The Last Kingdom Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Updates On Netflix

Everyone is hooked on one show or another these days, for which OTT platforms played a major role. There are certain shows you just need to watch because of their thrill and excitement. One such show The Last Kingdom which has gained a lot of fan following and is expected to be renewed for another season.

The Last Kingdom Season 5

The Last Kingdom Season 5 Release date is soon to be announced. The previous season was released last year in April 2020 and the next season is all ready to be released soon. The shooting for the new season has started, so you can hear the big announcement any time.

The culture of binge-watching is quite an on-trend these days. So, watch all the seasons before the release of the 5th season of The Last Kingdom to catch up. Now, if you are a fan of the Last Kingdom, you must be eager to know all about the upcoming Season 5 of The Last Kingdom.

In this article, we will have an in-depth discussion about the series The Last Kingdom, the announcement of The Last Kingdom Season 5, the Release Date, the storyline, the expected cast, and the details related to where you can watch the Last Kingdom.

The Last Kingdom Season 5 Updates

The Last Kingdom a Netflix series and is a historical fantasy drama series that is inspired by The Saxon Stories. The show has gained quite a popularity even amongst the European countries falling in their top 10 list of series.

The plot of the Last Kingdom is set in the year 872. The current day England was divided into many kingdoms, all invaded by Danes, except the great kingdom of Wessex which was under the command of King Alfred. Uhtred, the protagonist was born to a nobleman of Saxon but he was captured by the Vikings and raised by them, who ultimately have to choose between his birth country and the people who raised him. He is on a pursuit to reclaim his inheritance and had to face much danger to do so.

The fans are much awaiting for the fifth and the final season of the Last Kingdom which will be the end of the journey of Uhtred of Bebbanburg. Although the fans are also quite disappointed that the series is ending so soon, they are however waiting for the 5th season with a lot of enthusiasm. The final books from which the series was adapted will not be taken into consideration because of the end of the series, so the series will end differently from the books.

The excitement for the last season higher because of the hints the director gives regarding the ending of the show being Epic, which is enough to know why the fans are exhilarated about the release of the last season of the Last kingdom.

The Last Kingdom Season 5 Release Date

Now, you must be wondering, what is the release date of the last season of the Last Kingdom? The latest 4th season was released in April 2020 which had 10 episodes of 1 hour each and it received a marvelous response from the fans. The announcement was made for the next season, and the filming of the series was to begin in November, which started on time, even though there was a global pandemic.

The cast is working as per schedule, and if everything runs right on the plan, the Last Kingdom will be released any time at the end of 2024 or in the beginning of 2024. According to the tweets of the cast and the director of the Last Kingdom, everything is running as per the schedule, so you can hear about the release of the Last Kingdom Season 5 anytime soon.

The Last Kingdom Season 5 Cast

It is not yet officially announced who the cast for The Last Kingdom Season5 would be, but the regular cast is expected to be the same for season 5:-

  • Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred
  • ArnasFedaravicius as Sihtric
  • Millie Brady as Aethelflaed
  • Emily Cox as Brida
  • David Dawson as King Alfred
  • Mark Rowley as Finan
  • Eva Birthistle as Hild
  • Timothy Innes as Edward
  •  Jeppe Beck Laursen as Haesten
  • Toby Regbo as Aethelred
  • James Northcote as Aldhelm
  • Tobias Santelmann as Ragnar the Younger

This is the cast that we can expect in the Season 5 of The Last Kingdom; however, it cannot be said for sure because no official announcement has yet been made regarding the same. An interesting turn of events in Season 5 though because the series will take a time jump due to which certain characters might be played by different actors which might change the perspective with which the fans watch the show.

Wakfu Season

High Rise Invasion Season

The important characters who will be not there in Season 5 are- Ian Hart, whose character Father Beocca was killed during Uhtred’s attack on Bebbanburg, and Eliza Butterworth’s character Queen Aelswith, who died in Season 4.

The possible plot of The Last Kingdom Season 5

Now, here is what you can expect from the Season 5 of The Last Kingdom. Since the series is based on the books, so the fans who must have read the books would already know what is coming since the season is based upon the 9th and 10th parts of the books.

Season 4 ended with a ceasefire between the Danes and the Saxons. The repercussions of which surely expected to be seen in the coming season. The storyline will further include the children of Uhtred who have started being a significant characters in the series.

The Last Kingdom Season 5 On Netflix

If you are new to the show and are wondering where to watch it, here is your answer. Since the series is a creation of Netflix, the Season 5 of The Last Kingdom was also released on Netflix. So, the ones with their Netflix subscription can watch the show as soon as it is released.

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