Most Effective Ways To Watch Blocked YouTube Videos 2024

YouTube is a global video website provider with a variety of latest videos from all over the world. With the help of the internet, you can use this website for free and watch the latest and old videos. By using YouTube the companies, individual YouTubers, and creators can easily reach their fans all over the world. Moreover, a number of uploaders and YouTube users upload their videos to watch only in certain countries. This means that some of the YouTube videos are blocked in other countries

Watch Blocked YouTube Videos 2024

Due to some reasons and problems, some of the YouTube videos are blocked in countries without watching. Because of that video lovers are unable to watch these videos. Uploaders can limit the age of the audience, which means that YouTube videos are also blocked for viewers who are not logged to Google account or detected underage. With the help of above mentioning ways, you can watch the video without any Google account. You can directly watch and enjoy the videos from YouTube.

Effective Ways To Watch Blocked YouTube Videos
Effective Ways To Watch Blocked YouTube Videos

There are more ways to watch blocked YouTube videos. Now we are providing some information about how to watch blocked YouTube videos. So, you can do it on all devices like PC, Android, and iPhone Smartphone etc.

Watch Blocked YouTube Videos Using A VPN

The most reliable way to watch blocked YouTube videos is a VPN and it is simple to use. By using this you can browse the data from other countries. So, you can try with a free VPN and we recommend paid services like Nord VPN. People can also go through the best Youtube Alternatives 2024 here.

Currently, it is one of the best VPN services that provides faster connection, more server options, and much better data security and many more. Simply install any one of the VPN of your choice. Many of the VPN services are available and they run on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Steps To Install VPN TO Watch Blocked YouTube Videos

  • To install any VPN, just click on the link and install it by click Add to Chrome.
  • Then active and enjoy watching blocked YouTube videos.
  • For Android Smartphone, you can download VPN application from the Google Play store.
  • Then download and install the VPN application first.
  • After that activation, turn on the Wi-Fi network.

Finally, activate the VPN. Then you will be able to watch blocked YouTube videos in blocked countries. You can try any one of the VPN applications like Nord VPN, Hotspot Shield, Turbo VPN, Hola VPN, and many others.

Download Blocked YouTube Videos 

Sometimes there are many YouTube videos that are restricted in age, which are blocked by uploaders and audiences who are underage. If the video content is not about pornography or adult content, then you can watch in a simple way. If you change the video URL then automatically you can watch blocked YouTube videos without login with a Google account.

Tricks To Change The Video URL:

  • Https://
  • Change watch to Watch_popup. As shown below.
  • Https://

Watch Blocked YouTube Videos Using Proxy

If you don’t want to use the above two methods then you can use the proxy server. This is an alternative method of VPN. The proxy server allows you to browse in a different country but it is less secure and doesn’t encrypt your traffic. So, because of that, we recommend a VPN over a Proxy server. If you want to watch blocked YouTube videos, and you are traffic should be encrypted then you can use a VPN. By using this VPN service you can access the blocked YouTube videos which are banned by the government.


In this article, we clearly mentioned three methods to watch blocked YouTube videos. By using those methods you can easily unblock and watch and enjoy the videos. For the latest updates and more content about trending news, you can visit Timesalert.

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