Top Best Music Apps Download For Android In 2024

Best Music Apps: There are many applications that are designed for Android smartphones. In that, music apps are the best applications for entertainment. By using these best music apps 2024 you can reduce your stress.

When you are in disturbed mood and you feel like coming out from that, then you can use these amazing and awesome music apps to listen and relax yourself. Listening music is one of the best method to relax your mind in your day to day life. If you listen music in in the early morning you can feel calm and pleasant.

Top Best Music Download Apps

Music applications are used for listening music. Each and every music application has its own advanced features and functions. Here are the top best music apps listed here. So one who is interested in listening music can now read this article and choose according to your choice and download the music app on your Android smartphone.

Best Music Apps
Best Music Apps
  • Google Play Music
  • 4Shared Music
  • Wynk Music
  • Spotify Music
  • Gaana Music
  • Hungama Music
  • Simple Mp3 Downloader
  • Sound Cloud
  • Songily
  • Tube Mate

Google Play Music – One of the best music download applications for Android smartphones. It is pre-installed in all the android devices. By using this application you can listen songs in both offline and online mode. It is daily updated with new songs in different languages. Google had launched this application in android mobile. And not only that it is the best music player to play your downloaded songs in mobile.

Search bar option is also included in this Google Play Music application, which is used in searching your music tracks. It allows the storage up to 50,000 files for free.

Google Play Music App
Google Play Music App

 Music Apps Download For Android 

Features of Google Play Music

  • Audio quality is very high.
  • It provides offline playback and a high quality music store.

4Shared Music – The best Mp3 download app. It provides vast collection of songs. You can download songs for free and also you can share your creativity with the world. Using this application you can easily find your songs and add it to playlist.

It provides 15 GB memory for creating your playlist in online or you can upload your favorite songs from your Android device. It is the best music app to be downloaded on your Android smartphone. Because it is free to download in play store and the user can also find unlimited songs here.

4Shared Music App
4Shared Music App

Features of 4Shared Music

  • Listen online music.
  • Add music from phone.

Wynk Music – The best music application 2024 for Android smartphones. It provides unlimited songs and comes with 2 million collection of songs that are stored in their database. User can find their favorite artist songs collection from all over the globe.

It is very simple to use and very attractive easy interface. This application is available in two versions. They are paid and free version. The paid version comes with advanced features and also you can listen unlimited songs.

Wynk Music App
Wynk Music App

Features of Wynk Music

  • It provides high data security.
  • This comes with great backup.
  • Wynk Music is Ads-free.

Best Music Apps Download In 2024

Spotify Music – A popular Music application in the world and is available in two versions that are paid and free versions. Free version comes with limited storage and limited features but paid versions comes with advanced features and unlimited storage of music tracks.

By using this application user can create their own playlist and add your favorite songs to the playlist. Both versions avoid the unnecessary ads from other applications and by premium version you can find millions of music and song tracks. So it si listed to be one of the best music app downloaded on Android in 2024.

Spotify Music App
Spotify Music App

Features of Spotify Music

  • You can find songs using your voice.
  • It provides unlimited storage to the users.
  • You can create and save your playlist.

Gaana Music – The top best MP3 music download. It comes with very easy to use user interface and you can find millions of songs. This application provides you playlist and according to your music genre you can get instant access from Gaana Music. User needs Gaana+ subscription to download online songs and music. One of the best music applications for Android smartphones.

Gaana Music App
Gaana Music App

Features of Gaana Music

  • Provides ads-free music.
  • It provides HD quality music.
  • The app comes with non-stop radio station.

Top Best Music App For Android 

Hungama Music – A best music download application 2024. It comes with huge database collection from all over the world. By using this application you can play videos also. In the recent updated version it had included the mini video, so you can find video songs in this application.

It is the top best app for downloading both audios and videos. Hungama Music App is the best choice for users to watch online audio and video songs. This application comes with advanced features and it is most attractive application On Android smartphone.

Hungama Music App
Hungama Music App

Features of Hungama Music

  • Easy to use and has user-friendly interface.
  • It provides HD quality audio and video songs.

Simple Mp3 Downloader – An Android music application downloaded by millions of users to listen music on their smartphones. It is very easy to use and you can search filters such as genres, artists or album songs in application.

This application comes with auto-completion feature so you can type. All the downloaded songs stored in download folder. It provides only limited features. People who loves to watch movies can also check for Best Movie Streaming Websites here.

Simple Mp3 Downloader App
Simple Mp3 Downloader App

Features of Simple Mp3 Downloader

  • It provides vast amount of data.
  • It includes auto-completion feature.
  • Very simple to use.

Most Used Music Apps For Android In 2024

Sound Cloud – A best music streaming app for Android in 2024. It allows users to save their music files in offline also. Sound Cloud is free to download and very easy to use. It comes with simple interface.

You can listen different languages audio songs in Sound Cloud. By using this application you can listen to remixes, beats and other music tracks. You can create your own playlist and you can save your music files in playlist.

Sound Cloud Music App
Sound Cloud Music App

Features of Sound Cloud Music

  • It provides massive collection of songs for users.
  • It provides good streaming speed.

Songily – The most popular and free songs downloading application on Android Smartphone. Without any amount you can download audio songs in this application. The app is available in both the versions that are free and premium.

The freemium version comes with limited features and storage. In premium version it avoids the ads and it comes with unlimited advanced features and unlimited storage for users.

Songily App
Songily App

Features of Songily

  • User-friendly interface.
  • You can download or listen to online songs.
  • You can easy to share with friends.

Best Music Apps In 2024

Tube Mate – One of the best music and video downloading application on Android smartphone. You can download unlimited audio and video songs in Tube Mate. Easy to use and you can create your own playlist to save your downloaded files. This application is completely free to download.

TubeMate App
TubeMate App

Features of Tube Mate

  • Easy to use.
  • You can download unlimited audio and video songs.
  • You can share your video songs on social media.


All these are the best audio songs streaming applications for Android smartphone. Based on your interest you can find different audio songs in these above discussed applications. So all the music lovers, interested in listening music on their handsets can now check the above mentioned music apps and choose of your choice and download it on their device.

It is a great pass time to all the Android users who wishes to listen music by using these best Music Apps 2024. More other app details of different genres are discussed in our web portal Timesalert. So one can bookmark our page and get all the regular updates without missing.

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