Maharashtra New Property Card For Flat Owners Apply Online, Eligibility, Track Application

Maharashtra New Property Card is the new initiative of the state government to create the database of all flats, buildings, and commercial complexes. It will reduce the property-related frauds on apartments and business units. The owners of the flat will get the Property cards that will have all the details.

Maharashtra state cabinet meeting cleared the vertical property rules and accepted for the New property Cards. It is first of this kind of initiative in the country that creates property records of the flats. The process of application and tracking is all offline process. With further developments, there will also announce the online process for Maharashtra New Property Card for flat owners.

Maharashtra New property Card

All the flat owners in the state will have all the details like carpet area, amenity space, and also bank loan information on the flat. It also comes along with the 7/12 extracts on the flat. The state Settlement Commissioner and Directorate of Land Records are pushing the proposal to arrange the survey offices in urban and rural areas.

At present Maharashtra stated has nearly about 56 Lakh Property cards in urban areas and 2.5 crores 7/12 extracts in rural. These records are only about horizontal properties. The state is one of the most developing one in the country and has many vertical features. These Maharashtra New Property Cards will help in registrations of flats.

Maharashtra New Property Card

It will provide the buyers and sellers and also a firm ownership record to the government departments. New Property cards for these vertical properties will also play a vital role in protecting the rights of property owners. The officers are paying their ways to start the process. No government department has the details of these vertical properties. The evidence of the ownership has to give a chain of documents, such as agreements with builders. The details of eligibility, application are available in the article. Go through the information under the titles. You can check

Maharashtra New property Card Eligibility

These property cards are for the vertical property flat owners of the state. It is a state government initiative, so it is available to their citizens only. The eligibility list that you need to reach to apply for the new property card for flats is

  • Applicant must be a resident of the state.
  • Candidates who have legal documents of flat ownership can only apply for property cards.
  • The candidate should be significant according to the state rule. Applicant should have above 18 years.
  • The new property cards are available for the vertical property only.

Documents Required for New Property Cards

You need to have these lists of documents while applying for these property cards. Go through the list of these documents

  1. Aadhaar Card or Photo identity card
  2. Address proof
  3. Legal document of property
  4. Resident proof

Maharashtra New Property Card Application

When the rules are approved, then the department will operate the pilot projects separately to both urban and rural areas. These officers will visit each building and conduct the survey. Though the process is difficult initially as the entire process is manual for now. After the initial stages, the officers will start the online process using the database they collected, and that makes the process simple.

How To Apply For Maharashtra New Property Card

The application for the process is now offline, and you can give the details to the officer when they visit your building. We can also reach out to the offices for the respective department in your area and submit the details.

  1. Go to the nearest respective department in your area or locality.
  2. Collect the Application Form from the officer and fill the required details.
  3. Check the details and attach the required documents along with the form.
  4. Submit the form to the officer and collect the application number, which will be useful to track the application.

Track Maharashtra New Property Card

We can track the application of Property Card for the flats using the application number. The number is available in the applicable receipt of the card in offices. Go to the respective office and give the application number to the representative office. He will check the status of the number, and you will also get the regular updates to your contact number and email address given in the application.

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