Best Apps To Fight Covid-19 (Corona Virus) On Play Store – Covid-19 Apps In India

The Covid-19 pandemic is now with us for more than a year. We went from complete lockdowns, weekend curfews, to a mildly better situation in the middle, and then we were suddenly hit with the second wave, with a record high of about 4,90,000 cases in a day. This caused a sudden situation of panic amongst the citizen. However, the situation is once again expected to calm down.

Covid-19 Apps

One thing that has been consistent of the biggest help during the entire Covid-19 pandemic is digital media. Although, it was the same source through which many rumors and false reports were spread amongst the public which sometimes worsened the situation already out of control. However, the apps present to fight Covid-19 are of big help to the public. The citizens were able to track their health and monitor their symptoms to fight against the deadly coronavirus.

These apps acted as a boon for the citizens of India during these situations of crisis. People are not always able to contact medical health experts for their queries and problems, especially considering the time of a worldwide pandemic.

Best Apps To Fight Covid-19

India, being the second most populated country in the world was one of the worst hit countries by the pandemic. Government is also relying on digital media in such a situation because the more there is physical contact, the more there is danger. Even the vaccination drive of the government is being carried out after registering for it online on CoWin.

The Central, State Governments and even certain private companies have also launched apps for India’s battle against the highly infectious Covid-19. The app was built for various purposes to help those in need. There are apps for tracking your health to the apps which help you to reach the essential items you need during the pandemic to apps for tracking those infected with the disease for quarantining them.

Best Apps To Fight Covid-19 (Corona Virus) In India

There were listed here:-

  • Aarogya Setu
  • myGov
  • Corona Kavach
  • SAHYOG App

Aarogya Setu

Aarogya Setu an app launched on April 2 by the Central Government in the beginning phase of the pandemic. All the citizens were being requested to download the app for faster contact tracing and tracking of the virus. The main function of the app is to track the Covid-19 positive users and warn the users who might have come into contact with them. The app heavily relies on GPS and Bluetooth. The apps cross-reference their data with ICMR before notifying the users if they came into contact with Covid-19 positive patients.

There are more than 10 million users of the app. A person can download the app from the play store and check if they have Covid-19 symptoms. If they have the symptoms and are likely to be corona positive they are informed about the nearest health care center for Covid-19. New advisory by the government related to Covid-19 are also launched in Aarogya Setu

MyGov Covid 19 App

The Government of India also launched the MyGov app which is an interactive platform for the government and the citizens of the country especially required during the time of a global pandemic. The citizens can share their ideas, feedback, and suggestions with the government. The app is also used by many users to get the latest update on the Covid-19 figures which have a specifically designated section for the same. The helpline numbers of the authorities to reach out during the time of an emergency is also available in the MyGov app.

Corona Kavach

This app was designed with the purpose of tracing the virus to prevent it from spreading. It alerts the users if they are in close proximity to the person infected with the virus. This will help to control the further spread of Covid-19. It will tell the users on the basis of their symptoms, if they have any, that if they are safe or they need to see a doctor or home quarantine themselves.


SAHYOG app was a complementary app to the Aarogya Setu app. The app collects the data state-wise and tags it geographically. The main purpose of the app was to improve the database so that door-to-door service by the social works could easily be provided and awareness amongst the public can be spread.


AIISMA is another app that is useful in collecting data and alerting the users if they enter a highly positive area. The difference in AIISMA provides its users with reward in exchange of their data which will be shared with the authorities to take preventative measure if required to do so, otherwise keeping all the data anonymous.

Apps launched by the State Governments to fight Covid-19

The state governments also launched various apps to fight the Covid-19 virus at a state level:-

Cova Punjab

Cova Punjab – An app launched by the Government of Punjab. Some important features of the app are to update the citizen about the latest government advisory, provide the current trends of corona globally and within the country, self-screening by entering the symptoms if any, providing travel instructions, and Covid-19 specific health care centers in Punjab.

Quarantine Watch

This app is an innovative way to keep track of isolated patients. This app was launched by the Government of Karnataka which asks the users to self-report while they are in quarantine. The users requested to upload a selfie every hour for their 14 days isolation period. The app also provides emergency helpline numbers in case the users need any.

Covid-19 Quarantine Monitor

App launched by the Government of Tamil Nadu alongside private institutions. This app makes sure the patient who quarantined does not disobey the guidelines by tracking the patients through GPS.

Test Yourself Goa

App launched by the Health Ministry of Goa where the citizens can self-screen themselves for any Covid-19 symptoms. Based upon the answers given by the users, the app provides them with measures they should take for dealing with them. The app also provides important helpline numbers to its users.

Digital media is helping a lot in this time when people cannot contact each other physically. More and more apps are being launched and citizens are being encouraged to download and use them to trace the virus and keep a track of the patients and provide them with the required resources to deal with the virus. For more information and updates check Timesalert.

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