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Crypto Tax Software

Maintaining a record of your crypto transactions for taxation considerations would be almost as excruciating as watching your most prospective cryptocurrency plummet. After all, you must disclose every crypto activity you undertake to the IRS, from producing to selling. There’s a wealth of data to maintain here.

Crypto tax software can assist you by automatically syncing across crypto exchanges and wallets, calculating capital gains and losses, and generating final tax reports that may be used to file your taxes.


We verified the following elements in our review technique to ensure that we only present the best tax software tools for you to use:

  • Integrations: We looked at which software pieces had the best existing technology integrations. To interface with bitcoin platforms and programmes, the better ones use API or CSV setups.
  • Bandwidth: The finest cryptocurrency tax software tools should be able to send large amounts of data quickly. This is crucial for strong crypto traders who make regular trades.
  • Essential Functions: This relates to the software’s capacity to compile and organise data, retrieve information, format data, and easily track your losses and gains.
  • We also looked at each crypto tax software’s history, track records, and position in comparison to other companies and providers.
  • Cost: perhaps one of the most important factors for any user, pricing should be affordable for the capabilities provided by the software. We looked at which ones had the most inexpensive pricing for the most features.
  • Customer Support: Issues with bitcoin platforms are not uncommon, especially when it comes to tax software. We looked at which businesses offer the finest customer service.
Crypto Tax Software

Best Crypto Tax Software 2024


By calculating the tax due on your crypto exchanges, Koinly simplifies the tax computation process. The results are easily exportable to other tax software. The user reviews for Koinly paint a positive picture of the crypto tax program.

After you’ve imported the data, you’ll be able to follow every fee and balance the statistics on your summary and transactions in just a few clicks. Advanced transaction screening is also available. You could employ it to rapidly identify which purchases resulted in the most profits and to create balance notifications.


Accointing is a cryptocurrency tracking and tax reporting software that provides you with tools to follow the market, assess your portfolio, harvest tax losses, and generate tax reports so you can simply file your taxes.

A crypto monitoring panel, a crypto tax-loss collecting program, and crypto tracking software are included in all packages. A free plan is available, however, it only allows for 25 transactions per year. The premium plans vary from $79 (Enthusiast) for up to 500 total spending in your tax report to $199 (Trader) for up to 5,000 payments and $299 for up to 50,000 activities (Pro).

Crypto Tax Software For Free


TurboTax is a popular tax preparation programme that enables you to file your taxes with confidence and accuracy. This crypto tax software has a convenient interface for preparing and filing documents for individuals and corporations.

It allows you to find the most tax credits and deductions for your specific scenario. It offers everything from freeware to tax planning programs to assist you to simplify your tax return.

TokenTax has crypto tax software connections to simplify the procedure simpler when calculating crypto taxes. Since the app connects with all marketplaces, international tax computations are feasible no matter where you are.

Bear tax

Bear. Tax is another excellent option among these systems for figuring out your taxes. It offers all of the capabilities you’ll need to figure out your crypto taxes. It allows you to import data from all of the accessible exchanges.

This cryptocurrency tax software application is ideal for both novice and experienced traders. It also allows you to create tax reports and submit them to your accountant or tax software. It does not offer any assistance with margin trading.

Free Crypto Tax Software


ZenLedger is a cryptocurrency tax programme that works with over 400 exchanges and more than 30 Defi Protocols. ZenLedger’s crypto tax simplification services are available to investors and tax experts, with over 15K customers.

This solution can assist you in dealing with any form of report you may face. It includes all of the tax forms you’ll need to file or keep on hand. It can assist you with the calculations needed to declare capital gains and losses. Grand Unified Accounting, a ZenLedger feature, is also available.

CryptoTax Calculator

Crypto Tax Calculator is a tax calculator that is quite accurate. It gives you the ability to create tax reports for all fiscal years. For investors and accountants, it is one of the most precise crypto tax software options available. The site provides a detailed analysis of each computation so you can see exactly how your taxes were calculated.

This useful tax programme also includes tax-loss harvesting, which is a really useful function. CryptoTrader. Tax is simple to use and provides very precise data. It works with TurboTax and TaxDirect, as well as over a hundred cryptocurrency exchanges and the most popular wallets.

Top Crypto Tax Softwares 2024

Bitcoin taxes

This cryptocurrency tax software is undoubtedly one of the most user-friendly and cost-effective tools available for calculating taxes. Bitcoin Taxes could integrate your trades from practically every popular exchange, estimate your capital gains, and generate the records in the version you need to pay your taxation at a fraction of the cost of other services on this list.

BitcoinTaxes informs you of your capital gains and losses, allowing you to properly file your taxes. It also provides you with support from a crypto tax expert who can show you how to register crypto transactions in Bitcoin. tax.


Customer support for cryptocurrencies and bitcoin tax programs should always be strong and well-versed in tax compliance. Customer service for cryptocurrencies and bitcoin tax solutions ought to be excellent. They should be familiar with the IRS’s as well as other tax governing agencies’ laws and forms, and it particularly benefits if the platform’s creators come from that experience.

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