Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana 2024 Application Form, Eligibility, Check Status

By the government of Maharashtra state, a new scheme has been launched recently for the financial year 2024. The new scheme named as the Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana. The primary focus of this yojana is to provide the right to education to all. In our country, not every family is financially stable enough to take care of their child’s educational needs. Many families cannot afford the expensive education provided by private schools.

Similarly, some families cannot even afford to get their kids enrolled in government institutions. As a result, parents withdraw their kids from schools, and either forces them to work or do household chores in case of the female child. Therefore the Maharashtra state government has taken the initiative to provide all those deprived students with their rightful education.

Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana

The government of Maharashtra has recently launched the Swadhar Yojana 2024. The scheme mainly focused on kids belonging to underprivileged minorities of society. The kids belonging to the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes only gets the benefit of the new scheme.

Presently the Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana is applicable only in Nasik city of Maharashtra. Among the students who will be benefited by the scheme include – students of class 10th who are seeking admission in class 11th, the students of class 11th who want admission in class 12th and class 12th students who are seeking admission for higher education or some professional training or course.

Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana

The student can also get themselves enrolled for various degree or diploma courses as per their will. The amount of fifty thousand rupees directly credited to the student’s bank account on successful fulfilment of the Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana application form. The amount of fifty thousand rupees provided to cover all the educational expenses. The total costs, which include books, school fees, uniform expense, and stationery items expense as well as other expenses of a student, will be taken care of by the Social Welfare Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana. Students can also go through Maharashtra Scholarship and get benefits from it.

Eligibility To Apply For Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana 

To successfully apply and get the benefits of the scheme, the student needs to fulfil certain criterions of eligibility. The details of the criteria for Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana eligibility mentioned below:

  1. The first requirement to successfully enrolling for the Swadhar Yojana is that the student/ the applicant has to be the permanent citizen of the Maharashtra state. The students who belong to other states of India cannot apply under the scheme.
  2. The minimum educational qualification of the applicant should be 10th At the time of registration under the scheme, the student should have his/her class 10th mark sheet or pass certificate as proof.
  3. The student’s family income should not be more than two lakh fifty thousand rupees to be the beneficiary of the scheme. Only those students whose family income is less than two lakh fifty thousand rupees can get enrolled under the Yojana.
  4. The student should have an active bank account to receive the money of the scheme. The amount, as discussed earlier, directly transferred to the student’s or any one of the family member’s bank account; therefore, the bank account of the beneficiary should link with their Aadhaar cards.
  5. For professional training and courses whose overall duration two years only covered under the Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana.
  6. All differently-abled students/ applicants who have scored at least 40% in their class tenth, eleventh and twelfth can successfully apply under the scheme.
  7. The location of the permanent residence of the students who require to get enrolled for their studies needs to be within the distance of five kilometres from the Nasik city. Any student residing farther than that is not eligible to be applied.

Procedure To Apply For Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana 2024

To get the benefits of the Swadhar Yojana, the students need to be eligible for applying for the scheme. All the qualified students/ applicants can apply by following three easy and simple steps. These steps include –

  1. The Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana application Form 2024 is available on the Swadhar Yojana official website. Willing students/ applicants can visit the site and fill the form.
  2. The website will direct the student/applicant directly to the application form option. The students need to click on the option of application form for Swadhar Yojana 2024.
  3. Once the form loads, the applicant has to download and fill each field of the application form with correct, authentic details.
  4. After the filling the form, the student needs to submit it to their nearest Social Welfare office along with a photocopy of all the valid documents required with the application procedure.

Advantages Of Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana

The scheme is beneficial for students of economically weaker sections. The money awarded to the students under the programme is a calculated amount. The approximate charges of all the educational need included in the amount itself. The division of the total amount given below:

  • Boarding fees – Twenty-eight thousand rupees
  • Lodging fees – Fifteen thousand rupees
  • Miscellaneous charges fee – eight thousand rupees
  • An additional grant to students enrolled in Medical or Engineering courses – five thousand rupees
  • An additional award for students enrolled in other courses except Medical or Engineering – two thousand rupees per year on each expense

Which makes it a total of fifty-one thousand rupees, the total expanse related to the student’s educational covered in the given amount only.


The initiative of the Maharashtra state government is commendable. Be it rich or poor every student has the equal right to education. Due to the benefits provided under the Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana, all the students who had to quit their studies and leave their dreams unfulfilled will get the chance to get their right to education and achieve great success in their future. Although there is a need to have such schemes throughout the country so that students from every state can get educated and live a better life with respect and peace. For other details, check Timesalert.

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