WhatsApp New Shopping Button For Business Accounts, To Browse Product Catalogs

WhatsApp New Shopping Button – In many parts of the world, Whatsapp is an important part of daily life. The app is owned by Facebook and has become quickly the most popular messaging app. It is one of the world’s first messaging mobile applications, that offers free messaging, which is based on the internet. Instead of using cellular-network which also charges differently for calls and messages for sending text messages, it uses mobile data or rather a Wi-Fi Connection to send messages and calls along with video calls.

WhatsApp New Shopping Button

Nowadays, a life without WhatsApp is an unimaginable life. Whatsapp keeps getting updated pretty much all the time. And a new fascinating update Whatsapp has recently received is the new ‘Shopping Button’. This button enables users to discover catalogs of different businesses.

In other words, this new feature is going to make the task of exploring the services and goods provided by businesses much easier. Whatsapp claims that this new feature of the shopping button is going to boost sales for businesses as this will help them in getting their products more discoverable and easier to assess as well.

WhatsApp New Shopping Button For Business Accounts

It estimates that more than 175 million users a day text commercial business accounts to get updates regarding goods and services through their account. And also, more than 40 million people even see a business catalog every month that contains over 3 million people in India. It has more than 400 million users in India and the firm has only implemented Unified Payment Interface (UPI) payments.

WhatsApp New Shopping Button

Users can now see a shopping icon next to the corporate profile of the WhatsApp feature. The button seems to be a storage symbol. A change from the previous case, in which the customer had to press the opens, and users can search for the items.

WhatsApp claims that this new shopping button has been introduced globally to replace the company accounts voice call button. A customer only has to press the call button after which they can pick either a voice or a video call with their commercial business account. For more other information check Timesalert.

New Shopping Button To Browse Product Catalogs On Whatsapp

The next huge move for WhatsApp is to add a shopping option on its own platform. WhatsApp finally hopes to be the one-stop-shopping location for a customer. It means to see and assess the product, text the seller and then lastly pay for it. Without even needing to quit the site, the customer will get all order and product info on WhatsApp itself. However, this feature is going to take some time to make an entry.

WhatsApp has launched its Payments Service in India but only restricted to 20 million users. The UPI payment service makes direct transfers from WhatsApp hence the payments are UPI related.

How to Use The Brand New Shopping button of WhatsApp

Go to any commercial Business Account on Whatsapp. This can be any Commercial Business Account with which you are chatting regularly, for example, a local beauty salon or a Local Cloth seller.

If in case the seller has uploaded catalogues for their goods and services on their WhatsApp business account then you can see the store shop symbol just beside the account name.

Tap on it and enjoy shopping!

This article has covered all the information you need to know regarding the new feature ‘Shopping Button’ of Whatsapp. By going through the above article you will get to know how to use the shopping button which enables users to browse catalogues of goods and services by the concerned commercial business account.

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