Skylight Paycard – Skylight Account Login Advantages

With everything going paperless and cashless, it will be convenient for you to use a safer and secure alternative which is Sky Light Pay Card. You can easily access your money by using the Sky Light Card. You are allowed to use the Sky Light Pay Card almost at every place where card payment is made whether it is a supermarket or any other store.

Skylight Paycard

It is a more convenient and easier method when compared to the traditional method. You are also not required to have a Bank account to receive your regular payments.

One receives the payments which reach a safe FDIC-insured Bank. You can withdraw the entire amount if you want using a Sky Light Pay Cheque or you can use the Sky Light Pay Card to make payments at different places.

Advantages of Sky Light Pay Card

There are many benefits attached to using a Sky Light Pay Card instead of using the traditional means of payment. Some of the advantages are as follows:-

  • Quicker- The Sky Light Pay Card is very fast when compared to traditional means where you have to wait to submit the cheque for doing a transaction. In case of Sky Light Pay Card you can start transacting at 8:00 am every pay day which is the fixed time.
  • Accessibility- The Sky Light Pay Card helps you in accessing your money in almost every ATM across the US and also at many retail and Supermarkets.
  • Economical- The Sky Light Pay Card does not cost you while sign-up. There might be some minimal fees attached to it depending upon your usage of Sky Light Pay Card. However, there is no cost of payment at stores, hotels etc from the Sky Light Pay Card.
  • Safer- You must be questioning whether this is a safe option or not, because the money is not in your bank account, but it is in fact more safer than your traditional options because in case of Sky Light pay card the amount of your payment directly goes to FDIC-Insured account from which you carry out all the transactions.
  • Additional benefits- You can also give access of your particular account to another person if you want to. The person you have given access to your account to can easily withdraw the amount in their respective currency.
  • Real-time updates-You will get real time updates regarding the account where you have received your payment. You can check the updated balance and get a notification whenever there is a transaction from your bank account and can contact the customer care in case o any queries or complaints which will be resolved by them.

How does SkyLight Pay Card work?

It is pretty simple if you are trying to figure out how the Sky Light Pay Card actually works. Your money on every payday at 8 am will reach an FDIC-Insured Bank. From this particular bank, all your transactions will proceed. One can use your Sky Light Pay Card almost anywhere where you use your VISA or Master Card.

So, this is how SkyLight PayCard works which is quite easy to understand, and it also makes it more convenient for the users instead of going through all the hassles.

SkyLight Customer Care

In case you have any queries or concerns regarding your Sky Light Pay Card, you can easily contact them by dialing the number which given on the back of your Sky Light Pay Card. The customer care service is available from 6 am to midnight on weekdays and 8 am to 8 pm on weekends.

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People Also Ask On SkyLight PayCard

Some Frequently Asked Questions related to the Sky Light PayCard:-

What should I do if I lost my Sky Light Pay Card?

In case you have lost your Sky Light pay card, you are required to dial the number which is given on the back of the card itself and they will issue you a new card. The first replacement card is free and your old card gets blocked immediately.

What is the charge of the Sky Light Pay Card?

The charges will depend upon your use of the Skylight Pay Card although, there is no cost for signing up or for making payments at retails.

For more details check Timesalert.

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