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Big Brother Vote is a new twist in reality show America’s Field Trip. It is a television reality game show where a group of contestants lives in a custom-built home under camera surveillance. It became prevalent and is competing for a grand prize amount. They are completely isolated from the outside world without any communication.

The first Big Brother show started in 1997 and is streaming with excellent ratings. The present running is Big Brother Season 21. Viewers can give their opinion using the Big Brother Vote and save their interested HouseGuest from eviction. The article will provide complete details on Big Brother Vote Season 21 Online voting process.

Big Brother Vote Season 21

The 21st season of Big brother has sixteen Houseguests this year, and the show started on June 25th. HouseGuest should stay for 99 days in the house. It means the final episode is on September 25th, 2024, with a 90-minute duration.

The prize money for the show is $500,000, and the runner-up amount is $50,000. Along with this, the American’s Favorite player will get a cash prize of $25,000. One can stream this show on CBS Network, and next year’s season is also renewed for them.

Big Brother Vote

The Big Brother house is arranged in CBS Studio, soundstage 18 in studio city, California. It is a two-story house with 94 high-definition cameras and 113 microphones to monitor and record the houseguests. It reached 21 episodes with many twists and evictions. The main twists that changed the game are the camp Director and Whacktivity Competition.

Big Brother S21 Houseguests List

Here we gave the list of Houseguests and their status in the house. Go through the below table to get the complete details.

Name    Age   Occupation  Residence Status
Analyze Talavera 22 College soccer star Simi Valley, California Safe
Christie Murphy 28 Boutique Owner Keyport, New Jersey Safe
Cliff Hogg III  54 Petroleum Engineer Houston, Texas Banished and safe
Holly Allen 31 Wine safari guide Los Angeles, California Safe
Jack Matthews 28 Fitness Trainer Tampa, Florida Safe
Jackson Michie 24 Server Los Angeles, California Safe
Jessica Milagros 37 Plus-Size Model Oak Park, Illinois Banished
 Kathryn Dunn 29 Digital Marketing Executive Dallas, Texas Safe
Nick Maccarone 27 Therapist Sewell, New Jersey Safe
Nicole Anthony 24 Preschool Aide Long Island, New York Safe
Tommy Bracco 28 Broadway Dancer Staten Island, New York Safe
Sam Smith 31 Truck Driver Mountain Top, Pennsylvania Evicted
Isabella Wang 22 Public Health Analyst Los Angeles, California Evicted
Kemi Fakunle  25 Marketing Strategist Brooklyn, New York Banished and Evicted
Ovi Kanbir   22 College Student Knoxville, Tennessee Evicted and Evicted
David Alexander 29 Photographer Atlanta, Georgia Banished and Evicted

Big Brother 21 Camp Come, Houseguests

In the first eviction, the person out of the game will be in the house as a camp comeback. The first four evicted houseguests are in the house sleeping in private bedrooms and will not compete in any activities. Among the first four evictions, David, Ovi, Kemi, and Cliff, a competition was held on Day 30. Cliff won the competition and came back into the game.

Name  Day Entered Camp Comeback  Result
David Alexander 15 Lost Competition
Ovi Kabir 15 Lost Competition
Kemi Fakunle 23 Lost Competition
Cliff Hogg III 30 Won Competition

Big Brother Season 21 Online Voting

There is a new twist in Big Brother S21: Americans can vote for three houseguests to go on America’s Field Trip. This time the viewers can affect the game with their nominations. The camp theme of the season is continuing with a new call of America’s Field Trip Competition. But you need to decide whether you need to vote your favorites or not. Here are the details about this competition.

Big Brother America’s Field Trip Competition

It includes three houseguests who fans will nominate. “The winners get into a safe zone for a week, and the loser will place in the eviction nominee. The second person will get punishment. The voting process lasts one week, which will not affect the following week’s game. It will affect the following week.

The Big Brother Vote lines are open from August 1st and close on August 9, 2019. There are things you need to think about; as the winner is safe for a week, you can nominate your favorite, but if he loses the competition, he will go straight to block.

Big Brother Vote America’s Field Trip

You can vote for the Houseguests from the online voting website. As the show is streaming on CBS, the voting lines are also available on the official website. You can vote for your favorite one up to ten times per day. All the required details are here.

  • You can vote ten times per day
  • Voting lines will close on

                    Date: August 9th, 2019

                    Time: 9 A.M PST

  • The Top three contestants will face off in a competition
  • The winner is safe, and the loser will go as 3rd nominee

Big Brother S21 Vote

How To Vote Big Brother Season 21

  1. You can vote on the streaming website of CBS online very simply.
  2. Go to the Big Brother Vote American Field Trip that will take you to the site to vote directly.
  3. Here you can see the 11 cast members remaining in the game on the page.
  4. Click on vote under the Houseguest, which will promote the login page where you must give your email address and password to CBS Site.
  5. You can also Login with your Facebook account and participate in Big Brother Vote 2019.

So, with this vote, you can save or get them to stand as the third nominee directly. Voting for the person you dislike may also make them safe for the week. The viewers should think before they cast their Big Brother Season 21 vote, and the result of this may change the Big Brother game of this season.

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