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JanSuchna Portal: There are times when relevant schemes are launched by the Government, but the benefits of the schemes are not reached to the targeted beneficiary which is a loss to the Government as well as the citizens. This usually occurs because of a lack of information or misinformation at times.

Jan Suchna Portal Rajasthan

So, the State Governments are taking initiatives to launch portals to inform the citizens about the various schemes available under the State Governments. The citizens can easily visit the portals and find out the schemes relevant to them and avail themselves of the benefits from them.

One such portal functions in Rajasthan. The Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot launched the Jan Suchna Portal, Rajasthan on 13th September 2019. All the citizens of Rajasthan can find out about the various schemes launched by the Government by using the Jan Suchna Portal.

 In this article, we will discuss in detail the Jan Suchna Portal, Rajasthan, the Benefits of the Portal, how to file a complaint in JanSuchna Portal, Schemes under the Jan Soochna Portal, and steps to find out information in the Portal.

About Jan Soochna Portal

You had to go through a lot of trouble to obtain information under RTI. If you needed information, you had to file a letter as per Section 4(2) of the Right to Information Act, 2005, and the information was updated within 120 days. This was the complicated procedure to find out information in the earlier days.

But not anymore, with time, the Government came up with easier ways for the public to access any information. Now, you do not have to wait 120 days to receive any information, you can very easily access information from the comfort of your homes using the Jan Suchna Portal.

In the Jan Suchna Portal, Rajasthan, you can find details related to many schemes and services across various departments. You can find the detailed schemes below in the article.

The launching of the JanSuchna Portal helped to maintain transparency and answerability amongst the citizens and the Government. The citizens became more aware of the schemes launched by the Government, and the beneficiaries were able to find out the benefits they are to receive.

Benefits of Jan Suchna Portal

Following are the primary benefits of the Jan Suchna Portal:-

  • Transparency- It helps in maintenance of transparency amongst the Government and the citizens of the state related to all the Government schemes and services.
  • Less corruption- Because of more transparency, there is less corruption and the benefits of the schemes are derived by those who are supposed to, and not any corrupt officials.
  • Relief from Bureaucracy- Now, the citizens don’t have to go through the complicated procedure in order to obtain the information related to the schemes or services, and they do not have to visit different offices or wait 120 days. They can find all the information from the comfort of their homes any time they want.

How to Login Jan Suchna Portal?

Now, you must be wondering how exactly we get information through the portal. It is actually a very simple process when compared to the earlier offline process. Follow the steps given below to avail the information from the Jan Soochna Portal:-

  • Go to the official website

First, you need to visit the official Jan Suchna website. For doing that, you can either search for Jan Suchna Rajasthan on Google or any other preferred browser.

  • Information of Schemes

Now, in the top right corner, click on the “Information of Schemes” tab and you will be redirected to another page.

  • Select the Scheme

Now, on this page, you will see a list of all the schemes, you have to select the particular scheme about which you need the information.

  • Fill the details

Now, you have to fill in your details depending upon different schemes. And, after filling in those details, you will be able to find out details about that particular scheme which you will receive on your contact details.

How to file a complaint in Jan Soochna Portal, Rajasthan

Sometimes, you might have certain complaints related to the schemes or services of the Government. Earlier, you had to visit the office at the Panchayat or the district level, now the process has become quite easier. You can file a complaint regarding the same on the Jan Suchna Portal. To file a complaint, follow the steps given below:-

  • Go to the official website

First and foremost, visit the official website. You can either search for Jan Suchna Rajasthan on Google.

  • File a complaint

Then, you have to click on the “File a complaint/problem” tab and you will be redirected to another page. On this page, click on the “Lodge your grievances” tab. Now, you will see various rules related to lodging a complaint. Read all the rules and click on “Register Grievance”

  • Fill out the required information

Now, on the next page, fill in the required information which is your mobile number, your name, the complaint details, and upload the documents related to the complaint and click on submit, and your complaint will be filed.

Apna Khata Rajasthan
Rajshree Yojana Rajasthan Online

Departments under the Jan Suchna Portal, Rajasthan

Following are the departments whose schemes are present under the JanSuchna Portal:-

  • Social Justice and Empowerment Department.
  • Rural and Panchayati Raj Department.
  • Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
  • Department of Labor and Employment.
  • Food and Geology Department.
  • Revenue Department.
  • Medical Health and Family Welfare Department.
  • Department of Food and Civil Supplies
  • Co-operative Department

JanSoochna Help Desk

You can also visit the help desk of Jan Suchna Portal in case you have any queries. For doing so, you need to go to the official Jan Soochna Portal, Rajasthan, and then click on the “Help Desk” tab, and then you will get the details on how to reach the help desk.

Jan Suchna Portal Contact Details

You can also contact the following number in case you have any queries related to the Jan Suchna Portal Rajasthan:-18001806127

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