Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Voting Season 3 – Bigg Boss Telugu Missed Call Numbers

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote will play a vital role in the gameplay of every season. Every year Bigg Boss comes with a kick start in June first or the second week. This is the biggest reality show in Telugu television. The participants will live under one roof for three months and compete with each other. This year Bigg Boss Telugu is the third season. There will be an online poll for the contestants and viewers can cast their votes to save them from eviction. Here are the complete details about Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Voting Season 3. We will provide all methods to cast your votes for your favorite participant.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 3

Bigg Boss Telugu was started in the year 2017 hosted by the actor Jr. NTR and he did a fabulous job. The season 2 was handled by Telugu Actor Nani where even he made his mark in hosting the season in 2018. Now, it is time for a new season and new participants and more fun and excitement. All the candidates will stay for about or more than 100 days and are monitored by the camera around the house.  Every week the participants nominate each other and the one who has more nominations will undergo the polling process. We can vote through the online Process, Bigg Boss Telugu Missed Call Numbers.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

There will be a different task given by the Bigg Boss to complete in every week and also a captain task to decide the captain of the house. The person who wins the captain task will be declared as the caption by the Bigg Boss and will not be there in the nomination list. The participants should be divided into teams or play individually depending upon the task rules.

The winner for the Bigg Boss Season 1 is Shiva Balaji who got the highest votes in the final week. The Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 winner is Kaushal with Geetha Madhuri in the opposite side. The winners for the Bigg Boss will get the prize money as a gift and other gift tokens from the sponsors of Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting

The participants of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 are selected but will not be announced till the first day of the season. But we made a list of these sixteen participants whom we are going to see at the launch of this season. Check out the candidates selected for the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 this year. There are chances of hosting this season by Telugu Actor Venkatesh. Now we will see the process of online and missed call number voting in Bigg Boss Season 3.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Voting Season 3

The online voting is an easy process to cast your votes for the participants. We can cast all 50 votes to a single person or can divide them between the candidates. Here we will give you the complete steps for Telugu Bigg Boss Online voting system. The steps are very easy and just follow them and make your votes count.

  • Open your browser and search for Bigg Boss Telugu Vote and open the official website.
  • You need to log in with your Google account or Facebook account in order to make your votes.
  • Now, login into either of your accounts mentioned above.
  • We can see the participants who are in the nomination list for the particular week.
  • Choose your favorite participant form the nomination list and make your votes.
  • Click on “submit” after you have given all your complete 50 votes towards the participants.

Bigg Boss Telugu Missed Call Numbers

We can also complete our voting system by giving a missed call to the numbers related to the participants. This is an easy process and anyone can participate in the voting process. We can vote to the candidate even after the contribution in the online voting system. Here in this section, we will show you the Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Missed call process and steps to complete this technique. It is followed by many people as this is a very easy and simple method.

  • If you want to cast the votes for Bigg Boss Telugu Vote system then you need to have an activated mobile number.
  • There is no need for any Smartphone you can also use a regular mobile device as the process involves with a missed call.
  • You also need to have the minimum balance to make a call from your registered number.
  • Open your mobile keypad or Dial Pad in phone option so that you can type the contestant voting number or code.
  • Then enter the phone number of the participant who you want to cast your vote.
  • These numbers are different for every participant and they are registered for them individually.
  • Now, make a call and wait until the call cuts automatically after a single ring. This will show that your vote was cast to the participant.
  • The number for each constant will be announced once the show is started. So, we will keep updates about it here.
  • You will also get a confirmation message about your votes to the housemates to your mobile number.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Nomination process

The nomination will be started from the first week. The housemates should give two names for the nominations with a reason for each participant.  Every participant should nominate and there is no chance to skip this process in the whole season. The nominations in the confession room can only be heard by Bigg Boss and no other participant. The captain of the house can save from the nominations for that particular week. The top nominated person by the housemates will go to the eviction poll process every week.

Elimination Process In Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

The nomination process will be conducted on the first day of the week and you can make your votes till Friday. In the weekend days, the host will interact with the housemates and update the status of their eviction. The elimination process in Bigg Boss Telugu is completely based upon the votes each participant has acquired. The host announces the person who got evicted and everyone else in the house waves their goodbye to them. This continues every week and one person will be evicted from the house.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Start Date – Office Video 

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