Kerala Lottery Result Today [ Live ]- September 2022 Winners List

Kerala Lottery Result is announced by the state government every day. The winners will get a cash prize and claim the amount from the concerned offices. There are three winners of the Kerala Lottery, and they get three different amounts. Kerala Lottery today Results are handled entirely by the government, and it is the initiative taken by the state over fifty years ago.

Kerala Lottery Result Today Live

The idea is to give financial support to the citizens of the state and help them to reach their goals. Kerala Lottery is the scheme of financial minister P.K Kunju Sahib in his times and practiced since 1967. The Kerala Lottery Results helps many people of the state to fulfil their needs and responsibilities. There are different Kerala Lotter schemes and are available only for state citizens.

The results of the Lottery announced in the evening at a particular time. The aspirants who have lottery tickets can check the results live online also. It will give the instant Kerala Lottery Today Results without any delay. The citizens who get the first draw will win the Jackpot of the Kerala Lottery Schemes. People checking the results online will save time and comfortable. All the candidates checking for the results should have their lottery number so they can check during announcements.

Kerala Lottery Result Live Online

The First prize of Kerala Lottery jackpot is worth Rs.80 Lakh and second and third winners will get an amount of Rs.10 Lakh and 1 Lakh respectively. If the Kerala Lottery amount is less than Rs.5,000, they can claim money from any nearby lottery shop in Kerala. The citizens who won the amount more than it should get the reward from the bank or the registered office. They need to submit the Lottery Ticket and required documents like identity proof to the representative.

Kerala Lottery Results

The state government will also have the bumper draws that given on the special days of the Kerala state. The Kerala Lottery Jackpot is the most significant money flow of the state, and it also organizes the festival bumper draws on the days of Onam, Vishu, Christmas, and Dussehra. These bumper draws have a high amount than the normal Kerala Lottery. There are also monsoon and summer bumper seasonal jackpots for the citizens.  The state government has about eight different types of Kerala Lottery schemes for people at different times. So, here we will give you a detailed description and also time to check Kerala Lottery Result in the online website. The different Kerala Lottery available is

  • Pournami lottery
  • Win Win lottery
  • Sthree Sakthi
  • Akshay lottery
  • Karunya Plus lottery
  • Nirmal Weekly lottery
  • Karunya lottery

All these are the regular Kerala Lottery for the people and help them financially. We will go through the first and second prize amount and all other details about the lottery. These Kerala Lottery Numbers are drawn seven days of the week with each day dedicated to one of them. So, for all this information about these lotteries read the complete article.

 Kerala Lottery Result Live

Pournami Lottery

It is the best lottery among all others with a high amount of cash prize to the first winner.  The day of the draw for the Pournami Lottery Result is on every Sunday. The ticket is available from the Lottery seller and also in the shops. The cost of the Lottery is thirty rupees, and the cash prize for the first winner is 70, 00,000 Rupees.

The Pournami Lottery Result is announced between 3 PM to 4 PM every week. You can check the lottery draw result on the official website of Kerala lotteries on the same day. The candidates who won should have the Kerala Lottery Number for verification and submit within the draw period. The prize money draw period is 30 days.

Win Win Lottery

It is time to draw lottery for the second day of the week among the Kerala Government Lottery tickets. The prize amount of the first draw is 65, 00,000, which is the second-highest amount in Kerala Lottery. The day of Win Win Lottery Result is on Monday, and the cost of the ticket is 30 rupees. The second prize is Rs.10 Lakh, and third prize is Rs.1 Lakh. It also has the consolation prize of Rs. 8000. The amount less than one Lakh prize is available in the Kerala Lottery seller shops. Another prize amount should claim in the government after providing the Lottery ticket number proofs.

The prize of one complete lottery book is 750 Rupees, and the results announced on Monday at 3 PM. You can check the Win Win Lottery results in official website from 4 PM onwards.

Kerala Lottery

How To Check Kerala Lottery Results

 Sthree Sakthi

It is one of the favorite Lottery schemes of Kerala by the citizens as it considered as the lucky one. The prize amount of lottery is 60 Lakh, and the Sthree Sakthi Lottery Result is announced every Tuesday and drawn four times a month. The cost of the Lottery is the same as the above two, which is thirty Rupees. If you are lucky, then an enormous amount for a small ticket prize is yours. People also buy the whole book to check their luck to win the Sthree Sakthi Lottery Result prize amount.

The lottery results announced in the evening. The people out of the station can also check the results in online.  The Kerala government runs a dedicated official website for these Lottery schemes. Everyday results announced, and you can also check the Kerala Lottery chart for the particular Kerala Weekly Lotteries.

Akshay Lottery

It is for the fourth day of the week, and the Akshay Lottery Results announced on every Wednesday. There will be three winners for the daily lottery, and the last two lottery numbers also have a cash prize. Akshay Lottery tickets are available in the Lottery Agency, shops to buy. The prize for the ticket is thirty Rupees, and the whole book prize is 750 Rupees.

The prize amount of Akshay Lottery Result is also 60,000, which is the same as the three Sakthi lottery. The cash prize winners should claim the reward prize from the government lottery agency. We need to carry the Kerala Lottery Ticket for verification purposes.

Kerala Weekly Lotteries Results 

Karunya Plus Lottery

It is one of the highest amounts of the cash prize in Kerala Lottery Schemes. The day of the draw is every Thursday, which is the fifth day of the week. The first winner of the lottery prize is 80, 00,000, which is the highest amount in Kerala Lottery Results. The award of the ticket is 40 Rupees, and these are available in the lottery agency every week.

The Karunya Plus Lottery Result are announced online precisely at 3 PM every Thursday. The results chart is available on the official website to check the Lottery Numbers for the prize. So, it will help the people to check the Karunya Plus Lottery6 results even out of state quickly. The cost of one whole book is one thousand Rupees.

Nirmal Weekly Lottery

The prize money of the Nirmal Weekly Lottery Result is the same as the Sthree Sakthi and Akshaya Lotteries. The prize of the single ticket is thirty Rupees and is available at every lottery seller and agency. The day of the draw for the Nirmal Lottery is on Friday every week, and a cash prize for the first winner is 60, 00,000 Rupees. The cost of one book is 1000 Rupees and the famous lottery among the others.

The candidates should claim the prize money in the agencies, and there are also second and third prizes. Nirmal Weekly Lottery Results are also available on the official website of Kerala Lotteries.

Kerala Lottery Weekly Results Today 

Karunya Lottery

It is the last Lottery scheme available in the Kerala State Weekly Lotteries. The day of the draw is Saturday, which is the last day of the week. The amount of cash prize is also high compared to other schemes. The prize amount is 80, 00,000 for the first winner and there are also second and third draws. The Karunya Lottery Result draw chart is available on the official website.

The cost of Karunya Lottery Ticket is forty Rupees, and even these are available in the agencies. People also can buy the whole book, which is a thousand Rupees per book. The Karunya Lottery Result declared at 3 PM on the draw day. You can also check the results. There are also bumper lotteries on special days like Xmas, summer, Vishu, Monsoon, Thiruvonam, and Pooja days which are important festivals of the Kerala state.

All draws conducted ate every day at Sree Chithira Home Auditorium, Thiruvananthapuram. For any additional information, you can visit the Kerala Lottery Official Website. These are the list of the Kerala Weekly Lotteries available for the citizens. People not belonging to the state can also participate in the Lottery, but the Kerala Lottery tickets are only available in the state. We can check the result of the lottery on the official website. Winners can claim the prize money only from the agencies of the state.

Kerala Lottery Results Contact Number

If you have any issues or for more information, you can contact the numbers given in this section. We will also provide the address, and Phone numbers of Kerala Lottery Directorate are

  1. Kerala Lottery Results Contact Number: 0471-2305193, 0471-2305230, 0471-2301741
  2. Fax: 0471-2301740
  3. Address:

Directorate of State Lotteries

Vikas Bhavan P.O, Thiruvananthapuram


4. Email: [email protected], [email protected]

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