legitimate warranty card and invoice to receive the service in case of a requirement. So, the customer must make sure they have kept the documents safe after they buy their Oppo phone.

  • Lost warranty card

If the customer lost their warranty card, the service center compares the date exactly 3 months after the manufacturing date of the phone and the date of the E-warranty and selects the one more beneficial for the customer.

  • Overseas Product

If the product is not brought to India, then the Indian service centers do not owe the warranty services to the customers.

  • Replaced component

The replaced part of Oppo phones are from the oppo company itself, and not any other company.

Oppo Customer Service

In case you have any query related to Oppo Warranty Status or any other problem related to your Oppo phones, you can contact this number:-18001032777. For more updates check Timesalert.

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