CoWIN App Download For Covid-19 Registration

CoWin – Well, there must be no one currently, who doesn’t know what Coronavirus is. The pandemic has taken over the world and people are getting infected and affected unstoppably. To protect people from the spread of viruses and prevent infection, governments of various nations proposed and implemented various methods to tackle the situation.


The same is the case with the Narendra Modi Government. In India, the Modi government introduced and implemented various methods to stop the spread, like implementing the lockdown.

A nationwide lockdown kept the country locked for months and a halt put on various industries to prevent the pandemic. Then, slowly, a partial lockdown applied, where people with limited quantity and in specific sections of the industry could come and work in an office, the rest of them required to work from home.


Not only lockdown, but the Indian Government also introduced the Aarogya Setu app. This app requires access to Bluetooth and location. It automatically gets synced with the nearby devices present with the app in them. This app helps in determining who is likely to have been at a place where there is a risk of the spread of deadly disease.

And after this, the government has proposed to launch a new app called CoWIN. While the entire world is all its head and toes in finding out the vaccine. our country has launched the application, CoWIN for making sure that the vaccine drive implemented properly.

What is CoWIN?

Just like the Aarogya setu app launched to prevent the spread of COVID-19, CoWIN app has launched to monitor the release and vaccination of the vaccine made for the COVID-19 virus.

As of now, the application is not yet available on the play store or the app store for download. Hence in case you find such an app, do not download it as it is not genuine and nothing will happen even if you download the incorrect application.


CoWIN Details

See to register on the CoWIN app, you need to upload scanned copies of some governmental documents as discussed later in the article. Hence while uploading such crucial information, be sure that you do so on the right platform. The central government has currently launched the proposal for the rolling out of the app and the application is still under development and is not available in any app store for download.

CoWIN or COVID Vaccine Intelligence Network is being developed to be all one digital platform to ensure the smooth vaccine drive to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Ravish Shankar Prasad, IT minister has challenged the developers to better strengthen and develop the application. The IT minister also announced cash prizes of Rs 40 lakh and 20 lakh for the top two performers.

How to download Cowin App

As of now, CoWIN application is not available for download. Even if you see any such app, do not install it as it is a fake one. The central government will make the application available for download in the future.

Once the application goes live users can download the CoWIN app on various platforms like iOS and Android from the respective app stores. After installing, follow the below-mentioned steps to register on the app.

How to register on CoWIN app?

As of now, common people cannot register individually for vaccination as only officials have access to the app. Once the application is live, common people can use the platform and register for vaccines. CoWIN will have these modules namely:

  • Beneficiary registration
  • Status updation
  • User administrator module
  • Vaccination and beneficiary module

Users can register either through the CoWIN app or website. The platform will have three modes for registering namely:

  • Bulk upload
  • Individual registration
  • Self-registration

People can opt for any of the three modes and follow the on-screen steps for registering on the platforms. The central government is also planning to launch camps where surveyors and magistrates can make registrations in bulk.

Documents Needed For CoWin Registration

Two vaccines for emergency use under the COVID-19 situation have been approved by DCGI or Drug Control General of India. Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute of India were all set to supply the vaccine for the first It provides vaccination to those who work at the frontline. After frontline workers, people aged above 50 years get vaccinated. Coronavirus Symptoms.

And for vaccination after this stage, the central government has introduced the CoWIN app. The application is not currently available for download and will be there on the play store in the future. Currently, it is under development.

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