Karnataka Kayaka Yojana Scheme 2024 Online Application Form, Eligibility & Benefits 

Karnataka Kayaka Yojana is a new scheme in Karnataka, which focuses on encouraging development in the state through Self Help Group (SHGs). The state government has recently announced this for women. The scheme has introduced a zero-interest loan scheme for women self-help groups in the state.

The scheme is very beneficial for all the women of Karnataka state. The interested and candidates can apply for the scheme through its official website. You can get all the related information about the Kayaka Yojana through this article. Here we gave all the details like the scheme objectives, benefits, eligibility, required document list, the application process, etc.

Karnataka Kayaka Yojana Scheme

The state government of Karnataka has launched the Karnataka Kayaka Scheme for the development of women in the state. Through this scheme, all the female candidates will get the subsidized loan for women self-help groups. The state government provides up to Rs. 10 Lakhs to SHGs from cooperative banks. The Kayaka scheme is one of the social security schemes that the government has initiated for the development of skills and entrepreneurs.

The state government of Karnataka will provide loans to 3000 self-help groups. Each will get Rs. Ten lakhs of which Rs. 5 lakhs will be drawn 4% of interest. The Chief Minister of Karnataka HD Kumaraswamy has announced the scheme in July 2018. In January 2024, official the Karnataka Kayaka Yojana launched in the Karnataka State by the Chief Minister.

Karnataka Kayaka Yojana
Karnataka Kayaka Yojana Scheme

About Karnataka Kayaka Yojana Scheme 2024 

In 2018-2023 state budgets, the chief minister has announced a scheme that benefits the women in the state in different fields. The Yojana offers free interest loans to the women self-help groups with up to Rs. 5 Lakhs. More than Rs. 10 lakhs subject to 4% interest. The main aim of the scheme is to target the progress of financial and trade in the state. The Karnataka Government is planning to purchase products, which has prepared by the women associations under the Karnataka Kayaka Yojana scheme.

So, the government will provide the necessary training to women associations to prepare different products and selling them under the Kayaka Yojana scheme. Through this, the Karnataka government is also endure marketing facilities for making different products. Now, the interested candidate can apply for the scheme through this official website. Regarding its official site, we have given much information below.

Karnataka Kayaka Yojana Scheme Loan For women

Karnataka Kayaka Yojana is a scheme for women empowerment, enhancement of entrepreneurship, and skill development. From January 2024, the scheme is implementing in different stages in the state. In the first stage of the scheme, all urban areas covered along with the 3000 self-help groups that provided with the loan benefits. After the implementation of the scheme, the eligible SHGs can get the free-interest loans from the government.

The state government starts to purchase different products that are prepared by the women associations under the kayaka yojana scheme. So, the Karnataka Government has begun the training camps to help the women by giving them the training about marketing and product preparation methods. And the government make sure that the marketing facility will apply to all the prepared products made by the ladies.

Karnataka Kayaka Yojana Details

The Kayaka Yojana is one of the best schemes which has implemented by the Karnataka government. Through the scheme, the women get financial support from the state government.  She can invest the loan amount in different fields. Some facts about the Kayaka Yojana scheme have given below.

Name of the Scheme Karnataka Kayaka Yojana
Announcement Date July 2018
Launched Date January 2024
Inaugurated By Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy
Apply Online
Loan Amount Not Mentioned
Interest Rate Up to 5 Lakhs – 0%, Above 10 Lakhs – 4%

Objectives of Kayaka Yojana Scheme

Here we have given some objectives of Kayaka Yojana Scheme. From this information, we can get the idea of why the state government launched this scheme in the state.

  1. The Karnataka government launched this scheme to empower women and self-help groups.
  2. The beneficiaries will get financial assistance from the state government through the Kayaka Yojana.
  3. The scheme is an Empowerment opportunity for women and SHGs.
  4. To create self-employment, the government released this scheme in 2024.
  5. Also, to enhance Self Help Groups, the scheme was launched.
  6. The Karnataka Kayaka Yojana is influencing women for entrepreneurship.

Kayaka Yojana Scheme Benefits

The Kayaka Yojana Scheme gives so many benefits to their candidates. Some people don’t even know how the scheme helps their beneficiaries. Here we discuss some benefits of the scheme.

  1. The Karnataka government is encouraging to the women and SHGs for self-employment.
  2. Through the scheme, the SHGs members will be able to develop their financial conditions.
  3. The main advantage of the scheme is, the applicant will get the loan on free interest. The interest is zero when the applicant takes the amount below Rs. 5 Lakhs. If the amount is in between Rs. Five lakhs to Rs. 10 lakhs, then they have to pay 4% interest.
  4. The applicant can take the loan from the cooperative banks, which has announced by the state government.
  5. The loan amount limitation is from Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 10 Lakhs.
  6. The Karnataka government will buy the product which prepares by the members of the SHGs. It will provide a steady source of income for the applied candidates.

Who Is Eligible of Kayaka Yojana Scheme Karnataka

The candidate must have to fulfill the eligibilities before applying for the scheme. The conditions are;

  1. The permanent resident of the Karnataka state can apply for this scheme.
  2. The scheme meant for the Self Help Groups members.
  3. The candidate authorized SHGs of the Karnataka state are eligible for this Yojana.
  4. The monthly family income of the candidate must be less than Rs. 20,000/-.

Required Documents for Karnataka Kayaka Yojana

The candidate has to submit some documents with the application form. These documents are;

  1. Applicant’s Resident Certificate
  2. Personal Government ID proof
  3. Bank Account Details
  4. Self Help Groups Membership Certificate
  5. Income Certificate
  6. Candidate’s Passport size photo and Signature

Kayaka Yojana Online Application Form

The interested candidate can apply for the Karnataka Kayaka Yojana through an online portal. The state government has not announced the website publically. The scheme will very soon have its official website. So that the interested candidate can apply for the scheme. When the site is published, we will notify you promptly.

The government provides financial help to the women and the self-help group members. So, they can use this loan amount in different fields. Because of this Kayaka Yojana Karnataka, the unemployment problems decreased in the Karnataka state. For more updates about the Karnataka, Kayaka Yojana stay connected with us.

Karnataka Kayaka Yojana Contact Number

For contact with the state government, to know more information about the Kayaka Yojana click on below link.

About Karnataka Kayaka Yojana

What is the interest rate for the Karnataka Kayaka Yojana Scheme?

The interest is zero when the candidate will credit the loan From Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 5 Lakhs. And the investment is 4% when the loan amount is in between Rs. 5 Lakh to Rs. 10 Lakhs.

What is the age limitation for the Kayaka Yojana Scheme Karnataka?

If the applicant’s age is more than 18 years, then she is eligible for this scheme.

Who can apply for this Karnataka Kayaka Yojana Scheme?

Only the female candidates, who are the member of the Self Help Groups, can apply for this scheme.

How can I apply for the Karnataka Kayaka Yojana Scheme?

The official website for the Kayaka Yojana has not published. Once the online portal was available, the interested candidate can directly apply for the scheme through that website. The website will release soon.

For more schemes related information, check Timesalert.

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