Top Best iPad Apps 2024 For Kids ( Education, Gaming)

We cannot stop this generation kids from the digital world. They are all very free and easily accessed to the iPad’s and iPhone’s. They are attracted to its touch features and its color and of course the user interface. The operating of them is very easy. So, it is very obvious that the children are very much attracted to the iPad’s. But they are not allowed to use all the applications. So, let  us know the Top 10 Best iPad Apps for our kids.

Best iPad Apps 2019

There are few applications which are very helpful in their growth. These applications can build them logically and make them active. But using them is permitted to only some time. So, parents need to take care of this. Some of these applications can make their learning fun and keep them intact with education. So, if these applications in iPad and iPhone are used properly then they do a great favor in the development of the kids.

Top 10 Best iPad Apps For Kids
Top 10 Best iPad Apps For Kids 

We had searched for the application that can make your kids sharp. We went through the rating and users recommendations and gathered these top 10 and best iPad apps for the kids. The below is the list of the Best iPad apps 2024 for kids

  • Endless Alphabet
  • My School Avatar
  • Fish School HD
  • Chalk Pad Free
  • Peek-a-Zoo
  • Tynker
  • GoNoodle
  • Minion Rush
  • DinoTim
  • PBS Kids

Top Best iPad Apps For Kids 

Endless Alphabet: A paid application for the iPad which is used by kids. This is a very good application for the preschoolers. This is available in the iTunes. The size of the applications is also small. You need to run the app online for the first time. So, it can download all the words. It has good animations which help the children to teach the definitions of the words.

Endless Alphabet
Endless Alphabet

[appbox appstore id591626572 ]

My School Avatar : The best iPad App 2024 for kids. This is the fun application where kids can customize the avatars. This is safe for kids and does not have ads. It has thousands of appearance options to create a group of avatars. So, kids can record the voices and tell stories using the pictures.

My School Avatar
My School Avatar

So, the kids can create pictures of their own and present their stories. This improves the creative skills of the kids. We can create the video of length about 5 minutes. This has a rating of 4.4 on iTunes. This is for the 9-11 age groups of kids. The size of the application is 62.8MB.

[appbox appstore id944327703 ]

Most Used iPad Apps For IOS

Fish School HD: This is recommended for the age of 2 to 5 kids. This gives the underwater experience with the learning. It has 8 different activities which involve kids. These include letters, numbers, colors, matching, and shapes.

Fish School HD
Fish School HD

This also provides the music of classical variations of the ABC song. As the name suggests the learning activities of the app consists of colorful fishes. So, these fishes attract the kids very much and make their learning fun.

[appbox appstore id367567922 ]

Chalk Pad Free: An iPad application for the kids which helps in their education. Every kid likes to play with colors and this is the best option. The application is free of cost and occupies less space in your device. There are three different types of backgrounds.

Chalk Pad Free
Chalk Pad Free

We can change the line thickness and also had the Spray paint option and text type tool. We can save them in our device. So, that we can email them or Air print. It has different colors in the color wheel.

[appbox appstore id502347261 ]

Peek-a-Zoo: The best and award-winning application of kids. This is available in iTunes for your iPad. This is for the 2-5 age kids. This helps them to recognize the Animal names, Actions, and Sounds. Kids will also learn about different emotions, actions, and positions. Peek-a-Zoo


This was mostly the parent choice and recommended the application. It has a very good rating and reviews. This will help your kids to learn many things in an easy and fun way. This is available for iPhone also.

[appbox appstore id477766317 ]

Best Apps for Kids On iPhone And iPad 

Tynker: One of the best app for iPad for kids. This has the coding games for the kids. This is the award-winning application and mostly selected by the parents. The codes are used to solve the  puzzles and games.


They need to use the loops and conditional statements to find the treasures in the game. So, this improves the coding skills in the children. This is recommended to the 9-11 age group kids. They have to switch between block coding and Swift. This is a very highly rated application and available in iTunes. Parents who are in search of the best Gaming and educational Apps can now check here the top best list of apps for kids.

[appbox appstore id805869467 ]

GoNoodle: A recommended application for the kids to keep them moving. This contains the dance videos and activities and fun ways to move. So, this keeps the kids active and fun loving and used by a group of kids to have fun.


This is more trusted by the parents and teachers. This is for the pre-primary kids and 80 percent of the US elementary schools use this to bring joy in the classrooms. This will relax and energies the kids at a time.

[appbox appstore id1050712293 ]

Minion Rush: These are the favorite cartoons of every kid. This is the free application but has other offers in-app purchase. There are many users for this application. It is available in the iTunes for your iPad. So, in this gaming application where we need to rush along with our minions and collect the cards.

Minion Rush
Minion Rush

These cards will help us to unlock the costumes. This has a rating of 4.5. So, because of all the above reasons, it is the most recommended application. This is available for iPad and also iPhone.

[appbox appstore id596402997 ]

 Top iPad Apps For Kids 2019

DinoTim: The application used to learn basic math in an interesting way. This is for the 3- 6 years age of kids. Kids learn the geometrical shapes and the recognition of colors. It has educational puzzles which help them to learn with ease.


Kids can also learn the foreign language which is recommended for the 6- 12 years. This also contains English along with the math subject. Kids need to become a superhero and save Tim’s family in the game. The rating of this pp is 4.5 out of 5.

[appbox appstore id962699433 ]

PBS Kids: The application for the toddlers’ and it has the video application. So, this has educational videos and TV Shows. You can watch the PBS KIDS shows of all the episodes. Kids of below 2 years will like this app and learn new things with these videos.

PBS Kids
PBS Kids

Parents can have control over the application. This is the winner of the best streaming videos application for kids. This is available for the iPhone, iPad and also for the Apple TV.

[appbox appstore id435138734 ]


These are the best application for the iPad. All of these are available in the iTunes and free of cost. All these apps will help your kids to have fun along with learning new things. Check all of them along with their features and choose to improve the skills of your kids. So, save this article for the Best iPad Apps 2024 for your children. To know other app details stay tuned to Timesalert.

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