Increase Speed And Peers On Torrent | Tips To Boost Download Speed By 10x On uTorrent

Generally, people use different types of websites for downloading the latest movies, TV shows, videos, articles and etc. They face many issues and problems such as buffering issues, delay in download, and a few more. All those issues occur due to internet connection. If the internet speed is slow, then the downloading process may get delay or sometimes it stops the process and also erases the downloaded data.

Increase Torrents Download Speed

To overcome this problem Torrents are introducing some advanced technologies. A few of them are listed in the below section. So the users who want to overcome this issue can read the complete article and have an idea. By using torrents you can easily download all the latest movies and videos on your preferred devices.

Boost Torrents Downloading Speed by 10x
Boost Torrents Downloading Speed by 10x

It is the best and better option for downloading movies. While downloading internet speed is very slow and it takes a very huge time to download. And not only that due to some problems it may stop downloading. Don’t worry about that problem it will save your downloaded data and after some time, you can download the remaining data using high-speed internet connection.

Tips To Boost Download Speed By 10x

You can use different ways to increase your torrent download speed. Here we are providing the best tips or techniques to improve your downloading speed on all your devices. Best tips are listed here:

Torrents Downloading speed
Torrents Downloading speed

Download Lightweight Torrent Clients – To boost the torrents downloading speed, the important and first step you need to follow is to download the lightweight torrent client. We had different types of torrents in that BitTorrents and uTorrents are the best lightweight torrent clients. All these torrent clients come with bloated apps and many other advanced features. Almost all are preferring torrents for downloading the latest movies. It provides free content and faster torrent downloading for the users.

This is compatible with Android, Windows, and Mac. The important reasons for using lightweight Torrents clients are mainly focused on downloading the torrent contents and speed up the transfer rate.

Increase uTorrents Download Speed Using Settings   

  • Open settings and search for the preference option.
  • Then click on the bandwidth option.
  • From that you need to increase the values of the options given below:
  •     Global Upload Rate limiting
  •     Maximum upload rate
  •    Global Download Rate Limiting and
  •    Number of Connection.

After increasing all the values then click on the OK and Apply button.

Find Healthy Torrents – In this internet world, we had to find different types of torrents clients. But you need to check and choose the healthy torrent to download your contents with high quality and high speed. Seeder and leecher are the best options to check whether the torrent is healthy or not.

Torrents Bandwidth Screenshot
Torrents Bandwidth Screenshot

Seeder – It has the complete copy of the file shared across the network.

leecher – It has the complete copy of the file over the network to download the file. If Leecher files are completely downloaded then it becomes the seeder.

Always the seeder ratio is higher than the leecher ratio. If the seeder ratio is higher, then the torrents are healthy and you can download high-quality movies or any videos with faster speed.

 Tips To Boost Download Speed By 10x 

Add An Exception To Windows Firewall – With the help of exceptions also you can boost your downloading speed of the torrents. Windows Firewall can block your clients and they are incoming torrent connections. Because of that, you can add exceptions to windows firewalls and it is the best option to improve the speed. To do this, one has to follow few steps and those are listed below.

  • First, open preferences option à Connections.
  • Now check to Add Windows Firewalls exceptions.
  • Then click the Apply button.

Not only had the above options we have some more techniques to boost torrents downloading speed. They are Add more Trackers to improve the downloading speed of Torrents clients. Trackers list:

Torrents Trackers Adding Screenshot
Torrents Trackers Adding Screenshot


In the above we had mentioned some of the simple methods to boost your downloading speed of Torrents. By using all those techniques you can improve your download speed. Torrents websites are the best and better way to download all the latest movies, TV shows, articles and etc. People can check Timesalert to know more details and information about other torrent and proxy sites.

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