Top 10 Best Spelling Apps For kids 2024 On Android And iOS

Spelling the words for the children is a crucial part of their learning. We may think that oral learning is very easy than writing. But, the task appears little bit difficult to spell the words. The schools in these days are conducting many Spell Bee competitions in the national and state level to show the importance of spelling. But, to spell the words kids need more and more practice. Few techniques in them will help your children to grow in the Spell. The practice of these spelling words should be a little fun. So that we can grab the interest of the children easily.

Best Spelling Apps 

In this digital world, we had applications which will help the students to practice spell easily. This makes children to have interest in learning spellings easily. These applications are very light and can be used easily. So, the children can also operate with ease and learn their spells. This will also help secondary school children’s. The elder students can learn the tricks in spelling the word easily. We will see the applications which will be useful and compatible with Android and iOS systems.

Top 10 Best Spelling Apps For Kids
Top 10 Best Spelling Apps For Kids

Here is the list of top best Spelling Apps 2024 for kids.

  • Squeebles Spelling Test
  • Wonster Words Learning
  • Spelling Pro
  • Spelling Hangman
  • Frog Game- School
  • Sentence Ninja
  • Spelling Bee Pro
  • SpellingCity
  • SpellNow Year1
  • ABC Spelling

 Top Best Spelling Apps For kids 2024

Squeebles Spelling Test: The best application for both teachers or parents and students. We can customize the words to spell. So, we can give the word that our children need to learn and excel. This is available in your play store and compatible with both Android and iOS. The app contains the game of rescuing the squabbles from the snake by spelling. So, this makes the spelling word fun for children.

Squeebles Spelling Test
Squeebles Spelling Test

Features Squeebles Spelling Test

  • We can share the test between the devices.
  • This application gives the reports of the test conducted by you.
  • It has some per-recorded Spelling test suitable for 4-11 years aged kids.

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Wonster Words Learning: The Spelling App available for both Android and iOS. This is the best application for the kids who are in the primary education level. It comes with free words along with the daily “Word of the day”. This was approved by many pathologists and recommended for the kids. So,this will also help the elder kids to improve their skills in spelling the words.

Wonster Words Learning
Wonster Words Learning

Features Wonster Words Learning

  • The animations in the app will drag the kid’s attention.
  • It has the puzzles to be solved using the spells of words.
  • Vocabulary along with phonics.

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Spelling Pro: Available for Android and this checks English spelling skills in a very fun and challenging way. It contains 3 game modes. We need to spell every word in 3 different ways. This is a free application and suitable for all ages. We can also practice the words without any limit and lives in the game.

Spelling Pro
Spelling Pro

Features Spelling Pro

  • We can review the progress and other stats of the kids in the game.
  • Share the scores in the social media network and can compare the reward points with other players.
  • Kids learn new English words and vocabulary.

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 Spelling Apps On Android And iOS

Spelling Hangman: The best Spelling Apps 2024 for kids. This is an iOS based application. The game is very fun to play and easy to make your children ready for spelling classes. This application can be used in schools and included in the curricula. So, this is recognized by the educational App Store. This application received 4 star EAS certification. The app can be operated by the kids. We get new words every day to learn.

Spelling Hangman
Spelling Hangman

Features Spelling Hangman

  • We can check the scores of the kids after the test.
  • The test papers can be shared through emails.
  • Playing Hangman is very fun and attracts the kids.

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Frog Game-School: Also the best spelling Apps for kids that is available for free of cost. This is an iOS application and needs very few bucks to download. This is good for the kids of 4-5 years of age. The application has a super fun game that gives the reward points when the spell is correct. This is the best app for teachers in play schools. Parents can also now srearch for the top best Kids app for education and more by clicking the link here.

Frog Game- School
Frog Game- School

Features Frog Game-School

  • Students can get Phonemic Awareness and sound reorganization.
  • Kids can also learn the vocabulary along with the spells.
  • The Sound recall will help kids to increase their naming speed.

Sentence Ninja: Available only in iOS supported devices. This is recognized by the Educational App Store. This was given the 5-star rating by the EAS. Most used and loved application by the children. Multiple players can play the game. This is highly customized. So, this app is very good for teachers and parents to excel with the skill of their students.

Sentence Ninja
Sentence Ninja

Features Sentence Ninja

  • This will improve the sentence structure of the kids.
  • We can also give the home works for the children to complete.
  • It has 36 levels with increasing difficulty and skill levels.

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Free Spelling Apps For Adults 2024

Spelling Bee Pro : Most best rated application for kids to learn spellings through the smart devices. This is a fun learning application. All the spellings of the words are in US English. This is the good application for both kids and parents. The teachers can take the help of this application and make them learn new words.

Spelling Bee Pro
Spelling Bee Pro


  • Images ill appear to spell correctly.
  • Kids can also learn the pronounce letters and words.
  • The spellings are categorized neatly.

[appbox googleplay com.pragma.spellingbeepro  ]

SpellingCity: The best Spell Apps available in iOS. But, this is a paid application and used by many schools for their students. We can conduct the test in the state and national level and compare the results and it has the pre-made words list. But, the premium ship members will get the  additional advantages to the application.


Features SpellingCity

  • We customize the word list for our kids.
  • It has 9 free spelling games.
  • We can also learn phonics and vocabulary using the games

Best Spelling Free Apps For Kids 2024

SpellNow Year1: The spell application which is free in Android and paid for iOS systems. This application is recognized by the Educational App Store and is rated 3 stars. This is useful for both the students and children to learn the spells of words. This application targets all the necessary and useful skills of children. So, for this there are levels in the application which increases the difficulty of the game.

SpellNow Year1
SpellNow Year1

Features SpellNow Year1

  • This also increases the vowel-consonant skill in the kids.
  • Kids will learn the rhyming words along with the spells.
  • Organized in four, ten terms so students can work on their spells throughout the year.

ABC Spelling : Best Spelling Apps for kids 2024. This is the colorful and easy way to lean spellings. It is more rated among the kids. We can play anytime anywhere and learn spelling along. So, this is a free application and easy to use.

ABC Spelling
ABC Spelling


  • The Colorful graphics attract the kids to learn.
  • Sounds help the children to learn phonics.
  • Parent can have the complete control to customize the game modes.

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These are the best spelling apps for kids. All of these have great features which will make learning fun to the children. Some of them are available in Android and iOS and there are a few paid and free applications. So, go through the article and select the best one. Make learning easy and fun for your kids. Also check Timesalert for more updates regarding anything.

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