How To Make Online Shopping Using ATM /Debit Card

Make Online Shopping: These days online shopping is very common where we get the things instantly with one click. Everything is available online. To make payments in online we can use our Debit Cards/ATM provided by our banks which are linked with the accounts. Online shopping gives us various payment options which includes credit and debit cards. The credit cards can only be used up to a limit. With the Debit cards just make sure you have enough balance in your account to pay amount. The offline and online payments are easy using the ATM/Debit cards.

ATM/Debit Card For Online Shopping

These days ATM cards are used for both purposes as they can be used for the online transaction, draw the money or do offline purchases using the cards at the retailers. As these days we buy everything online it is very useful and the process for online shopping is also very easy. We can shop online using ATM/Debit cards using simple steps.

Online Shopping Using Credit And Debit Card
Online Shopping Using Credit And Debit Card

Online shopping is very easy and handy to make but be aware of a few things while you enter the details to make payments. Here are a few tips which will give you an idea for the safe use of your ATM/ Debit card for online shopping.

Purchase from the official website: Purchase from the websites that take appropriate security measures and check the rating before you make a purchase through online.

Check your records: Go through the statements of your account and check the messages and emails you get after the online shopping.

Report bank immediately: If any issues occurred while shopping and if you think that a fraud activity has done report immediately. So,that you can save your balance.

Avoid public Wi-Fi: Do not purchase things online using the public Wi-Fi as they are capable to trace your account details which will hack your amount.

Steps To Follow Online Shopping Using Debit/ATM Cards

Here are the simple steps to do online shopping using the ATM/Debit cards.

  • Go to the website you want to purchase.
  • Select the items you would like to shop and check all the details.
Debit Card Online Shopping
Debit Card Online Shopping
  • Go the payment tab of the website.
  • Check whether the amount present in your account is sufficient to make the purchase.
  • In the payment section of the website, it asks for your details for shipping. Also, check SBI Balance check here.
  • Give the shipping details like your address location and mobile number and check the details.
Debit Card Shopping
Debit Card Shopping
  • So, they can contact you with phone number for any issue.
  • Now choose the Debit card option the mode of payment section of the website.
ATM Card Online Shopping
ATM Card Online Shopping

Online Shopping Using ATM /Debit Card

  • The data will encrypted if you have a lock symbol and “httpss” on the address bay above.
  • Give your card number, expiry date and CVV as per your Debit card.
Use ATM Card Online Shopping
Use ATM Card Online Shopping
  • Give the OTP number in the space provided.
  • Click on proceed to complete the transaction and you will receive a message regarding purchase to your mobile number.
Use Debit Card Online
Use Debit Card Online


We discussed the process of making the purchase using the ATM/Debit cards online. Go through the tips and follow them to have a secured shopping. Don’t face the problems that cause severe damage and have a safe and enjoyable shopping. Hope the above information on how to use the credit and Debit cards helps in using them effectively. Also, check for other information on Timesalert and know more things.

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