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Kusum Yojana: The Government of India is introducing several unique schemes for the betterment of farmers. One of this scheme is Kisan Urja Suraksha Utthaan Mahabhiyan (Kusum) scheme. Through this scheme, farmers can install new and improved solar pumps in their barren lands.

The solar plants help to save carbon dioxide emissions. Also, farmers can generate safe energy from this solar plant and supply to the Government and earn extra money. So, here we are giving information about the Kusum Yojana, and benefits of it. Read the article for more updates about Farmer Solar Plant.

Kusum Yojana Farmer Solar Plant

The Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi has announced a new scheme for farmers development known as Kusum Yojana. The priority of this scheme is to introduce solar power among farmers. This scheme introduced in July 2019. The Government of India has spent Rs. 1.4 crore to launch this scheme. In the second week of July 2019,  cabinet approved this Kusum Yojana plan. Through this scheme, farmers will not only be able to supply the water in their farms but also earn some extra money by selling the electricity.

Kusum Yojana

In India, farmers are facing many problems during farming. The main problem is irrigation. Due to less or more rains, the crops damaged, and farmers are facing significant losses. So, the central Government introduces the Kusum Yojana scheme only for farmers. Through this scheme, farmers can install the solar plants in their barren lands and take the advantages of it.

These solar plants are beneficial for agriculture. And also the second advantage is, it generates electricity so that the Government can supply more power to the country’s villages. For setting up solar pumps in the farmer’s land, the government gives 60% subsidy to the farmer. Also, banks provide 30% of loans to the farmer to install the solar pumps.

Kusum Yojana Benefits

The central government has introduced the Kusum Yojana scheme to help the Indian Farmers. The Kusum Yojana is working under the Indian Power Minister Mr R.K. Singh. Every year farmers are facing many problems due to the environmental changes. To overcome these problems, the government took a plan. The scheme is the most significant achievement for the Government. Through this, not only the irrigation problem is solved, but also it generates extra electricity safely and naturally.

Here we are discussing the benefits of Kusum Joyana solar plants:

  1. Farmers get 60% from Government and 30% subsidy from the banks. So the farmer has to pay only 10% of the total cost for this purpose.
  2. The government has only taken the initiative to construct the plants, which would generate solar power.
  3. The plants are capable of generating 28,250MW power.
  4. Farmers generate extra electricity for selling the Government. It is the additional income for the farmers.
  5. After making the solar power plants, now Government is working towards the new solar pumps (diesel pumps), which can hold 720MW capacity.
  6. By installing the solar pumps in farmers land, they have the opportunity to earn extra money and get profited.
  7. By using solar powers and generating electricity from solar plants, the pollution level becomes low in our environment.

Kusum Yojana Eligibility Criteria

The Indian Government has some eligibility conditions for farmers, who are interested in applying the Kusum Yojana Scheme. The eligibility conditions are:

  1. The farmer must be an Indian citizen.
  2. Candidate must have their land or also the scheme is applicable for rented property.
  3. The land must be barren.
  4. For applying, the farmer must submit the land documents.

For more details about eligibility conditions, check the official site of Kusum Yojana.

 How To Apply Kusum Yojana Solar Plant

Farmers can apply for Kusum Yojana scheme for more profit in farming. They can apply only through online procedure. For using this scheme, follow the given steps;

  1. Open the official website of Kusum Yojana
  2. In the homepage, it will show an option called Apply Now
  3. Click on it
  4. The registration form for Kusum Yojana will display in the screen
  5. The candidate has to fill up the registration form correctly. This form asks for the farmer’s name, phone number, email id, etc.
  6. Complete the fill-up process and click on Submit
  7. After submitting the registration form, the farmer will receive the Successfully Register message.
  8. For more information, check the homepage of Kusum Yojana

All the above discussed is the information regarding KUSUM Yojana Scheme, which is helpful to the farmers to establish Solar Plants in their lands. For the latest updates about schemes of India, check Timesalert.

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