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APMDC AP Sand Booking Online: There are many frauds that take place in sand mining groups which are causing economic loss to the state. A new policy is introduced by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Y.S Jaganmohan Reddy. The consumer can book the sand directly for their use with no mediator in the middle. So, they will get the sand for the correct market price.

This Online Sand Booking policy is to bring transparency and have a government control on sand reaches across the state. The APMDC Online Sand Booking will help you to book your order through the website and also track it through the online process. Here we will give you the complete information on Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation and relevant information on Sand Booking.

AP Sand Online Booking is available for the Bulk, and General Consumers launched online bookings for the sand. Through the portal, citizens can order a required amount of sand and can place at a reasonable cost.  The Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation Limited takes care of these sand booking services. The website avoids the sand mafia in the state the APMDC launched sand booking online for a citizen of Andhra Pradesh.

APMDC AP Sand Booking Online

The sand booking process through online process is initiated by the TDP government but was not successful because of some reasons. But the new government of Y.S Jaganmohan Reddy will help the consumers and also take care of sand resources. The website APMDC will give you complete details like sand yards, present prices, track the order and online payment. The District collectors are responsible for supervision on the excavation of Sand and other permissions under the policy.

APMDC Online Sand Booking
APMDC Online Sand Booking

Online Sand Booking has other advantages which will be helpful for consumers for their sand needs. There is about 395 major sand reaches in Andhra Pradesh and their respective district collectors are responsible to take of them. They should also take all necessary permissions like Environmental, mining plan and others. For transparency, the Online Sand Booking will follow reverse tendering process for complete transparency.

The online portal supplies the sand area where the sand booking is online. Citizens can book sand from any part of state visiting APMDC Sand Portal. The Chief Minister Y.S Jaganmohan Reddy has introduced new AP Sand Portal that increased the transparency in the system. The new policy will decrease the rate of sand mafia and also raises the revenue of the government. Here we will provide you with the registration steps for both Bulk and General Consumer registration in the online. Go through the sections to get the complete details about the AP Sand Policy and online booking process.

AP Sand Policy 2019

The state government has introduced the Sand Sale Management & Monitoring System SSMMS sand mining policy, and it aims to address the issues of indiscriminate mining, black marketing, and cross-border transportation. According to SSMMS AP Sand Policy 2019, the APMDC will take over the sand quarrying and supply of sand to customers on behalf of the government. It will help to achieve sustainable sand mining according to the environmental regulations. All vehicles carrying the sand to the consumers are equipped with the GPS devices and are registered Director of Mines and Geology of APMDC. The price of the specified stockyard is fixed by the government, including transport charges. The amount of sand price should be credited to the treasury account of state government through net banking or online methods through Mee-Seva centres by customers.

Benefits Of APMDC AP Sand Online Booking

  • Sand along the banks of small rivers and streams can be accessible to local villagers for free.
  • We can know the exact sand price in the area and book them through the online process.
  • The towns and villages under the Mandal concerned would get the sand from local minor rivers or streams.
  • People can know the Sand Stockyards near them and their availability from the online website.
  • We can book Online Sand from Stockyards near and reduce the transportation cost.
  • The Desilted sand is available for irrigation projects and such sand would be utilized by the water resource department.
  • With the APMDC online sand Booking website, the government can take necessary steps to ensure that sand is not misused.

How To Register Ap Sand Booking Online Portal @   sand.ap.gov.in

The consumers can register themselves in the online portal and book the sand. There are two different portals for the consumer is classified into two categories. You can find different registration for both General and Bulk consumers. Go through the instructions that help you with registrations. Before the processes check the type of consumer, you belong.

General Consumer: Individual who want to purchase sand for domestic or personal use as the construction of the house, repairs come under this category.

Bulk Consumer: It includes the real estate developers, private and government contractors and also another similar large consumer of sand comes under this category.

AP Sand Booking

To order the sand through the online process we need to register in the official website given by the government. Here are the steps to register yourself for sand booking.

Reasons To Implement AP Sand booking Online

In the present society, there are many illegal activities going on. Among them, sand mining is also a great fraud activity done by few people. So taking this into consideration the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh has started an online portal named Ap Sand Booking. By using this portal one can book the sand according to the requirement and directly from the government. There is no need for any mediator in between. By doing so there will be no economic losses in the AP on Sand booking. Here we are also listing a few main reasons to establish the AP Sand Booking Online Portal.

  1. Mainly by doing this online a lot of fraud activities reduces.
  2. Also, the state government has more revenue compared to the previous years.
  3. Using the sand portal, sand mining is done with rules and regulations.
  4. The portal also provides the sand to its customers at lower prices.

So all these reasons made to implement the sand booking online in AP.

AP Sand Booking General Consumer

The General Consumer can book sand using the steps given below. Also, check the maximum quantity you can book through the online APMDC sand portal.

Permissible Quantity: the maximum quantity you can purchase is 500 metric tons of sand in 12 months. Relevant authorities certify the required sand quantity.

How to Book AP Sand For General Consumers

  1. Open the browser and visit the official portal of AP Sand Booking or click here to redirect page directly.
  2. You can also give the URL of sand.ap.gov.in form the search box of browser.
  3. It will display a pop-up on the screen with the options of registration of General and Bulk Consumers.
  4. Registration
  5. Tap on Registration option under General Consumer that will open the new page on the screen.
  6. Give the Mobile Number in the text space on the screen and tap on Send OTP button on the screen.AP Sand Online Booking
  7. It will send you an OTP as a text message to the mobile number given on the page.
  8. Enter the OTP in the space and tap on Submit option on the screen.
  9. Now give your Aadhaar Number and tap on Submit button beside the text field.
  10. Aadhaar Number
  11. After the Verification of Aadhaar Number, the residential address module will display on the screen.
  12. Give Consumer Details like Name, District, Mandal, Grama Panchayat/Ward, Address/Door No, Land Mark, Pincode, Mail ID, and all required details.
  13. Residential Address
  14. Check the details given in the registration and tap on Next button on the application page.
  15. Check the declaration box that will enable the register button. To submit the data, click on the Register button.
  16. Confirmation
  17. Now, your registration process is successful, and the User ID will send to the registered Mobile Number.
  18. Order send
  19. To order the sand tap on “Proceed To order Sand” button on the screen.

AP Sand Booking Bulk Consumer

The Sand booking for Bulk Consumer is also available in the online web portal and will complete in just a few steps. Here are the instructions that will help you with the details.

Maximum Quantity: There is no limit to order for the bulk consumers to purchase from the online portal. However, Bulk consumers need to get their required certified sand quantity by component authorities.

How To Order Sand For Bulk Consumers

  1. Visit the official website of the AP Sand Booking in your browser or give the URL sand.ap.gov.in
  2. From the window displayed, select the Registration button of the Bulk consumers from the page.
  3. Registration bulk
  4. Give the consumer Mobile number and then tap on Send OTP button on the screen.AP Sand Portal
  5. Enter the OTP received in the text space and click on the submit button.
  6. Give the GST Number and click on “GET GST Details” button on the screen.
  7. GST Number
  8. Enter Company, Trade Name, Mobile Number and Address details. Give all these as per GST.
  9. GST Registered Address
  10. Check the declaration box, and you can see the Registration button on the screen.
  11. Confirmation
  12. To submit data tap on the Registration button and you will get the User ID sent to the registered mobile number.
  13. Order send
  14. You can give the User ID and order the required sand from the AP Sand Portal.

Ap Sand Booking Online Using sand.ap.gov.in

  • Open the official website for Online Sand Booking by government officials.
  • Select the Sand Sale Management and Monitoring System (SSMMS) from the options on a web page.
  • Click on registration from the menu bar and select customer registration form options.
  • Give your Mobile number in the space and tap on Send OTP button on aside.
  • Enter the OTP value in the field and fill the form with the necessary details like district, village, Address and personal information.
  • Check details again and tap on submit option to register the form in online website.
  • Assign a Username and Password for your account to login back for the further online booking.
  • Now you can access your account and make your online booking process easy.

Sand Requirement Certificate Format And Documents

To book the sand online, one has to have information related to the construction and also a few documents. Here we are giving out the list of Some requirements which are needed to book the sand in AP using online portal.

At first, the customer who wants to buy sand has to provide a few personal details like

  • Name
  • Contact Details

Then they have to provide some documents related to land and construction.

  • Location Details
  • Landmark to delivery the sand
  • Total area to build in Sq Mts
  • Quantity of sand they needed

How To Book AP Sand Online @ sand.ap.gov.in

We need to login in the online website for booking the sand in APMDC online portal. Follow the process below that will make easy for your Online Sand Booking.

  • Open the online website for Online Sand booking in the browser.
  • Select Online Sand Booking option and this will redirect you to the login page.
  • Give your Username and Password in the spaces given.
  • Complete the Captcha by entering the code values as given in the image.
  • Tap on login option and here you can see the stockyards near you in district wise list.
  • You can see the transportation cost, the unit cost of sand in the stockyards on the website.
  • Select on the online and booking option and enter the quantity of sand, construction type, and other required details.
  • The online website will display your total cost and date of arrival of cost to your place.
  • Click on order option below and you can make the payment through the online process.
  • We can pay with Credit cards, Debit cards and also by online banking system also.
  • This will produce the order number and make sure to note down for any further information.

As now your order is placed we can track the order easily using the GPS tracking system available. We will provide those details in the next section.

AP Sand Online Booking Login

  1. After the registration process, the General or Bulk consumer can Login the account and order the sand from the portal.
  2. Open the home page of the PA sand online booking and tap on login option on the screen.
  3. Give your registered mobile and tap on send OTP and type the number in the text space provided.
  4. Order the required sand from the account and consumer need to bring the sand order receipt along with his vehicle to stockyard within three days from placing the order.

AP Sand Booking Online Details

Portal Name AP Sand Portal
Launch Year 2019
Implemented By AP Chief Minister – Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy
Implemented For AP State
Official Website sand.ap.gov.in

How To Track AP Sand Online Booking Order

We can track the order using the Mobile/Vehicle number or using the order number. These two facilities are available on the online website.

  1. Visit the online page and select online tracking order option.
  2. Here select the track the order with mobile number.
  3. Enter your Mobile Number it the space given and Tap on the search option.
  4. ap sand track
  5. Give your order ID in the field assigned and click on “Get Status” on the web page.
  6. This will display the place and position of your order and the date of arrival details.

Ap Sand Online Booking Customer Support Numbers

We can call the customer support number For AP sand Track. which are mentioned in the APMDC Ap Sand online booking website SSMMS. You can also visit the district offices to know further information about the process and details.

FAQs On AP Sand Booking Online

People who face any issues or have questions related to AP Sand Booking Online can check the below questions. These are the frequently asked questions that are commonly asked by the sand customers in case of booking sand online.

1. Can we buy the sand in bulk for any government projects?

Yes, one can order or book the sand in bulk. There is an option in the portal to book the sand in bulk.

2. Is the customer support team of Sand Booking in AP available for 24 hours?

The answer is definitely yes. The support team is available to its customers 24/7 and you can contact them through the phone number – 9390503704.

3. How many Stockyards are present and how to address them?

There are a total of 97 Stockyards and one can check them in the portal in detail.

4. What all are necessary to collect the sand from stockyards?

One has to carry the receipt to the stockyard to collect the sand and you need to collect it within three days of a time period.

5. Is there any maximum permit to book sand for general customers and bulk customers?

Yes, one who wants sand under general customers will get only 500 metric tonnes of sand per year. Coming to the bulk customer there is no limit.

6. Is any mobile app available to order sand booking online?

Yes, there is an app to book sand booing in ap online. One can download it from the play store and use it to book sand online.

7. Are heavy vehicles allowed for the transportation of sand?

One can use an 8 tier vehicle to transport sand but not more than that.

8. Is it compulsory to have a GPS TRacking system for sand vehicles?

Yes, it has been mandatory to have a GPS tracker to the vehicle. So that the customer can track the vehicle easily.

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