GST Rate Structure India 2024 – GST Rates Item Wise And Services List PDF

GST is the tax-related reform in a country that brings uniformity in taxation structure and eliminates the cascading of taxes. The Goods Service Tax will be revised regularly for various products. The Indian government is trying to keep the GST rates close to original rates and there will be change because of a change in the economy of customer reference. By considering some of the commodities as necessities and not luxuries the GST has revised the taxes. Here we will give you the GST Rate Structure India 2024 and GST Rates Item Wise List. Read the complete article for the details.

 GST Rate Structure

The GST Rate structure is divided into four different slabs based upon the products and services. Here we will give you the complete details of Tax Rates on different products and some of them free of tax also. The tax exemption is on basic needs and regular food items.

GST Rate Structure India
GST Rate Structure India

The Good and Services are included in these slabs for taxation on them. Here in this article, we will completely list them. This will give you a clear idea about the taxation percentage on the goods and services you use. We have all the updated information according to the GST Rate Structure India 2019. Here is the complete information in the below sections.

 GST Rate On Goods

The central government of India has proposed a four-tier tax structure for goods and categorized them into 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28 % slabs. According to the recent revision, these goods have fallen into these slabs and some of them do not attract any tax. Check this section for the list items. Also, read about PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana Online Registration and login steps.

No Tax

There are some items which do not attract any type of GST tax according to the government. Here is the list of these commodities

  • Cereal grains like barley, wheat, oat, and other hulled grains.
  • Palmyra Jaggery
  • All types of salt and Kajal (other than pencil stick)
  • Picture and coloring books for children.
  • Human hair and Sanitary Napkins
  • Unit container packed frozen branded vegetables (uncooked/steamed)
  • Vegetable preserved using different techniques
  • Music Books and manuscripts.

5% Tax Slab As GST

Given below are the products which come under the lowest tax slab among all others. Here is a list of these products according to the GST Rate structure 2019

  • Cashew nuts
  • Ice and snow
  • Coir mats, matting, and floor covering
  • Biogas and Aggarbatti
  • Insulin
  • Kites
  • Wind-based Atta Chakki
  • Postage, revenue stamps, stamp-postmarks, and first-day covers
  • Numismatic coins, Fly ash blocks
  • Walking sticks, Natural cork, Marble rumble
  • Accessories/parts of carriages designed for differently-abled individuals

12 % Tax Slab

After the latest GST council meeting, these goods are added to the 12 percentage slab. Here are the goods that come under this slab according to the GST structure in 2024 and recent updates.

  • Plastic beads
  • Exercise books and notebooks
  • Diagnostic kits and reagents
  • Bari made of pulses that include mungodi
  • Vegetables, fruits, nuts Preparation and other parts of plants including pickle, murabba, chutney, jam, and jelly.
  • Glasses for corrective spectacles and flint buttons.
  • Fixed speed diesel engines
  • Two-way radio used by defense, police and other government forces
  • Intraocular lens
  • Playing cards, board games like chess, Ludo and Carom Board
  • Items manufactured from natural cork, Agglomerated cork

18% Tax Slab According To GST Rate 2019

The items which are mentioned below will come under the 18 % tax slab category and are updated here below

  • Kajal Pencil Stick
  • Dental Wax
  • Plastic Tarpaulin
  • Aluminum foil and salt gazed Stone Ware Pipes
  • Weighing machines which are other than electric
  • Printers which are not multi-functional
  • Transformers Industrial Electronics and Electrical Transformer
  • UPS, CCTV with video recorders and set-top Box for TV
  • Electrical filaments or Discharge lamps
  • Bamboo furniture and Handbags or shopping bags of artificial plastic material, cotton and jute.
  • Winding Wires, Coaxial Cables and Optical fibers, electrical filaments and discharge lamps.
  • Computer monitors are not more than 17 inches
  • Instruments used for measuring with a hand like measuring rods, tapes, and micrometers
  • Power banks with Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Products which has HS Code 8483 Including gearboxes, transmission cranks, and pulleys

28 % Tax Slab in GST Rate Structure 2019

There are no additional items which are added to this highest rate slab in the recent GST meeting. But let us see the list of old goods under this slab

  • Fuel Cell Vehicle
  • Monitors and television more than 68 cm
  • Washing machines, Vacuum cleaners, and Food Grinders
  • Shaves, hair clippers, and hair cleaners
  • Storage water heaters and immersion heaters
  • Hair and Hand dryers
  • Scent sprays and toilet sprays, powder puffs
  • Lithium-ion batteries and electronic iron smoothing
  • Special Purpose Monitor Vehicles

GST Rate On Services

The Central Government has imposed the 4 tier tax on the structure on services also. These tax rates come in services has both advantage and disadvantages for the consumers. GST Rate structure 2024 is not applicable to services of healthcare and educational services.

No GST Services

Chargeable services given by Basic Savings Bank Deposit account opened under PMJDY Scheme (Pradhan Mantri Dhan Yojana)

5% Tax Services by GST Rate 2019

  • Railway transportation of goods and passengers
  • Renting a motor cab without fuel cost
  • Transport Services in AC Contract
  • Tour operator services
  • Leasing of aircrafts
  • Print media ad Space
  • Working for the printing of the newspaper

12% Tax Slab of GST Services 2019

  • Air travel except for the economy
  • Food/drinks at a restaurant without AC/heating or liquor license
  • Rail transport of goods in containers from a third party other than Indian Railways
  • Construction of building or sale and Chit fund services by foremen.
  • IP rights on a Temporary basis
  • Movie tickets which are less than equal to 100 Rupees

18 % Tax Slab of GST Rate Structure 2019

  • Food and drinks at restaurants with AC and Liquor License
  • Outdoor Catering
  • Renting accommodation for more than 2500 Rs and less than 5000 Rs per day
  • Supply food, Shamiyana, and party arrangement
  • Circus, Indian classical, Folk, Theatre and drama
  • Supply of work contract
  • Movie tikes more than Rs.100

28 % Tax Slab For GST Services 2019

  • Race Club service and gambling
  • Food/drinks at 5star hotels and accommodation
  • Entertainment events and amusement parks


This is the list of Goods and Services in different tax slabs according to the GST Rate Structure 2019. Go through the lit which we have mentioned the entire updated list given in the latest GST Rate structure.

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