Simple Rangoli Designs With Flowers – Easy Rangoli Flower Designs

Flowers are an art form in and of themselves, and a rangoli constructed of flowers is unlike any other rangoli. This method of rangoli creation is quite popular all around the world. Flowers provide colour, aroma, beauty, and other elements to any occasion. These floral patterns will steal your heart. Here is a collection of lovely simple rangoli designs with flowers that can not only beautify your floor but also offer a pleasant perfume to your home.

Flower Rangoli in the Shape of a Semicircle

This pattern is quite magnificent, and the usage of lemon yellow petals just adds to its allure. The flower petals are drawn in a semi-circle shape and are elegantly connected. On the outside border, as well as on the floor, miniature diyas have been planted. The Rangolis colours of crimson, lime yellow, magenta, ivory, emerald, and tangerine worked well together.

  • This efficient and environmentally friendly rangoli is appropriate for school and college rangoli contests.
  • The circular shape represents wholeness, totality, and the all-pervading presence of God.
  • The blooms are utilized as fertilizers and symbolize purity.

Simple flower rangoli designs with dots

Drawing rangolis at the front of the house and the office is particularly recommended and is a wonderful way to greet the Lord. Flowers are a significant part of the decor. These simple rangoli designs are easy to make, pleasant to behold at and represent nature and the scenic wonders that surround us. Actual flower petals can also be used to make rangolis, and they can be used to complete a pattern.

Rangoli Extravagant

These rangolis are large and are made up of a variety of gorgeous florals such as rose petals, sunflowers, geraniums, and other blooms. This is a simple rangoli design with flower petals. This arrangement is rather more complex, but it looks stunning and is ideal for any occasion, including weddings, anniversaries, and festivals. As a result, this Diwali This larger rangoli ought to be on your Deepavali to-do list if you want to decorate your hall or lobby.

Rangoli with a lot of flowers

These designs are simple and quick to create. Only a handful of blooms are required. You can save a lot of time in this scenario because you won’t have to waste time breaking flowers. One can also enjoy the sight of beautiful flowers in their natural state. You may also add decorative elements to your Rangoli to take it to the next level. You can decorate your Rangoli with glistening stones, figurines, and lovely candles.

Flower Rangoli Design in Swastik’ Shape

This modest rangoli artwork with blossoms appears complicated, but it’s rather simple to make. It shows a series of repeating the same design three times, each time with a new colour scheme and scale. It looks fantastic now that the swastika has appeared. The outside border is circular and has sharp corners. You can add simple flower rangoli designs with dots.

When this Rangoli embellished with flowers, it will be breathtaking. Pooja, whether at home or in a temple, is a unique occasion for making this rangoli. The round design attracts positivity, while flowers fill the air with scent. It’s good for the environment.

Rangoli with leaves of flowers

Leaves come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and patterns, and they come in many different forms, sizes, and patterns. Leaves complement the beauty of flowers, and green patterns in rangolis are ideal for ornamentation. It could also be placed in their natural state. You can quickly and wisely add dimension to your flower Rangoli by adding lengthy leaves around the circumference. Actual leaves and branches, like flowers, can be utilized to make designs.

Using Rice and Flour to Create Floral Rangoli Designs

If you are an admirer of bright colours and patterns, then this flower multi-coloured design is the one for you. Compose this decoration with grains, cornmeal, pigments, or blooms and draw much of any artwork with pastels or a sketching pen. This rangoli is suitable for every event and is the ideal rangoli adornment for the apartment.

Simple rangoli designs with flowers and colors

Flowers in light and dark tones are perfectly blended. Rangoli is mostly about brightness if you are using synthetic or natural colors. The premise behind Rangoli is meaningless without colors. Rangoli, a simple and quick design that is made by repeating a flower design. Flowers in contrasting colors are utilized to draw attention to the design. You’ll need a variety of flower species and colors to make this floral Rangoli. The way multiple colors blooms are used in Flower Rangoli designs is what makes them so beautiful.

Flower Rangoli ‘Holi’ Pattern

This Rangoli made with variety of flowers that have been arranged in various designs. In Hindi, the word ‘Holi’ is spelt with the blooms of a flower stalk. This Rangoli design created especially for the Holi holiday, which is why simple rangoli designs with flowers and colors utilized to embellish the Artwork.

  • Rangoli’s significance underscored by the fact that Holi is the ideal celebration for it.
  • Holi blooming flowers would not pay for water and would not hurt the environment.

Floral Diya rangoli

Are you exploring contemporary rangoli designs? Then this rangoli design is ideal for you. Flowers and Diwali diyas make a lovely combo that will bring elegance to your home. As we all know, diyas can enchant any lovely decoration and strive for excellence in it. Make this rangoli with some old bangles. Create everything more attractive by using your favourite colours and adding some diyas. Decorate your home for Diwali with a flower Diya rangoli, plenty of lamps, candles, and diyas, and your guests will be delighted.

Simple rangoli designs with flowers petals

This rangoli includes a circular border and a quadruple arrangement of rose petals. Its core has lavishly embellished with lotus-like petals. The use of bright hues, mainly light yellow and orange, has been made. To create the Rangoli a classic appearance, deep green was chosen.

  • The structure and pattern demonstrate why and where rangoli should be made, and so this rangoli is appropriate for a welcome ceremony.
  • Rangoli’s round design draws optimism into the home.
  • Flowers are environmentally benign, thus they will not affect the environment.

So there you have it: the best floral rangoli designs to beautify your residence with. Natural components such as blossoms, flour, and a wide variety of colours used to create the flowery rangoli design. These are freehand drawings with no pattern or dots, allowing you to create your designs and colours.

People Also Ask On Rangoli Flower Designs

How to make simple rangoli designs with flowers?

  • Begin by deciding on a good spot for the flower rangoli.
  • Whenever you start putting out petals, it’s generally a good idea to make a basic drawing of your layout.
  • Pick up the tray of blossoms and start filling in your pattern.
  • Flowers used to conceal the pattern, and the corners should be avoided.

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