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Recently, anime has gained huge popularity with fan bases and fan communities all across the globe. The English dubbing of the anime played a major role in that due to which anime has become universal. The majority of the time, famous anime are from Japan and were first popular there, but soon gained popularity across all the countries and now different countries are developing their own anime.

Wakfu Season 4 Release Date

Wakfu is one of the most popular anime which is surprisingly not from Japan but France.  France is also starting to release anime and gaining popularity. Currently, Wakfu has aired 3 Seasons and the fans are waiting for the Season 4 of the series. There is a total of 70 episodes and each episode is 20-30 minutes long.

About Wakfu

Wakfu was created by Ankama Animation in collaboration with France Television. Wakfu was originally a video game that was later adapted into a series version. Wakfu series was first released on 30th October 2008. When the first season turned out to be a huge success, the producers decided to make more of it and two more seasons were released making the episode total 90.  The show became more popular when it was released in English dubbed versions which helped it gain a worldwide audience due to which Netflix bought the series and now you can stream it on Netflix in English dubbed version.


Wakfu 4 Release Date

The Season 4 of Wakfu is to be released soon but the bad news is Season 4 will supposedly be the last season of the series and it’s been a while since the fans are waiting for the last season. The last season is expected to be released by April 2024.

Netflix took the streaming rights of Wakfu recently in 2014 so the next season of Wakfu will be released on Netflix.

The studio was facing some difficulty financially due to which the 4th season was delayed. There was even a fundraiser hosted for the accumulation of funds in order to produce Wakfu and now it is highly likely that it will be released in April 2024. However, it might be delayed because of the pandemic situation which might postpone the release.

The creators have already issued a statement that the Season 4 of the series will be released and considering the popularity of the show, it is quite obvious that Wakfu will be renewed for another season. Currently, we do not have any further updates regarding the release of Wakfu Season4 but it will most probably be released in 2024 only.

Wakfu Plot

A strange creature leaves a child, named Yugo with a hunter and waits for him to grow up so that he can finally meet his biological family. After many years, when Yugo turns 12 years old, he finds out about his magical powers and uses them when he finds that his village is in danger. With a group of friends, Yugo protects his home. There are people who want to misuse Yugo’s magical powers. Yugo however continues his journey to find his family and find out more about his past and realizes that there is a lot left to learn.

What to expect of Wakfu Season 4?

Although, nothing can be said with certainty because the anime is not based on any manga, so, the story ahead is unpredictable. However, Yugo is shown being very close to finding out about his parents. Considering the fact that the 4th Season will be the last season of Wakfu, Yugo will definitely find his parents or the story behind them and discover more about his powers. The role of Amalia will also increase in season 4.

Ratings of Wakfu

We must consider the ratings of the show to conclude whether the show will be renewed for another season or not. Wakfu is highly rated being 8.2 by IMDB and 8.3 by Ratings Graph which is very good ratings and justifies the popularity of the show all across the globe.

Wakfu Where to watch?

If you are considering watching Wakfu, you are required to have a subscription to either Netflix or Crunchyroll. However, it may vary for Netflix in various countries, because every show is not universally available on Netflix. However, if Crunchyroll is available in your country, you can subscribe to it and stream Wakfu on it.

The official trailer of Season 4 of Wakfu is already launched getting the fan all hyped up about the series. The official trailer was launched on June 8, 2020, and the fans are waiting since then for the official release of the 4th Season of the series. However, the pandemic might delay the release a little, but Season 4 will be released which is quite sure. So, be ready with your subscriptions because the next and final season of Wakfu is coming soon.

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