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H1B Visa Status Check is the common thing for all those who completed the petition on the official website. Every year many applications are received to US Immigration office. The application status is essential to the people who want to settle in the United States. As applicants should also complete the stamping process and H1B Visa is the primary US Work permit available to people for all States. Here we will give you the details on H1B Visa Status Check in the online portal. We will also provide you the complete application, Petition status details. Go through the entire article for the information.

H1B Visa Status

It is an authorization given by the US government for the foreign citizens for a legal work permit. The foreigners must work for the specialized fields with required knowledge that can meet the job requirement. When applying for the first time H1B visa, the US employer will take care of everything which has hired him. He will pay for the applicant’s visa fees and submit the required documents instead of the applicant. This H1B Visa will give legal permission to work in any part of the United States.  

H1B Visa Status

The US H1B Visa is valid for three years and can extend up to six years and more. All these depend upon the type of work you are performing in the companies of the United States. It needs the stamping process whenever the US H1B Visa Status is updated. We can check the status of the H1B Visa quickly from the online website. US immigration officials maintain it. Here we will give the information.

US H1B Visa Status Check

We can check the status of the petition form the online portal. It is a straightforward process. Follow the instruction guide given below to complete the procedure. You need to have your petition number to enter in the web page.

When the employer has filed you for H1B Visa petition, and you got picked in the lottery process. The USCIS will give you the case number called USCIC Case/Receipt number. With this number, you can check the online status of H1B Visa. In case you don’t have this number then ask your employer to share the name with you.

US H1B Visa Status

How To Check H1B Visa Status

  1. Open your device and visit your browser.
  2. Launch the USCIS website by giving the URL of uscis.gov. You can Click Here to visit the home page of the website.
  3. Here you can see the Tools option on the top bar of the menu on the page and select it.
  4. You can see the options on the screen, or the drop link both of them contains the same options.
  5. Select the Case Status online from them, which will redirect you to the new web page.
  6. Here enter the Receipt number which is a 13 digit character identifier provided on your application or petition.
  7. To get the better idea about the receipt number you can tap on the question mark on the top of the screen adjacent to Enter Receipt Number.
  8. Give the number in the text box on the screen ad tap on Check Status option.
  9. It will display the H1B Visa Status on the screen wi8th this you can check the information from the online website.

H1B Visa Status Check

The H1B US Visa is only possible for the applicants who are working in a recognized organization.  All the applicant’s procedure will be taken care of by the HR of the company. The organization will also give the documents and amount. The H1B Visa will permit them to work legally for the company.  H1B Visa Attorney Fee is $2,100, which includes all shipping and incidentals.

How To Check H1B Visa Application Status 

Approval of H1B Visa

When the USCIS receives the application, it will send you the approval letter of reception of petition. It means that it will go through the application and process to the next step. You can see the initial review status in the online portal. It contains the date, Receipt Number, and excepted reply date. It will also give the customer number to which we can call for any service.

H1B Request For Evidence (RFE)

In some cases, if the given documents are not sufficient, then the US government will ask for Request For Evidence. This step generally is done when the evidence provided enough to prove the eligibility of the applicant.

Case Approved for H1B Visa

When the US Government approves your petition, then the online portal will show “Case Was Approved.” When the appeal proved, you would get the mail you about the details.

Denial Notice for H1B Visa

Some petitions will not be approved due, which is the effect of many things. In this case, you will get the status of “Decision Notice Mailed” to your registered email address.

All these data is sufficient to know about H1B Visa Application process and status check.  For more information and updates check Timesalert

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