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Currently, India has 25 High Courts. The High Court in Delhi was established on 31 October 1966, with four judges. The Delhi High court at present has a total of 60 Judges, out of which 45 are Permanent Judges and 15 Additional Judges. It is also one of the only five High Courts to have original civil side jurisdiction over their territory.

Delhi High Court Status

Over the years the Court witnessed several historic judgements some of them are:

  • The Centre-State row over the distribution of powers
  • Judgment on WhatsApp’s privacy policy
  • Delhi University Photocopy Case
  • National policy to govern app-based Taxi service
  • Recognition of rights of the third gender

Currently, the courthouses a total of 36 Courtrooms and presides over both Civil and Criminal Cases. However for a Country that is as populated as India, the caseload is too gargantuan for the court to deal with, so the backlog is huge.

Delhi High Court Portal

High Court Status Of Cases

According to a study done, it might take the High court about 466 years to deal with all the pending cases. Another High Court report states that it will require 43 more judges to deal with the pending cases in a year.

With so many cases in the offices of the court – looking for details of a particular case is like finding a needle in a haystack; therefore, below we have listed the ways to find case details of the Delhi High Court online.

Case statuses can be searched in several ways, using – Party name, Case number, FIR number or even Advocate number.

Status Of Cases By Party name

  • Visit the official website of the Delhi High Court
  • Right on the home page, the left side of the page displays several options, one of which includes a Case party-wise search.
  • After clicking on that option, a search bar displayed, where the name of the involved parties can be entered.
  • On clicking enter, the user redirected to their search results.

Status Of Cases  By Case Number

  • All court cases assigned with a unique identification number called CNR (Case Number Record).
  • The user should visit either the official website of the Delhi High Court or download the court service app.
  • Both on the website and app’s home page click on a search bar called ‘Search by CNR’.
  • Then you can enter your 16 digit alphanumeric CNR number without using any hyphens or space.
  • After clicking on entering, the current status and the entire case history will be displayed.

Delhi High court case status

Status Of Cases By FIR number

  • Go to the E court services application and click on the search by FIR option.
  • Select the Police Station where the official complaint about the case was lodged, from the select box.
  • In the FIR Number box, enter the FIR Number of the case.
  • Enter the year in the year box.
  • Click on either the Pending or Disposed button, depending on the current status of the case.
  • You redirected to a page displaying, the current status and all the case details. For more updates check Timesalert.

Status Of Cases By Advocate number

  • The cases searched by either clicking on the Advocate Name, Bar Registration number, or the Cause list of the advocate option buttons.
  1. On clicking the advocate’s name, enter the full name of the advocate.
  2. Then On clicking the Bar Registration number of the advocate, enter the details in the format of – STATE/XXXX/YEAR, where the state is Delhi, XXXX is the BRN and YEAR is the registration year.
  3. On clicking on the advocate’s cause list option, enter the Bar registration number in the box and select the cause list date from the calendar control.
  • Click on the Disposed or Pending option, according to the status of the case, if you do not know the exact status of the case then click on “Both”.
  • Enter the 5 digit alphanumeric captcha in the given text box.
  • Click on Go and the advocate’s cause list displayed, from which you can select your case to display its details.

Here are the details about all the cases dealing in Delhi High Court. One can check the status of cases online based on their petition Number, Fir, Advocate Number, And more. This makes people know their status of the cases simple and easier.

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