Trademark Registration – TM Application Form Online, Fee, Eligibility

You can use a trademark to give uniqueness to your business. It presents your business differently. Trademark Registration lets your business to identify with image, letter, icon, etc. You can choose what image or what you want to represent your business with and get that registered as a trademark.

Trademark Registration

However, one thing to keep in mind that your Trademark shall not match an existing one or shall not represent the other business at the same time. Some of the things that you can get trademarked are letter, word, image, number, sound.

Trademark Registration online

A Trademark Registration process provides uniqueness and makes it easy for your business to identify quickly on the internet or legally. The products that have the trademark sign of your company give the idea in the user’s mind that the product is a part of your company.

Documents Needed For Trademark Registration Online

one needs to have the following documents to get register company’s logo for trademark registration:

  • Proof of claim
  • Soft copy of Trademark
  • Applicant’s power of attorney
  • Proof of business like Aadhar Card or PAN card

How To Apply For Trademark Registration In India

Follow these steps to register a Trademark for your brand:

Trademark Registration Offline Mode

  • Select a unique name: To begin with registering your business for a Trademark, it is important because your name shall be unique and catchy so that the customers can retain it in their minds. To help, you can search on the internet for trademark names and choose the one that best defines your business and is not similar to the other business.
  • Search for your Trademark: After you have finished selecting a name for your Trademark, it is necessary to check whether it is unique or not. Go to the official website of the Trademark Registrar and check Trademark is unique and available to use. If it is exceptional, you can proceed for the next step, or if it is not, you need to go back to step 1 and start from scratch.
  • Fill the Trademark Registration form

    After checking that your Trademark is unique, you can fill a Trademark application form to get your Trademark registered. Go to the Trademark Registrar office and obtain an application form to register your Trademark. Fill in the details like your name, date from which you are using the Trademark, goods, and services provided by your company, Trademark. Fill all the asked details and submit the form to the Trademark Registrar office.

  • Once you have filled your form, a unique application number for your Trademark generated. Once this number is there with you, you can use the trademark symbol beside your trademark logo.
  • The name to make it through all the inspection by the registrar, and the Trademark printed in Indian Trade Mark Journal and a time of 90 days is there for the opposition. If no objection raised against the Trademark, the registrar awards the Registrar Certificate signed and sealed by him thoroughly. After the issuance of the certificate, the trademark owner Brand can use the Registered symbol Trademark beside its company’s logo.
  • If you want to know more about the filing of Trademarks, you can visit the portal of Intellectual Property by clicking.

Trademark Registration

Trademark Application Form Online 

  • To register through online mode, open the official portal.
  • Click on the trademark registration form and select the type of applicant you are.
  • Note that you can follow the online procedure only after you have obtained a power of attorney because you asked to enter the attorney code of the applicant code.
  • Enter the code by searching the attorney or the applicant by clicking the search link.
  • Once you have entered the code and it is verified, you can use the option of “Add digital Signature “.
  • After this, select your digital Signature and click on the Ok button. Following this, enter the other irrelevant details. The login details along with additional information sent on the email Id you registered just now on the portal.
  • Now, click on trademark registration login.
  • Enter the login credentials and login to your account. You can also log in by the method of Digital Signature. Just click the Digital Signature method and select your digital Signature and enter the password for the same
  • Click on New Application to proceed for domestic registration and international registration, click on IAOI.
  • Click on the new application and select the form TM-1. After this, enter the Class of Trademark and hit Submit.
  • Upon submission, you get the TM Temporary application number to edit. Close this message.
  • Go to the saved drafts and choose the application number you saw just now and click on edit.
  • Enter all the required details and save them.
  • Before finally submitting it and making payment, make sure everything is correct.
  • Now, save all the details and make the payment.

TM Application Form

Eligibility For Trademark Registration Online In India

An individual who is not doing any other business, you can register for the Trademark. Apart from an individual, organizations who fall under the given category can also apply:

  • Joint owners
  • Partnership firms
  • Proprietorship firms
  • Trust
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Foreign Company
  • Private Limited Company

Trademark Registration Fees

To fill a Trademark Application form through online mode, you have to pay a fee of Rs 9,000, and if you go for offline filling, you have to pay a fee of Rs 10,000. However, if your business belongs to small, startup, category or your only individual owner of the business, the fees for offline trademark registration are Rs 5,000. For online filing, it is Rs 4,500. Also, search for Digilocker Registration, and CEIR Registration and check here for the details.

TM Registration Renewal

Once you obtain a certificate for the Trademark, this trademark registration certificate expires after ten years from the date of issue. Hence you must get it renewed before the deadline of expiry. You can follow these steps and get your trademark certificate renewed:

  • You must apply at least six months before the expiry of the certificate.
  • Fill up the TM-12.
  • The application process can either followed by the owner of the Trademark or the agent authorized.
  • Submitting the form increases the life of a trademark for another ten years, and if you want, you can renew your Trademark after ten years again.

Benefits Of Having TM Registration In India

When you register your brand for trademark registration, you get the following benefits:

  • When the products sold by you contain the trademark sign beside the logo of your company, which gives security and trust in the customers. Hence, it is an excellent opportunity to enhance your business.
  • In case you think that someone else is using your Trademark, you can sue that individual for trademark infringement. It gives you legality in your trademark security.
  • If you have registered your Trademark under Indian registration, then only you can apply for global registration and increase the reach of your business.

So, in the above sections, we discussed how trademark registration benefitted to the customers. We also included the registration process to the new ones and even renewal process who wants to upgrade their TM registration online. For more other details, check Timesalert.

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