What Is VIN – Vehicle Identification Number Online

VIN – Well, our vehicles are special and unique for all of us. Whether they are standing in a parking lot full of vehicles, we are very easily able to identify our car. But what, if you come across a car of the same model as yours, also with the same color too. Then how will you differentiate your car?

You would go to have a look at the license plate. But what, if we remove that as well. Then how will you know which car is yours? Well to take you out of the situation, the VIN is here.

What is VIN?

VIN is short for Vehicle Identification Number. Every vehicle on the road has a different VIN. It is a 17 digit number that identifies every vehicle as unique from the other. It is since 1981 that every vehicle has its own unique VIN.

VIN is not just a random series of numbers placed together to identify a vehicle differently. When read together it gives a lot of information about a specific vehicle.

If you wish to see the VIN of a car, look on the pillar of the driver’s seat door. VIN for motorcycles can be found around the handle. If you own a scooter then you may want to look for where to find the VIN number and that found under the dashboard.

Find VIN Number From Registration Plate

Apart from all of the methods mentioned above, there is one more method to find my VIN number online. While you purchase a vehicle from a dealership, the store owner registers the vehicle at a local RTO. RTO prints out the VIN on the registration certificate. You may want to have a look at it for finding out the identification number.

Or one of the best ways to find the VIN for your vehicle, you can call the store and ask for help. They help you know the unique identification number.

Also, if your car is insured, then also you can very easily find it. Simply look for the insurance paper in your email. They send an email to your registered email id which contains the Vehicle identification number. Or you can also look in insurance documents for the number.

VIN Number

How To Decode A VIN Number

The 17 digit VIN code gives out a lot of information about the vehicles. How do you understand one, let’s know it better? For the VIN number example, the first letter indicates the country in which the vehicle is manufactured. For more updates check timesalert.

Generally, it is a number, or an alphabet, or a combination of two. When read and deciphered correctly, it tells about the country in which the vehicle is made.

The first three characters let out the manufacturer’s information. It is also known as what is called a world manufacturer identifier. As the name suggests, it helps find out about the manufacturer of the vehicle. However, in some cases, the third letter indicates the type of vehicle it is.

Characters ranging from fourth to ninth position give out some useful information like engine type, model, platform, etc. The order of information may change in some cases however the information denoted is this.

The tenth character defines the year in which the vehicle is made. The eleventh character is a bit ahead and describes the factory where your car was built.

The last twelfth to the seventeenth character is a unique series of numbers that is a serial number. It is another factor important in identifying the vehicle more easily.

Importance of VIN Number Online

VIN number in itself is a very relevant number. It helps you identify your vehicle from the others out there. Not only this, but it also helps you know various crucial data about your car.

For instance, while having at it, you can know about the country of manufacture of your vehicle. Not only this, but you can also about the authenticity of your vehicle.

You can know about the body, model, engine, and many more crucial data about your vehicle from VIN. Apart from all this, you can also know at which plant your vehicle is manufactured.

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