CEIR Registration Login | How To Track Lost Phone Online By Central Equipment Identity Register

CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register): We have good news for all the mobile users. The central government of India under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has recently launched a service to track the lost or stolen phones. The service is known as the Central Equipment Identity Register online service. Through CEIR, a person can block the IMEI number of stolen phones. Also, the person can track this lost phone through the IMEI number. To know, all the procedure about the Central Equipment Identity Register, stay with us through this article.

CEIR – Central Equipment Identity Register

The Department of Telecommunication has now given service to the people through which they can track their stolen mobile phones. On this Friday, the communication Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad unveiled an online portal in Mumbai. The portal will help us to find and block the stolen mobile phones. The people called this project “CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register)”.

The online portal aims to block lost or stolen mobile phones and to track these phones. From 2017, the Department of Telecommunication has been working on this CEIR website. Now the Central Equipment Identity Register website has launched. The candidate who lost their mobile phone, they can search their phone through the Central Equipment Identity Register app and can also track the phone.

CEIR Mobile Tracker Service

How To Track Lost Phone Online By Central Equipment Identity Register

The Central Equipment Identity Register website is also known as “CEIR Mobile Tracker”, because, through the service, the candidate can track their stolen mobile phones. For the first time in India Central Equipment Identity Register has worked in Maharashtra. The website has also given the helpline number for the users so that they can contact the customer service to clear any issues regarding the stolen phone.

After two years, the dream of the communication department fulfilled. People earlier used to visit the police station to file a complaint about their lost mobile phones. But now, after the CEIR Mobile Tracker has launched, people can easily find out their phones.

Central Equipment Identity Register Details

Scheme Name Central Equipment Identity Register 
Launched by Central Government
Initiated by Maharashtra State Government
Announced July 2019
Aim Track the lost phones

CEIR Mobile Tracker

The Central Equipment Identity Register website has a database of International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers of all mobiles. All mobile phones have different IMEI numbers. Through this number, we can track the stolen phone. For the uninitiated, each device has 15 digit unique identification numbers.

If we make a call, the call record will show the phone number of the caller and IMEL number of the handset from which we have made the call. The online website act as a central system for all telecom companies to share blacklisted mobile devices. So, those phones will not work in another network, even when the person changes the SIM card, the phone will not work.

Central Equipment Identity Register Tracking Scheme

Today mobile phones are the most crucial thing which people are carrying all the time. Most of the essential documents available on our mobile phones. The phone helps us to contact with other people within seconds. Now the mobile phones are the lifesaver for the people. But unfortunately, when we lost the phone, we face many problems.

The unknown person can recover all the data from our phone and which is not good for us. So, the central government has launched the Central Equipment Identity Register app for tracking and blocking the stolen phones. After blocking the phone through the IMEI number, the thief can’t restore the data from the phone. So, the service is also called “CEIR Tracking Scheme”.

CEIR Benefits

The Central Equipment Identity Register Mobile Tracker is providing many benefits to mobile phone users. The Maharashtra government first initiated the scheme. In some few years, the scheme spreads all over India. Through the CEIR Mobile Lost portal, people are getting many benefits, such as;

  1. By the help of the CEIR Website, the Maharashtra government can expose who has stolen the mobile phones.
  2. Through the CEIR App, people can block their mobile phones with the help of the IMEI number.
  3. People can easily track their lost phones through the IMEI number.
  4. CEIR India will reduce the sale of stolen mobile phones.
  5. Because of the Central Equipment Identity Register online portal, the user can save their data from the person who has stolen the phone.

Procedure To File a CEIR Complaint

If the user lost the mobile phone or someone has stolen the phone, then first we have to file an FIR on the police station. The Central Equipment Identity Register Website has its helpline number. Through this number, the user can inform DoT about their stolen phone.

CEIR 144422 is the Central Equipment Identity Register portal’s helpline number. After completing the verification, the DoT will block the phone for a safe purpose. Once the phone blocked, nobody can use this phone using a different SIM card. The service provider will track the new user and inform the police about the stolen phone.

CEIR DoT Website

Track Lost Phone By CEIR 

The CEIR Mobile Tracker portal has specially designed to track and block the lost or stolen phones. The person who took the phone can use the phone with another SIM card and also retrieve all the personal data. So to avoid this problem, the person can block the phone through the CEIR App by the help of IMEI number.

Once the phone has blocked, no one can use this phone anymore. By the help of the IMEI number, the user can track the phone number and find out the person, who has stolen it. To monitor the lost phone by the Central Equipment Identity Register website, here we have shared all the procedure. Check all the process to find out your stolen mobile phones.

CEIR 144422 – Helpline Number

People can file a complaint through an offline process. The DoT has given the helpline number, through people can contact with the customer service and can search for their lost phones. To file, a complaint in offline mode, follow the given steps.

  • First, go to the nearest police station and file an FIR
  • Then call the Central Equipment Identity Register helpline number – 144422
  • Give them to your IMEI number
  • DoT will block your phone by the help of IMEI number
  • Now the Central Equipment Identity Register website will search for the new user, and if they get any information, then they will inform the police

How to Track Lost Mobile by CEIR Website?

The people can also track their lost phone through the CEIR Website. Here we have given all the Central Equipment Identity Registration and CEIR Login process, through the user can easily find out their phones.

 CEIR Registration

  • Open the CEIR website
  • Click on Registration
  • Fill the required details
  • Click on Submit
  • Now the user will get the Username and Password

CEIR Login

  • Go back to the Homepage
  • Click on Login
  • Enter the Username and Password
  • Hit Sign in
  • Put all the details about the stolen phone
  • Click on submit

For more information Click Here 

CEIR Contact Number

  1. CEIR Helpline Number – 144422
  2. CEIR Address – Department of Telecommunication (DoT), Sanchar Bhawan, 20- Ashoka Road, New Delhi, India – 110001

About Central Equipment Identity Register

What is CEIR?

Central Equipment Identity Register is a mobile tracker service or an online portal. Through this, people can find out their lost mobile phones and can track their phones.

What is the CEIR helpline number?

Central Equipment Identity Register helpline number is 144422. Through this helpline number, the user can directly contact the customer server and block the stolen mobile phone.

How many digits are available in IMEI number?

Total 14 digits are available in the IMEI number. By the help of this number, the CEIR can block and track the lost phone.

Can I track the phone through the Mobile SIM?

Yes, but if the phone is on. The device not tracked if it is switched off. All mobile has their unique IMEI number, through the user can find out the phone at any condition.

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