Kroger Little Clinic – How to book an appointment, Timings, Insurance

What About Kroger Little Clinic?

Kroger Store has diverse business lines and has never left even a stone unturned. They are in grocery retail, Kroger Little Clinic, manufacturing, fuel centers, pharmacies, jewelry, and whatnot. The most commendable effort of theirs would be having their deal with patients. 

Any uneasiness, be it a common cold to an injury, is treated under one roof- Kroner’s Store. Having their presence in prime localities, none can ever say that Kroner’s Little clinics are inaccessible. They provide the highest quality and most economical ailments in the US of A. They have the best team of well-qualified doctors, nurse practitioners, and physicians who graduated from one of the most reputed medical colleges. As Kroger Little Clinic is located within the premises of the stores, anybody can drop in at any time of the day/night and on any day of the year to be treated with skillful hands and sweet words. 

Established in 2003 in Louisville, Kentucky, Kroger Little Clinic is the name that strikes anybody’s mind when one is out of commission. Their clinics are staffed by none less than board-certified nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and patient care technicians.  Read about Krogerfeedback.

What does Kroger Little Clinic do?


After two gloomy years of hopelessness and dismay, Kroger still offers FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines by appointment or walk-in. The Clinic has been striving hard to keep its place sanitated 24/7 and clean hospital equipment. Kroger Clinic also offers a range of COVID-19 testing solutions, including in-clinic and door-to-door customized testing options.

● Fatigue and Out of Commission

The patients who need Kroger health assistance are cared for as delicately as newborn babies. The nurses, physicians, and other staffs handle adults with gratitude and take absolute pride in being amidst them, serving and caring. 

Any ailment ranging from an ear infection to a urinary tract infection and all other infections will be treated. 

Kroger Little Clinic’s professionals are highly skilled in offering solutions for itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, cough, abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, general pain, Urinary tract Infection, and other general ailments.

● Injections and Inoculations

Getting yourselves inoculated as and when required is the key to avoiding ailments and staying happy with your family. And Kroger Little Clinic helps in this process. Little Clinics immunize adults and children with travel vaccines, adult immunizations, injections, catch-up vaccines, shots for allergies, and B-12 injections. One must seek a prior appointment with a physician before getting one’s shot. 

The vaccines available with us range from ones for COVID-19, Haemophilus Influenza Type B, Human Papilloma Virus, Influenza, Meningitis, Polio, etc.

● Routine Health Verification

If you are a sportsman gearing up for a practice session or a musician with a sore throat yet has a couple of concerts lined up, or a professional getting ready to start a new position who’s about to start schooling, seek professional help from Kroger Little Clinic to check if you are in the right shape. 

● Virtual Health Care

Kroner Little Clinic takes absolute pleasure in extending help to its patients physically and virtually. But they assure plenty of quality in the service rendered over smartphones and tablets. Although it is a virtual visit, they would employ the best care for the patients and make them feel as comfortable as possible. 

A virtual consultation is mainly preferred for patients who need lifestyle changes here and there, counseling for hypertension, etc. They strive to put patients in touch with one of the best dietitians in the hospital through their facility called ‘Tele nutrition.’ 

Our dietitians provide the best and most feasible diet advice a patient can follow and chart a plan to enable them to meet their personal goals. 

● Dermatology

Are you a person who is too concerned about rough skin, acne, allergies, and bumps? Our licensed and most caring healthcare practitioners are well-equipped and knowledgeable to save your skin from all the above. They treat all common skin problems meticulously. Besides these, they also treat insect bites, stings, etc., making you feel beautiful again. 

● Minor injuries and Procedures

If a cramp, sprain, or fracture stops you from functioning properly, step into Kregor’s Little Clinic. Their team of diligent professionals can handle minor cuts, incisions, staple or suture removal, ring cutting, Ear Wax Removal, Nebulizers, etc.

● Counseling To Maintain Healthy Sexual And Reproductive Health

Do you want to have safe, healthy sexual health? Then Kroger Little Clinic is a one-stop solution for this. A variety of services like Sexually Transmitted Screening Treatments, Birth Control, Pregnancy Testing, Yeast Infection, Urinary Tract, and Bladder Infections. They certainly will help women have a safe pregnancy and welcome their little ones in their safe hands to this world. 

Besides their services, they’ve also sold various products to maintain sexual hygiene, like condoms, lubricants, etc. 

 How to Book An Appointment?

It is pretty easy! Get on to their website to find an appointment scheduling portal. Choose the appointment type, location, and date to find the availability of the physicians. After your appointment is scheduled, you will be notified via message. Later, you can visit the doctor at the allotted time. 

What are the Kroger Little Clinic Hours?

Kroger Little Clinic’s weekday operating hours are typically between 8 am and 7 pm EST. 

How to Register and Login to Kroger Little Clinic Patient Portal?

Little Clinic’s patient portal is the safest and most accessible for the best healthcare services. To log in, click on the option Enroll Now available on the website and fill up the required details like the name, date of birth, cell phone number, and captcha, and submit the results, after which you will be logged in.

One can view their health history and other significant details in the portal.

What Are the Health Products available at Kroger?

One would find a surfeit of products that cure Digestive Health and Nausea, Foot care products, Home Healthcare Solutions, Eye Care Products, Sexual Healthcare Products, etc. Everything is time-tested and completely researched products containing natural ingredients and flavors. 

There has been no customer who has barged into the Store with a complaint about their products. They ensure the defective products are removed from sale and bring to the customers’ hands freshly made products with tonnes of honesty, love, and affection. 

How To Get Treated At Little Clinic?

● Insurance 

A customer can undoubtedly be treated using one’s insurance coverage. Drop a call to the insurance carrier before seeking health assistance from Kroger and let the Clinic know about this to avoid being charged exorbitantly. Those customers who don’t have an insurance policy can pay the bill through debit cards, credit cards, cash, and other forms of payment. 

● Payments

The Little Clinic can be paid in all the forms like cash, money orders, Debit/Credit cards, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Traveler’s Cheques.  

The hospital bills can be paid online in the comfort of your home. One must know the amount to be paid and Little Clinic’s Account Number to avail of this service. Their customer service executives can be contacted at 888-852-2567 for assistance.  

● Documents Required While Visiting The Little Clinic

One should carry a copy of their Insurance Card, ID Proof, and a Valid Form of Payment at the time of service. A Legal Guardian Consent is needed for patients below 18 years. 


● Where are the Little Clinics located?

              The Little Clinics are located in 225 places. They are also located inside Kroger stores in Ohio, Kansas, Kentucky, Arizona, Indiana, Virginia, Colorado, Tennessee, and Georgia. 

● What are the operational timings of customer service?

On weekdays, it is typically between 8 am and 7 pm EST. 

● Do Little Clinics prescribe medicines?

Little Clinics prescribe treatments only when there is a need for them same. Kroger Little Clinic does not prescribe narcotics and other controlled substances.

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