Telangana TSGLI Policy Bond Download | How To Check TSGLI Policy Details With Policy Number

TSGLI Policy Bond scheme is for the Telangana State Government employees. The state government has introduced this policy for govt. Workers. The Life Insurance Department of Telangana State has taken all the responsibility to manage the TSGLI Policy Bond. Through this policy, the employee knows about the TSGLI annual slip, policy details, policy number, and also they can check their policy status and many more. The policy bond is one type of saving scheme for the employees. They can easily save money for their future and family. For more information about the TSGLI Policy Bond scheme, you have to check this article.

TSGLI Policy Bond, Telangana

The state government of Telangana releases new schemes for their citizens. For state government employees, the govt. Has a scheme known as “TSGLI Policy Bond.” The scheme is only for government employees. The TSGLI Department is one of the oldest departments in Telangana. Initially, the scheme started in 1907. From that day, the scheme has been given many benefits to the government employees. The TSGLI Policy Bond is also known as State Life Insurance.

Through this Policy, government employees can invest money for their family for the future. The scheme has one other name, which the govt. Employee scheme management committee used initially as “Family Pension Fund.” In 1913, the name of the scheme had changed to “Hyderabad State Life Insurance Fund.” In 1956, when the Andhra Pradesh State formed, the scheme name was changed to “Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Fund.”

TSGLI Policy Bond
TSGLI Policy Bond, Telangana

Telangana TSGLI Policy Bond 

Now, the TSGLI Policy Bond is only for the Telangana State, which started on 2nd June 2014. The eligible government employee can apply for this life insurance for their future. The application form for the policy is available on the official website of the Life Insurance Department of Telangana.

After applying for the insurance, the employee can check their annual account slips, and also can check their policy status by the given policy number. After retirement, the employee will receive the money as their pension. The TSGLI Policy scheme is one of the safest life insurance schemes for employees. If the employee has any problem, then you can directly search your policy through the official website.

TSGLI Policy Bond Application Form

The interested government employees can apply for the TSGLI Policy Bond through the official website. The application form is not available offline. Through the Telangana State Government Life Insurance Department, the employees can download the application form for this Policy bond.

Once you invest your money through this policy, the funds will save for your future uses. And the Government will give add the interest amount in your capital money. The Life Insurance Policy is government authorized, so there is no chance to lose the money. Every State Government employees must have to create their account in this TSGLI Policy Bond scheme.

TSGLI Policy Bond Details

The TSGLI Policy Bond is a Social Security Measure for the Welfare of the state government employees. The scheme is mandatory for all employees and provincialized to the local body employees. The Financial Department has controlled the TSGLI Policy scheme.

Name of the Scheme TSGLI Policy Bond
State Telangana
Launched by TN Government
Control by TS Financial Department
Apply Online
Official Website

TSGLI Policy Slab Rates, Monthly Premiums

As per the Order number-368, the state government has introduced the compulsory premium of slap rates towards the Government Life Insurance Scheme (GLIS) for the government employees. In 2010, the Oder number – 231 issued to revise the pay slabs for deduction of GLIS compulsory premium from all the state government employees with the reference of RPS.  After five years, in 2015, the govt. Revised Scales pay of the govt. Employees, which has been issued by the TS government. It becomes very necessary for the TSGLI Policy Bond to change the slab rates of premium concerning the pay drawn to them.

  1. The government employee must increase their premiums according to the revised rate after recovery of the first revised premium from the salary. And they can also take the insurance policy according to the revised premium from the Insurance Department.
  2. If the premium enhanced, the employee has to submit the proposal form and have to obtain the additional policies.
  3. The employee will not get the insurance coverage for the premium paid if, the proposal form and the policies obtained has not submitted.

Documents Needed For TSGLI First Premium

For the First Premium, the employee must submit some documents. The documents are;

  1. The Employee’s ID number
  2. The valid Mobile Number
  3. Xerox Copy of the front page of saving bank passbook
  4. Employee’s Bank Account Number
  5. Respective Bank Branch Name
  6. Bank IFSC code

Download TSGLI Policy Annual Slips

From the official website, the employee can download Telangana TSGLI Policy Annual Slips. To download them online, follow the given steps.

  • Open the Online portal of the TSGLI Policy Bond
  • Click on Annual Account Slip
  • Enter the policy number, financial year
  • Put the number, generated in the image
  • Click on View Report

How To Check TSGLI Policy Number Online?

The employee can check their policy number after invest in TSGLI Policy Bond scheme. You can check the policy number by following the given instructions.

  • Go to the Online portal
  • Click on Policy Number Search
  • Put the Policy Holder Name, Father’s name and date of birth
  • Enter the Number, which is present in the image
  • Hit on Retrieve Policy no

How To Download TSGLI Policy Bond @

The interested employees can download TSGLI Policy Bond from the Telangana State Government Financial Department. Follow the below steps to download the TSGLI Bond.

  • Visit the TS Financial Department Website

TSGLI official website

  • Click on Policy Bond

TSGLI Bond option

  • Put the Policy Number

TSGLI Policy Number

  • Select Suffix

TSGLI suffix Selection

  • Enter Number which has given

TSGLI image number

  • Click on Get Policy Bond

TSGLI get policy bond

How to Check TSGLI Policy Details

To check the policy details, here we have shared the instructions.

  • Open the site
  • Click on Policy Details
  • Put the policy number and date of birth
  • Put the number, showing in the image
  • Click on View details

How to Check TSGLI Policy Status?

The applied candidate can check their TSGLI Policy Status through the official site. Here we have shared the steps.

  • Open the website
  • Click on Status
  • Put the Policy Number
  • Select the Section
  • Enter the Financial year
  • Put the Applicant number
  • Enter the given number
  • Click on View

TSGLI Policy Bond Contact Details

For more information about the TSGLI Policy Bond, the state government employees can contact the finance department through the given contact details.

  1. TSGLI Contact Number – 9848780368
  2. TSGLI Bond Email Id[email protected]
  3. TSGLI Policy Address –

About TSGLI Policy Bond

What is the full form of TSGLI?

TSGLI means Telangana State Government Life Insurance.

What is TSGLI Policy Bond?

The state government of Telangana has launched a scheme for the government employees, which is called TSGLI Policy Bond. Also, known as “Family Pension Fund.”

How To apply for the TSGLI Policy?

Through the website of the Financial Department of Telangana State, the candidate can apply for the TSGLI Policy.

Who can apply for TSGLI?

Only the Telangana State government employees are eligible for the TSGLI Bond.

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