Delhi Free Bijli Yojana Scheme Get 200 Units Free electricity and Online Prepaid Meter at 3000 for Tenants

Delhi Free Bijli Yojana is the initiative of the state government for the welfare of the citizens. As the domestic use of electricity is increasing every year, so the government has taken action to give a subsidy of bills and also online meters to tenants.  The Delhi state has much population who live as tenants, and they are not able to get the benefits of the Delhi Free Bijli Yojana scheme. The chief minister of the Delhi state has announced the scheme of prepaid meters with which everyone can benefit. The government has taken the two initiated two plans for forgiving electricity bills and providing meters to tenants.

Delhi Free Bijli Yojana Scheme

Electricity problems in Delhi addressed from 2015, and many schemes are launched to solve them.  The state government has realised some issues and made changes and introduced the Delhi Muft Bijili Yojana scheme for the citizens. Under this scheme, the people who consume less than 200 units of electricity need not pay any electricity bill for consuming.

Along with this, the Delhi CM will also provide Meters to tenants and help them to get the benefits. So, the house owners cannot assign the electricity bill for consuming. Most of the low-income population who are tenants in Delhi are low income, and the rise of electricity bill charges is an enormous burden on them. So, Delhi Free Bijli Yojana schemes will help them financially.

Delhi CM Bijli Meter Yojana

The state government subsidy on electricity for less than 200 units; it is not reaching tenants who are paying bills. So, they announced the Online Prepared Meter for the state people.  The complete details, eligibility, and features of the scheme are available in the article. We will provide the details about the two schemes in the below sections.  These meters cost only the fixing charges from the government.

Delhi Free Bijli Yojana Scheme Details

Name   Delhi Free Bijli Yojana
Launch date August 2019
Available    Delhi residents
Department Delhi Electricity Department
Initiative CM Arvind Kejriwal

Features of Delhi Free Bijli Yojana 2019

The key objectives of the scheme that will help you to get a clear idea about the scheme mentioned here

  1. The Bijli Yojana Free Electricity in Delhi state is reducing the electricity bill for the residents of the state.
  2. The government is giving free electricity for domestic consumption of fewer than 200 units per month.
  3. Power consuming form 201 to 400 units will get a 50 % subsidy on the electricity bill from the government.
  4. Many people will benefit under this scheme is 70 % of the population in the state consume less than 200 units during the winter seasons.
  5. There are many changes and benefits to the new scheme when compared to the old one.
  6. The tenants of the state will get free online meters, and they can install without permission from landlords.
  7. They can connect these meters and pay the bills according to the reading in them, and it helps them to get the benefits of Delhi Muft Bijili Yojana.

Eligibility For Delhi CM Free Bijli Meter Yojana

The citizens of the state should reach the eligibility criteria to apply for the scheme and avail of the benefits. Here is the list of them

  1. The residents of the state can get benefited from the scheme.
  2. All caste sections in the state can are eligible to apply for this scheme, and there is no reservation category.
  3. To get a subsidy or free electricity, so the consumed units should be between 200 to 400 units.
  4. Only domestic users can only get benefited from this scheme.

Documents to Apply Delhi Muft Bijili Yojana

We need certain documents to register ourselves for the scheme which mentioned below

  1. Applicants Aadhar card
  2. Residence Proof in state
  3. Previous Electricity bills

Delhi Muft Bijili Yojana Scheme Registration

The scheme is available for the eligible candidates can collect the required documents. The government will send officers to different areas to filter the candidates.

How to get benefits of Delhi Free Bijli Yojana Scheme

  1. There is no online portal for application as the scheme introduced recently.
  2. The state government will send the batches of officers to all areas in the state to collect the data.
  3. You need to show the documents of residence proof, Aadhaar card, and meter reading of the power consumption.
  4. They will note the details and give you the subsidy of forgiving the electricity bill according to Delhi Muft Bijili Yojana scheme rules.
  5. After the development of the scheme, you will have the online portal, and we will update the regular details about the scheme.

Delhi CM Bijli Meter Yojana Scheme

The scheme is also a part of the beneficiary scheme for citizens to help them. Delhi Bijli Meter Yojana will provide the free meters to the tenants for their consumption readings. It helps them to get the benefits of Delhi Free Bijli Meter Yojana of the government. These online prepaid meters are available only for domestic users, and every resident of the state is eligible to apply for these meters from the government.  Also, check the details of PAN Card Status  

Delhi Free Online Prepaid Meters

The tenants are not able to get a subsidy of Delhi state as the landlords are charging them seven or eight rupees per unit. So, the government has taken the initiative for distributing the online prepaid meters. You need to deposit the security money for getting these meters and submit the residence certificate of place where they are living.

How to get Delhi CM Bijli Meter Yojana for Tenants

We should pay an amount of Rs. Three thousand prior just like your prepaid cards and then use them. It is considered as the prepaid recharge to use the meter for your electricity consumption. If the tenants use less than 200 units of electricity, then there is no need to pay money, and from 200 to 400 units will get a subsidy of the hall of power.

How to get Delhi CM Bijli Meters

The citizens who want these prepaid meters can call the numbers mentioned below. You need to remember that these are not toll-free numbers, and you will charge a less amount than regular. The numbers which tenants need to call are

BSES Yamuna Number: 19122

BSES Rajdhani Number: 19123

Tata Number: 19124

Delhi Free Bijli Yojana Contact Numbers

If you have any problems with availing these meters or free electricity, then you can contact the state board electricity can get the details quickly.  You will also ask in any government centre and get the information about the scheme.

What is the prepaid amount for Delhi CM Bijli Meter Yojana?

Applicants should pay an amount of Rs. 3000 to get these free meters under this scheme and install them in tenant houses, and there is no need for NOC from landlords.

When is the range of power consumption units for free and 50% subsidy?

Citizens who consumed less than 200 units for one month will get free electricity, and the 200 to 400 units will get 50 % of the bill subsidy for that month.

Who are eligible for Delhi CM Bijli Meter Yojana?

All the residents of Delhi state can apply for the scheme, and there is no reservation according to caste or community.

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