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The E-Pehchan card is a health card allowed to the beneficiaries under the Employees’ State Insurance scheme. The Employees’ State Insurance is a self-subsidizing and social security and health insurance scheme for Indian workers. As the workers are more prone to health hazards in the workplace, so this scheme was made available to them.

E-Pehchan Card

The ESI Scheme was launched by the Ministry of Labour and Employment which intends to protect the workers in the case of illness, maternity, temporary or permanent physical disability, and death due to injury in work.

Any company or firm which employs more than 10 workers needs to register the employee under the scheme. The scheme functions under the authority of the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation which functions directly under the Government of India and according to the guidelines of the ESI Scheme, 1948.

The scheme allows the beneficiaries to avail themselves many benefits like medical treatment, maternity benefits, unemployment money, and pension money, disability benefits.

Since the ESI scheme self-financed, both the employer and the employee have to make a contribution towards it. The contribution of the employer accounts for 4.75% and the contribution of the employee accounts for 1.75% of their earnings.

Eligibility For ESI Card

  • Under Section 2(12) of the ESI Act, the worker must be working in a non-seasonal factory with more than 10 workers
  • To avail of the ESI scheme for E-pehchan card, the workers must be earning less than 21000 per month.

What is E-pehchan Card?

E-pehchan or ESI card is a magnetic, smart identity card that provided to all the beneficiaries under the ESI scheme. When the beneficiaries face a medical emergency, they can show this ESIC card in the hospital or dispensary to avail the benefits of the ESI scheme. The employees are given 2 cards- one is for their own use and another one for their dependents. There are certain ESI Hospitals where the dependents can avail the benefits under the scheme in case they don’t live in the same town as the employee.

E-Pehchan Card

Contents of E-pehchan card

The ESI card consists of all the important details of the employee- their photograph, their name, father’s name, their permanent address, and their insurance number. It also consists of the photograph and fingerprints of the dependents.

Steps to obtain an E-pehchan card

  • Download the application form

The first thing to avail of an E-pehchan card is to download the ESIC application form from the official ESI website.

  • Submission of photographs

The employee has to submit a photograph of his family which has the photo of the employee with all of his dependents and the employer needs to attest the same.

  • ESIC Office

In the next step, the employee and the dependents have to visit the ESIC Office and submit the form. Here, the fingerprints and photographs of the employee and his dependents will be captured.

  • Delivery of E-pehchan Card

Within the next 30 days, the beneficiary will receive the two sets of cards at his permanent address. If not, he might have to visit the ESIC branch to collect the card.

Features of the ESI pehchan Card

  • Change of Employment

In case the beneficiary changes his job, he can still use the same E-pehchan card for availing of the insurance benefits. They just have to notify their new employer and give their insurance number to them.

  • Change of benefits

The insured person can also change their contribution or benefits by registering in the ESIC portal using their insurance number.

  • Information Update

If the beneficiary wants to update their information like a contact number or e-mail address in the ESIC card. Also, they inform their employer who updates it.

The E-pehchan card must be carried to avail its benefits in case of a medical emergency to provide in a hospital or dispensary. For more updates check Timesalert.

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