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What is NFLbite

The National Football League (NFL) is a famous American football league consisting of 32 teams that are equally divided between the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). It is a highly professional American football league in the world. It was initially formed as American Professional Football Association (APFA) in 1920 and later renamed as National Football League (NFL).

NFL season consists of an 18-game regular season, three-week preseason, and 14-team single-elimination playoff that ends in Super Bowl.

NFL streaming online

NFLbite is an NFL streaming online that allows the user to watch NFL live for free. On this website, NFL fans will have an access to not only the live stream but also the news and stories about their favorite team. NFLbite users can watch the game and can also follow their favorite team for free. It is an official source for NFL news, schedules, video highlights, game-day coverage, and more.


When NFLBite started

NFLBite was started by /u/nerbianjoseph who is watching NFL on NFLBite for 7 years. It is a Reddit-style search engine that consists of a list of live NFL streams every week. You can also search about an individual player like Patrick Mahomes, Kansas city Aaron Donald, New England 4 Khalil Mack, Dallas 6 J.J Watt, DE, QB, Atlanta 8 Von Miller, Los Angeles Rams 3 Tom Brady or a team like Chicago Bears, Los Angeles Rams, Miami Dolphins, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers, etc…, just by typing. Its graphic content and language made it a user-friendly website.

NFLbite reddit streams reddit.nflbite

NFLBite was created by /r/NFL Streams founders officially for Reddit NFL streams. Reddit had a subreddit that was banned and due to which NFL Bite was launched. Now, it is the only free and legitimate to watch NFL sports live free and the computer access fee is the only cost you need to pay which is $50. 

NFLbite which is also referred to as /r/NFL Streams was a subreddit with different links uploaded by streamers who have their own linked websites. Reddit is an online platform where users can share content in the form of links and posts.

The NFL fan should thank these linked websites which allow him to watch NFL for free. These streaming links were shared by people, for people, for the first time in the internet history. The NFLbite subreddit is the largest NFL streams community on the internet and has nearly 4 million visitors every month.

 How to watch NFL games on the NFLbite website?

It is as easy as taking candy from a baby to watch NFL on NFLbite. Simply, open NFL bite through the link or in a web browser and you will find its official page. There, you will see a table consisting of every team and its matches with the other teams with date and time. Once you click on your favorite team on the mentioned date and time, you can watch the live stream of the NFL.

How to watch the NFLbite stream on VLC?

To watch the NFL stream on VLC, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  •   First, you will need the link to the NFL bite live stream.
  •  Now, you need to pass the NFLbite live stream link to the live streamer.
  •   This will give you the output of available live streams.
  •   If the link is valid, the live stream will then launch VLC and start displaying the live match else the output gives you the error.
  •  VLC is an ad-free video player. It will not receive any ads while the stream is going on.

Watch NFLbite Red zone

NFL red zone is an all-in-one channel where the football stream is live for 7 hours every Sunday afternoon during the regular season NFL. We can also stream red zone on NFLbite using the NFL bite subreddit. Similar to the NFL stream link, the subreddit of NFLbite also provides a link for the red zone on NFL bite. Simply by clicking on that link, one can view the red zone on NFLbite.

NFLbite live stream

 There are numerous websites to view NFL live streams. But NFL bite is such a good website where you can watch NFL live stream absolutely for free using the link in the subreddit. You can find a list of links posted by different NFLbite subreddit users. You can click on any one of the links to watch NFL red zone or NFL on NFLbite.


Finally, in my opinion, NFL Bite is one of the best NFL streaming websites on the internet due to its incredible features like good flexibility, user-friendly nature, and style. The streams table of NFL is one more good feature of NFLBite where you can view the game stats and info within a table. This table not only includes matches but also the game recaps, scores, snap count, injury reports, and even more.  

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