25 Top Free Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software Download

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software – If you have ever heard of the free and paid applications for WhatsApp bulk sender and wondered what makes these applications strike the digital market like no other, then this article is the key to your answer. These applications feed on the new generation of entrepreneurs and business personalities.

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software

Though WhatsApp is mainly focused on casual conversations and light entertainment, it can be used for fulfilling commercial purposes using its newest features such as the feature of sending bulk messages at once. You can smartly use WhatsApp to flourish your business activities after learning to use its bulk texting feature. More so, it will help you connect with a larger section of the public and potential audience while complying with the legalities as well. We have, therefore, made this list of 25 top bulk WhatsApp marketing software along with their salient features, pros, and cons. Hope you find this article of your use!

What are the benefits for you

As we have briefly discussed already, using WhatsApp marketing applications can make your business and sales reach heights by making use of the benefits offered by these marketing applications. If you are keen on getting the edge in your sales game, then you must make sure to start using these applications for better results. Social media is the platform where you can make a positive impact on the audience by using strategies that will always keep you one step ahead of your opponents. So, you need not scratch your head anymore when it comes to the excellent benefits awaiting you! We have already charted out the ways WhatsApp marketing software benefits you!

Whatsapp App

Benefits Of Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software

  • Label Positioning: You can enhance your client base. This will further help your label’s position grow in terms of business, making the output noticeably better
  • Client Commitment: Client commitment gets developed as you reach a broad base.
  • CRM Management: Your brand becomes customer-friendly because of regular client connections.
  • Tracking Area: Improved tracking area brings improved client contact, which further boosts the sales potential.
  • Team Growth: visible positive change in team growth makes your brand value go up with the constant coming of unique ideas.
  • Analytics: Keep track of the analytics to know about your client’s engagement with the company.
  • Sending published guides: WhatsApp marketing software does a lot to help you send your clients’ details along with promotional displays, projects, announcements, and guide books in a hassle-free way.

25 best WhatsApp marketing software you should check out


WhatSender is one of the best WhatsApp marketing software you would get your hands on that would let you conveniently send bulk messages. The type of these messages can be both personal or regarding business, or it can be promotional in type. With the assistance of WhatSender, you will be able to send messages from a pc or laptop. You can also choose to import the contacts from TXT files, CSV, or simply by copy-pasting. What sender also lets you create many variations of the message that is to be sent to different target groups.

The features of WhatSender :

  • Customized messages
  • Send texts to unsaved contact numbers
  • Import contacts from TXT file or CSV
  • Multi-account
  • Scheduled messages for a specific time
  • Auto-variation
  • User-friendly web portal
  • Campaign tracking & proper reporting
  • Creating more than one message variation to avoid spamming
  • Number filter for the contacts
  • Attach images & videos to the texts

Pricing: WhatSender Free allows you to use the feature of importing contacts and sending unlimited trial messages. WhatSender Professional version is priced at ₹2400 per year/system along with all its features unlocked.


  • Importing contacts and sending bulk messages is easy
  •  Easy to use and not much technical knowledge required


Bug fixing takes time

What Bulk WhatsApp Marketing

Another well-known name in this context is Whatso. This bulk WhatsApp message sending software is trusted by over twenty-five thousand users throughout the globe. It boasts its brand new anti-block technology, making it one of the most convenient applications for businesses when it comes to increasing their user engagement and driving a sale.

The Features of Whatso:

  • Supports more than two languages
  • Automatic and convenient Customization
  • 24×7 help
  • Smart Fraud detection
  • Sender ID can be customized
  • Several Multimedia Formats supported

Pricing: the standard version of Whatso costs rs. 3234, providing 10,000 texts per day and the professional version costs rs. 5214 per year with 50000 daily messaging capacity. The enterprise version costs a total of rs. 9834 annually.


  • Fast promotional message delivery with bulk text sending feature
  • Several languages supported


The free version does not offer many features

Free Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software Download

Rapid Planner

If you are looking for software that is not only a bulk message sending software but also a helping hand in social media marketing, then rapid planner WhatsApp marketing software Is what you need. You can use this software easily from your phone also, as this software has an application as well. Its user-friendly interface ensures a convenient bulk messaging experience. Especially, small scale businesses would benefit a lot from this software as rapid Planner allows them to operate on a pocket-friendly budget.

Features of Rapid Planner WhatsApp Bulk Sender:

  • Easy WhatsApp marketing
  • Convenient Social media marketing
  • Sending Bulk messages
  • Easy to understand app interface
  • Simple features

Pricing: the price for Rapid planner’s one-month plan is only rs. 350 for a single device. However, the price may vary for different devices


  • Best software for social media marketing
  • Anti-spam feature
  • Filter for contacts


Needs a speedy data connection

Wappblaster WhatsApp Marketing Software

Not only you can send unlimited texts to your existing and would-be customers, but also attach captions, videos, and pictures to your messages accordingly to create an impactful impression. There is no boundary for the character texts which is another good news for you. The software also boasts s brilliant anti-blocking technology for a better customer experience.

The features of WappBlaster:

  • Bulk texts Services
  • Higher transparency &delay control feature
  • Many languages supported
  • Sender ID can be customized
  • customer database can be created and uploaded
  • 100% message delivery to the contacts
  • No credit limit on sending messages
  • Group verifier and number filter
  • Speed control and spin text module feature
  • Auto group posting
  • Anti-block functionality

Pricing: This software is priced at Rs. 2400 per year.


  • Location sending
  • High security for the


Sent messages can not be edited

Waam-it Sender Free Bulk Messaging

WAAM-it Sender is a known name among the users. This software can be downloaded for free and you can send customized texts to the contacts using a spreadsheet. Pictures, videos, emojis, links, and files are supported by this software. You can feel free to send texts in any language supported by WhatsApp, however, the text limit for each hour is 3000.

The Featurse of WAAM-it Sender:

  • 3000 free texts per hour
  • Bulk texts and promotional invitations for events
  • Scheduling and contact management
  • Multimedia Formats supported
  • Fully automated
  • sender ID can be customized

Pricing: the one-time price for waam-it basic is rs. 26202 and the price for the pro version is 32802.


  • you can set a time gap between two texts
  • multiple file formats supported


Mobile application not available

Top Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software DownloadEnjay World

Enjay Marketing

enjoys much popularity among businesses as it offers a set of features that are aimed at making your company’s advertising efficient. Moreover, it helps in enhancing the ROI and communication. You will be able to start using the bulk messaging feature with this software by simply making use of the spreadsheet format.

The features of Enjay World:

  • Easy to use Google Sheet template
  • WhatsApp API Integration system
  • User activity monitoring and alerts
  • Intelligent IVR and analytical report
  • Personalized marketing features
  • Easy to port conversion tools

Pricing: you can enjoy the features of this software completely free of cost onAndroid and iOS.


  • easy to use software is user-friendly
  • Video tutorials are available


text messages can be sent

  • RapBooster

If your business is facing hardships at driving marketing campaigns and keeping up an active customer relationship, then this open-source WhatsApp marketing software is just what you need. You can send customized texts and add more than two sender Id accounts to enhance the reach using its impeccable WhatsApp marketing tools

The Features of RapBooster WhatsApp Bulk Marketing Sender

  • Group text sending
  • contact details from WhatsApp list
  • Manage your auto-reply rules and instant chat replies
  • Instant delivery reports
  • Manage multi-accounts and multi-channels
  • Easy to use
  • Send more than one attachment once
  • Advanced sending configurations


RapBooster WhatsApp broadcast software is priced at Rs. 999 per year and the pro version is priced at Rs. 1499 per year.


  • You can set scheduled messages and set the time gap between texts
  • Multiple file formats supported


Only web version available

  • Viking WhatsApp Tool

Viking WhatsApp Tool is a free bulk WhatsApp software cum application that helps you send your documents in many formats. Messaging formats like cards are also supported in this software. You can create a customer database, increase the marketing quotient, and much more with the help of this software.

Features of Viking WhatsApp Tool:

  • Customized inbox
  • Client engagement
  • DUP key and Tape handling
  • New problem determination aid
  • Supervisory command logging and broadcast message logging

Pricing Plans: the starter pack for Viking WhatsApp bulk message sender is priced at Rs. 6270/year.


  • Both bulk word and Excel files can be sent
  • Can be easily integrated with third-party apps


No application available, only web version available.

WhatsApp Marketing Softwares

  • Agnitas

AGNITAS is the saviour you are looking for if you want a maximized-marketing game with the minimum spending of capital. It helps you enjoy features that prove to be of immense help in levelling up your game. You can avail of features like multiple language support and multimedia sending capacity to establish a better reach. 

The features of AGNITAS:

  • Multiple Language Support
  • Multimedia like pictures, videos, emojis are supported
  • API and alerts
  • Quick reporting
  • Contact Management and inbox
  • Personalized Sender ID
  • Inbox
  • Campaign Creation and Monitoring with Scheduling

Pricing Plans: The pricing forAGNITAS bulk WhatsApp sender is available on request.


  • Templates based HTML mailings
  • Special help in content management


Mobile application not available

  1. WhatsappSms Myntra

WhatsApp SMS Myntra is a leading bulk WhatsApp marketing tools provider that facilitates companies to promote their business through social media. This software provides state-of-the-art features so that you can make the most out of the same.

The features of WhatsApp SMS Myntra:

  • Several Languages supported
  • 24×7 Support available
  • Contact Management and reporting
  • Multimedia Formats and inbox
  • Campaign Creation and scheduling
  • User Engagement and campaign tracking

Pricing Plans: WhatsApp Myntra is available at a one-time price of rs. 19,800.


  • App’s real-time coupons help you market your business
  • Multimedia file formats supported


No application available

  1. Whatshash

WhatsHash is a free WhatsApp bulk message software offering your business a wide range of WhatsApp bulk sender tools. You can easily create a personalized broadcast list and send texts to the contacts with the help of Whatshash. Even, customizable responder templates can also be made and CRM operations can be managed with the help of this free bulk messaging software.

The features of WhatsHash:

  • Responder Template and prompt reporting
  • Contact Management
  • Campaign Creation, Monitoring and Scheduling
  • Several multimedia formats supported

Pricing: WhatsHash WhatsApp bulk sender software basic plan is available for Windows and macOS completely free of cost and the professional plan is priced at Rs. 989.34 each month.


  • WhatsApp based ticketing system
  • Comes with the shop function


Non-customizable icons

  1. Webxion

WebXionWhatsApp bulk message app boasts innovative features that cater to the needs of its users. One of the most interesting features of this app is the SMS Open Rate Captured. It lets you see the list of people who have opened and viewed your bulk messages.

The features of WebXion:

  • Multi-language support
  • Scheduling and analytics
  • Reporting and lifetime record management
  • Contact management

Pricing: the prices can be only availed on request.


  • Conversion rates are available
  • Easy lead generation with the help of mass messaging.


A mobile application is not available.

  1. Q-Sender Pro

Q-Sender Pro WhatsApp bulk sender software is another solution for you if you need to send bulk texts to your customers at once in a hassle-free way. It can also be used for sending several variations of text to different recipients to avoid spam. Scheduled message sending and setting time gaps between two consecutive texts is another outstanding feature of this software

Key features of Q-SenderPro:

  • Personalized messages
  • You can switch accounts in Running Campaign
  • Compatible with latest WhatsApp API
  • Manual Contacts import
  • Multiple account option
  • Spin tax and WhatsApp marketing campaign

Pricing: The basic version costs rs. 1432 per year and the unlimited reseller version is priced at Rs. 7090 per year.


  • You can Import phone numbers directly from your contacts
  • Unlimited keys generation for the reselling


virtual numbers are not generated

  1. Meshink

Meshinkis another cost-effective way for you to get started with a WhatsApp bulk messaging strategy for enhancing customer reach. The simple bulk SMS software that lets its users conduct effective marketing campaigns is quite popular among small-scale and large-scale businesses. Using this software, you will be able to create location-based content for even better running marketing campaigns with a solid end-to-end strategy.

The features of Meshink WhatsApp Marketing Software:

  • Helps you generate catchy messages
  • You can create relevant content based on location
  • Given a whitelisted database
  • Marketing campaign with the end-to-end strategy
  • SMS sequencing and scheduling
  • Integration with third-party apps and websites

Pricing: Meshink WhatsApp broadcast software is priced at Rs. 1400 per year per user


  • All sales and purchases can be monitored
  • Contact timeline feature lets you see all interactions


The interface might get slow sometimes

  1. WhatsMarketing Software

WhatsMarketing software and application is your go-to companion if you want to promote your sales and improve your brand awareness among potential customers. It cannot be denied that communication is one of the most important keys for succeeding in business and WhatsApp broadcast software focuses mainly on that point. It has got all the features one would need to establish a prestigious brand image.

The features of WhatsMarketing:

  • API key and API documentation
  • Free automatic replies
  • Personalized user ID and Benefit administration
  • Self-administered platform and corporate internal chatting

Pricing: The pricing details can be unveiled by visiting their official website.


  • Social campaign support and Live chat
  • Data security is guaranteed


The process of sending bulk texts, at times, can be a bit slow.

  1. Lead Myntra

Lead Myntra WhatsApp sender software is used for creating multiple groups and sending group texts and contents to respective groups. The content settings can be used to stylize different parts of your content and therefore, it would be more likely for your audience to get attracted. You can also keep track of the ongoing campaigns and create suitable content accordingly.

The features of Lead Myntra:

  • Import and view contacts
  • Filter
  • Reseller level options and reporting system
  • Chat history can be viewed
  • Audio messaging and enabled video chat
  • Video chat enabled
  • Easy reseller management

Pricing: There are five versions for the WhatsApp bulk message sender ranging from a 2-month startup version to a 14-month premium version. The price starts from rs. 5000 and extends up to rs. 60000.


  • Unique content can be developed using lead Myntra for the target audience
  • Real-time messaging system for sending texts


There is no application available, it is web-based.

  1. Hubspot Marketing Automation Software

HubSpot Marketing Automation software has unique marketing tools that help you attract your target audience and convert enthusiasts into loyal customers. It also allows you to run marketing campaigns in a budget-friendly way and enhance your user base. More than six hundred and fifty custom integrations can be synced with this WhatsApp marketing software to offer you the most satisfying personalized experience of all. The software is designed in a way that helps you save up a lot of time by working dynamically.

The features of HubSpot Marketing Automation:

  • Ad management and landing pages
  • Conversational bots and live chat
  • Forms
  • Email marketing and salesforce integration
  • A/B Testing
  • Multi-language content

Pricing: HubSpot Marketing Automation software has a free-of-cost plan, however, the premium version is priced at Rs. 3300 per month.


  • Quick creation of social media posts and scheduling the same
  • User-friendly, simple interface
  • Easy Lead generation


A few of the templates can be hard to modify.

  1. Sirena

Sirena bulk WhatsApp sender is something you can take recourse to if you want to communicate effectively with your customers and enhance customer satisfaction. This software lets all your team members have the access to the texts of your clients, making it an easy sport to play. The centralizedWhatsApp account system makes it easy for your team to respond to customer queries on time. Industries such as automobile, education, retail, eCommerce, etc require this type of bulk WhatsApp sender software for assisting their customers through their customer support.

The features of Sirena:

  • Integrated WhatsApp and Facebook messenger
  • WhatsApp Shared Inbox or exclusive assignment
  • Broadcast messages and Sirena Bots
  • Sirena Buttons for WhatsApp chat
  • Email support and APP marketplace
  • API access

Pricing: the basic Sirena plan is priced at Rs. 7261.89 annually; but the additional expense can apply to additional users


  • No extensive knowledge is needed to use the software.
  • Easily manageable large lead generation


Integration services could be developed

  1. Auto blast Messenger

AutoBlast Messenger is that message marketing tool that assists you in running your campaigns successfully. It gathers the list of leads and clients from the web applications and lets you send bulk texts to them. Messages can be sent via email and quick responses can help you improve your customer satisfaction. The software is a hit among small-scale and medium enterprises.

The features of AutoBlast Messenger:

  • Hassle-free Contact management
  • Mass messaging
  • 24 * 7 customer support services

Pricing: AutoBlast Messenger services can be purchased at the price of rs. 732 per user.


  • Email and texting services can be merged for better customer support.
  • Complex links can be easily sent via normal texts


Not compatible with Mac operating system.

  • WhatsApp Business API Sandbox

WhatsApp Business API Sandbox offers its users a favourable environment for API integration. Though the APIs and webhooks are similar to WhatsApp Business API, absolutely no infra setup is needed for the development. Messages can be sent and received on one screen using sandbox and you do not have to wait for the account approval which helps you save a lot of time.

WhatsApp Business API Sandbox Key Features are:

  • No infra setup is required
  • One messenger interface and live chat for different devices
  • Threat protection and customer support
  • Customizable features
  • Branding
  • Third-party apps integrations

Pricing: the pricing can be availed by contacting the authority.


  • No complicated setups are required during the development, making it easy to use
  • Single screen facility helps you shed the load of different devices and accounts


There is room for improvement in the chat feature. 

Prebuilt Bulk Whatsapp Messaging Software Download

This artificial intelligence-based social media marketing software a.k.a Prebuilt is used for writing content for business and thereafter, publishing them on different platforms.  If you aim at building brand recognition and a better audience reach, then prebuilt is always your one-stop solution. You can also use the software for understanding the analytics, which makes it a perfect match for the beauty, health and wellness, restaurant, real estate industries. 

The features of PreBuilt Marketing:

  • Content management and post scheduling
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter connection
  • Automated publishing of posts
  • Social media monitoring
  • Analytics
  • Constant customer support

Pricing: PreBuilt Marketingapp costs rs. 9316 per month per user. There are other plans such as team, pro, and business that are priced higher than the basic plan with additional features


  • WhatsApp marketing software with a User-friendly interface
  • Live result analysis for improvement in social media marketing campaigns.


Only one social media account can be used at a time


Whappext WhatsApp marketing tool allows your business to enhance the visibility of the same, and generate leads before turning them into customers. All you have to do is upload the contact list and you can pair the WhatsApp account of your choice in no time. You can also join all those WhatsApp groups that have your target audience present within them. There is no need to save the numbers before sending texts to them if you are using this software. Predefined responses can also be sent to commonly asked questions.

Some of the Key Features of Whappext:

  • Data Security and automatic replies
  • Detailed Statistics
  • Auto Management Platform
  • WhatsApp Group Extractor and numbers filter
  • Several Multimedia formats supported
  • Free updates available

Pricing: The cost of Whappext software is rs. 9169for one PC license. Although, unlimited licenses can be availed at a higher cost


  • Easy installation and user-friendly interface
  • send images, documents, videos, and more with no hassle
  • Database import in one click


High internet bandwidth is needed for operating with this software. 

Kubic Free Whatsapp Messaging Software

Kubic technology is the best Free WhatsApp Marketing Software in the country that features sending unlimited texts, multi-multimedia texts, number generator, and filter. if you want to upgrade your business and promote the same throughout the world, then Kubiq is your go-to companion.

Features of Kubic:

  • Multi-Languages support
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Contact Management and reporting
  • Secure & Trusted Solution and WhatsApp alerts
  • Customizable Sender Id
  • Multiple Contact Numbers
  • Customizable Inbox
  • Multimedia Formats supported
  • Bulk WhatsApp texting

Pricing of Kubic

The basic Kubic plan starts from Rs. 8000 per year.


App’s real-time coupons help you market your venture


web-based solution

Whappend Free Messaging softwares

This business-related WhatsApp marketing Software works by increasing customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. Companies can use this software for planning a marketing campaign and establishing a communication-based customer engagement. The software helps by building a brand’s recognition through its unique features.

features of Whappend:

  • Anti-spam technology
  • Bulk messaging feature
  • Customer interaction and system-generated replies
  • Phone number filter and Online marketing campaign
  • Digital Marketing

Pricing of Whappend:

Whappend’s price can be revealed by contacting their sales team.


  • Excellent informative media marketing features.
  • Anti-spam technology


Needs a high-speed data connection.

Allwebmart Whatsapp Marketing Software

Allwebmart WhatsApp Bulk Sender software is rightly a great choice for your business as it allows you to send up to 5000 texts every day with a speed of twenty texts per minute. Cost-effective marketing is assured if you get your hands on this amazing software.

Allwebmart Bulk WhatsApp Message Features:

  • No credit limit
  • Easy creation of WhatsApp groups
  • 5000 texts can be sent in one day
  • Easy to use technology
  • 20 messages each minute

Pricing: The product pricing can be known from their official website


  • Multiple languages supported
  • Bulk messaging and effective campaign management


Web-based application

Here are all the top best 25 free bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software. Do check them, know them and download as per your wish and enjoy all its amazing services. For more updates check Timesalert.

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