Best Browser Apps September 2021 Download For Android And iOS

There are many applications to search for things on the internet. We can search and view anything through the internet even on our mobile phones. The applications like Google Chrome and Firefox give the best results in the mobiles for searching. But these applications with your mobile data may use more charging on your device and use more MB to give you the best results. The App store has many other good applications which can work as the best Browser Apps for your smartphones. There are Best Browser Apps 2021  for Android and iOS systems. So we here are providing the top best apps for browsing on your Smartphones.

Best Browser Apps 

These browsers will give you the best features and has a friendly interface. This will make you keep using them and forget about the inbuilt browsers. So, in this article, we will wrap up the Best Alternative Browser Apps For Android and iOS devices. The list of these applications is available in your App Stores. So they are official to use and easy to install. Check the list given below.

Best Alternative Browser Apps For Android And iOS
Best Alternative Browser Apps For Android And iOS
  1. Dolphin browser
  2. UC Browser
  3. Opera Mini
  4. Phoenix browser
  5. Ecosia Browser
  6. Maxthon
  7. Brave Browser
  8. Puffin
  9. CM browser
  10. DuckDuckGo privacy browser

Best Alternative Browser Apps 2021

Dolphin Web Browser – The Best Browser App 2021 for your devices. This is available in Android and also in iOS App Stores. It has great features like Flash Player, fast loading and Ad-block will keep always in touch with the browser. It has the Private browser, multiple tabs bar and awarded the best web browser in the Android market. We can use the voice search and also it remembers the mostly opened app’s and give you the suggestions while searching. This is highly used and rated in both Android and iOS systems.

Dolphin Web Browser
Dolphin Web Browser

Features Of Dolphin Web Browser

  • It has the bookmark and Add-ons sidebar which is very important.
  • You can personalize the search engine and switch to another.
  • Customize the theme of the browser with many backgrounds available in the application.

UC Browser – The other Best Browser App used by Android and iOS users. This application comes as the inbuilt in a few Android devices. UC Browser is the free and fast web browser with which you can search, download and share. The downloading process is very fast and save the data and blocks the ads. There are customized features for the music, video, and cricket to stream and know the live scores. It has the special features which are not available in other browsers like night mode which help you to read the content comfortably and best browser that speeds up Facebook regardless of the network user and few features are listed.

UC Browser
UC Browser

Features Of UC Browser

  • Blocks the ads that affect you’re browsing and can visit the Web Pages with ad-free and no pop-up.
  • It has special cricket features and updated cricket scores, matches and all related information very easily.
  • This gives you the Smooth User Experience while surfing and the result appear instantly.
‎UC Browser
Price: Free

Most Used Browser Apps For Android And IOS

Opera Browser – The Best Alternative Browser App for Android in 2021. This is only available for the Android Users but there is Opera Touch browser for the iOS users. It is the most downloaded application for web searching in smartphones. Opera Browser is safe and fast with updated news fees and built-in ad- blocker and also saving the data. Even the Opera Browser has the night mode used to read comfortably along with the private browsing option. People can now search for the top Best utility Apps of 2021 here.

Opera Browser
Opera Browser

Features Of Opera Browser

  • You can choose the option to manage the password and credit card details filling automatically.
  • In Opera Browser you can personalize the news fees and select and subscribe to the news channels.
  • You can also save the stories to read later.
  • The sync option helps you to access all your bookmarks and speed dial shortcuts in other devices and computers.

Phoenix Browser – The most used Best Browser App available only for the Android devices. This is the best app to download quick videos, Private Browsing, and Data saving. With this application in the device, you can surf anything from news to games. The Video detect functionality will make various online videos downloadable. We can browse without leaving traces using private browsers. This is very lightweight so occupies very less space and provides the faster-downloading speed.

Phoenix Browser
Phoenix Browser

Features Of Phoenix Browser

  • We can read the news updated frequently and play popular H5 games for free of charge.
  • It has the video player in-built that provides the service from video downloading to playing using the single application.
  • This supports the cross-device browsing from mobile mode to the PC browser mode with ease.

Download Browser Apps 2021

Ecosia Browser – The Web Browser App available in both Android and iOS devices.  The unique thing about this App is when you use this application the ad revenue is used to plant trees around the planet. The Ecosia Community has already planted millions of trees in Brazil, Ethiopia, Indonesia and also Spain. Along with this Ecosia browser, it has great features which will help you to improve your surfing. This has the highest rating in both the Android and iOS App stores and used by many users all over the world.

Ecosia Browser
Ecosia Browser

Features Of Ecosia Browser

  • There are tabs and private mode of browsing available in the application.
  • You can Bookmark the sites and open them when you want easily.
  • The ad-blocking mode will help you to download and search the content very fast.
Price: Free

Maxthon Browser – The Browser App for smartphones of any platform. You can download this application directly from the App stores of devices. This is the faster and lighter browser that enhances the efficiency and save the data using for the browsing. This was awarded as the best browsing application. This browser is available for mobile applications only. Maxthon supports the multi-languages like 25 in all and has the built-in ad blocker that fastens your searching and downloads.

Maxthon Browser
Maxthon Browser

Features Of Maxthon Browser

  • It has the password manager to generate a password and secure the sites visited. This comes inbuilt with the application.
  • The sync option will help you to access the tabs and bookmarks open in the new devices and read them offline.
  • Maxthon has the note-taking tool in-built to save the content in the web with just one tap and you can edit, organize and read the collected data.
Maxthon browser
Price: Free

Top Best Android And IOS Browser Apps 2021

Brave Browser – Another safe and secure web browser for both Android and iOS operating devices. It has the tracking and security protection which is inbuilt and saves your data along with the battery. Brave Browser blocks the ads and the third party cookies which will slow your surfing of the content.  The ad revenue of the application is shared to the content creators and has good reviews and rating in both the Android and iOS systems.

Brave Browser
Brave Browser

Features Of Brave Browser

  • Block the pop-up Ads appearing while browsing the content.
  • We can bookmark the viewed data and save them for the future purpose and also check the history of the sites.
  • Brave Browser is designed and popular for security and has an easy interface.

Puffin Web Browser – Best Alternative Browser App that can be used in your devices. This runs super fast to search the data. So, this is the browser, especially for mobile phones. This uses the compression bandwidth that saves the data up to 90% on regular browsing. You can also download the content to the cloud and read it for later. This Adobe Flash player of the application is always updated that support the Theater mode for flash videos and games. You can customize the color theme of the tabs.

Puffin Web Browser
Puffin Web Browser

Features Of Puffin Web Browser

  • It has the virtual keypad and the game-pad which will enhance your browsing.
  • The traffic is encrypted and protected from the hackers and it is safe to use the non-secure public Wi-Fi for browsing.
  • You can have the mobile and desktop view of the application while searching the content.
Puffin Web Browser
Price: Free+
‎Puffin Web Browser
Price: Free+

Best Browser Apps For Android And iOS

CM Browser – The Best Alternative Browser App to browse your content in a secure way. This can easily download the online videos from different websites and the ad-blocker will help you to enjoy clear and clean browsing. The history will delete automatically that adds to your privacy. We can preload the mechanism to speed up browsing and downloading. The incognito mode will help you to browse privately in a perfect way.

CM Browser
CM Browser

Features Of CM Browser

  • This scans the apk files downloaded using the browser to keep your device virus free and give you all round protection.
  • It warns you about the malware websites before you tap on the links.
  • The page translator functions more than 40 different languages which are powered by the Google translator.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser – The Browser application which is specially designed for fast and private browsing. This App will give the most private way to browse the content and used easily. This is available for both the Android and iOS system. Also, it is in the App Store so, it is official to use the application and installation is so simple.


Features Of DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

  • We can escape the tracking of browsing using this web browser application.
  • Increase the encryption of the data using DuckDuckGo browser to surf the stories.
  • We can decode the privacy policy of the websites and can enter them and use without any tracing.


These are the Best Browser Apps 2021 which will act as the alternative to the built-in applications of Smartphones. All these Apps are available in the Play store and App stores of the respective Operating systems. Hope this article will help you o choose the best one for your browsing. For more information and updates check Timesalert.


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