Wonderla Hyderabad Timings, Entry Ticket Fee, Address, Online Ticket Booking

Wonderla Hyderabad is one of the biggest amusement parks in India. This amusement park is located in only three places in India such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kochi. Wonderla Holidays Limited operates the amusement park.  Kochouseph Chittilappilly is the owner of this Wonderla water park. The first Wonderla park was set up in 2000 on Kochi. The second park in Bangalore, third in Hyderabad and is planning to open its 4th amusement park in Chennai. The park offers a variety of rides for all ages visitors. So here we have informed regarding the Wonderla park and its facilities.

Wonderla Hyderabad

Wonderla Holidays opened its third amusement park, Wonderla in April 2016 in Hyderabad. Now the Wonderla Hyderabad is a craziest, loudest and most amazing part of the town. Wonderla is not only an amusement park but an amazing, beautiful, and a world of dream rides. This is a place where people can enjoy their holiday fully by celebrating the smaller moments. There is no better place in Hyderabad to experience the new rides than this Wonderla.

Wonderla Hyderabad

In Wonderla Hyderabad, there are 27 land-based rides and 18 water-based rides. Also, there are 72 water slides available for visitors. They also enjoy the wave pool, dance in rain disco and the show called “ Adventures of Chikku.” Overall this park is a non- stop fun for the visitors. Before planning to visit, check out the most thrilling attractions, water rides, and land rides. Also, check the Wonderla Hyderabad timings, address and ticket price. All updates about Wonderla is given here.

Wonderla Hyderabad Timings (Opening, Closing Time)

The opening and closing time of Wonderla Hyderabad is varied for a different season. And all rides are available for a particular time. In peak season and regular season holidays, visitors can enter the park from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.  Here we are giving details about the park timing.

Normal Season:

Days Land Rides Water Rides
Weekdays 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM 12.30 PM to 5:00 PM
Holidays 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM 12.00 Noon to 6:00 PM

 Peak Season:

Days Land Rides Water Rides
All Days 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM 12.00 Noon to 6:00 PM

Wonderla Hyderabad Entry Fee

The ticket price quite increases in festival season. Otherwise, the price is affordable for visitors. In Wonderla Hyderabad the ticket price is different for different category of visitors. And also it varies according to the season. The 18% GST is included in the ticket price.

Category of Visitor Normal Season         (Holidays) Normal Season (Weekdays) Festival Season
Adult Rs.850 Rs.675 Rs.1100
Children Rs.680 Rs.540 Rs.880
Senior Citizen    (60- 69 years) Rs.795 Rs.635  Rs.825
Super Sn. Citizen (70 years above) Rs.530  Rs.425 Rs.550
Defence Rs.850 Rs.675  Rs.880
Fastrack Adult Rs.1270 Rs.1015 Rs.1650
Fastrack Child Rs.1020 Rs.810 Rs.1320
After Hours Adult Rs.635 ——- Rs.660
After Hours Child/ Defence/ senior citizen Rs.530 ——— Rs.550

               Rides In Wonderla Hyderabad

In Wonderla Hyderabad, there are four types of rides available such as land rides, water rides, high thrill rides, and kids rides. Visitors can enjoy all the rides with their family and friends. Check the below, for ride name.

Land Rides:

Wonderla has introduced a new land rides called Mission Interstellar. Which brings India’s first space flying experience.

Wonderla Hyderabad Land Rides

  1. Mission Interstellar
  2. Sky Wheel
  3. Adventures of Chikku
  4. Twist and Shout
  5. Rocking’ Tug
  6. Termite Coaster and Train
  7. Pirate Ship
  8. Wonder Splash
  9. Grand Prix
  10. Crazy Car I & II

Water Rides:

Wonderla Hyderabad Water Rides

  1. Rain Disco
  2. Boomerang
  3. Pirate Lagoon
  4. Fun Racers
  5. Uphill Racers
  6. Bullet
  7. Wavy and Vertical Fall
  8. Harakiri
  9. Mammoth
  10. Splash
  11. Wave Pools
  12. Lazy River
  13. Sea Lagoon
  14. Drop and Tornado
  15. Screw

High Thrill Rides:

Wonderla Hyderabad thrill rides

  1. Recoil
  2. Maverick
  3. Equinox
  4. Techno Jump
  5. Twin Flip T Rex
  6. Space Jam

Kids Ride:

Wonderla Hyderabad Kids Rides

  1. Mini Pirate Ship
  2. Kiddies Wheel
  3. Coco Cup
  4. Carousel
  5. Flying Jumbo
  6. Convoy
  7. Moon Base
  8. Mini Top Spin
  9. Circus Train
  10. Happy Kangaroo

 Food Facilities in Wonderla Hyderabad

For visitors, Wonderla Hyderabad provides delicious foods. They can buy the foods or get the coupon for complete meals. There are many restaurants, and food courts available in Wonderla Hyderabad. Some of those are:

Park View Restaurant: In this restaurant, visitor can enjoy the traditional south Indian breakfast and more foods.

Chillies Restaurant, Waves Restaurant, Food Courts, Galaxy A/C Restaurant.

Dress Up For Wonderla Hyderabad

In Wonderla Hyderabad the water rides are clean and hygienic. So Wonderla enforce a strict dress code for all visitors. There are some conditions for the dress code.

  1. The visitor has to wear Nylon cloth or 100% synthetic material.
  2. Sarees, salwar, dupatta, formal shirt/pants, burkhas, school uniforms, denim, etc. are not allowed for water rides.
  3. Visitors can purchase the dress code from the park.

Wonderla Hyderabad Contact Number, Address

For more information about Wonderla Hyderabad, check the Wonderla website.

  • Wonderla Hyderabad Contact Number – +914023490333/ +919100063636
  • Email Id[email protected]
  • Address – Outer Ring Road, Exit No. 13, Wonderla Hyderabad Park, Ravirala, Hyderabad- 501510

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