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Cidco Lottery is for homes at lower rates to the people of Navi Mumbai which implemented with an amount of Rs. 19,000 Crores. The online website will help to participate in the lottery with registration and login to check the details. Under Cidco Lottery, about 94,000 homes are available for the people. The City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra conducts this lottery, and you can register in the online site.

Cidco Lottery Navi Mumbai

Cidco lottery aims to provide housing facilities to the economically backward people. There are other schemes for this, but this lottery is more accessible and financially stable. Lottery winners will able to pay as construction progresses. According to officials, there are 53,000 flats in LIG category while 41, 000 flats in the EWS Category. The Cidco upcoming lottery Navi Mumbai will have all units of Rail network, Bus and Metro Station within 2 KM range to these housings.

We can register from the online for the lottery on the official website, and the lottery advertisement is also available. The features, benefits, Registration details discussed in this article. The construction of the houses under this lottery will start after completion of registration under Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority. On end of constriction, the upcoming Cidco lottery will be one of the biggest houses under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. The lottery Navi Mumbai region will provide self-sufficient properties with easy access to physical and social infrastructure.

Cidco Lottery Login

Cidco Lottery Navi Mumbai Regions

The Cidco Lottery September is implemented to provide the housing facilities for the poor and backward people of Navi Mumbai. It is available in only a few regions of Navi Mumbai, and the Cidco Lottery result date is also available on the official website. You can log on the web page and check the result of your application. The Cidco upcoming Lottery registration will start in September and the closes in the first week of October. You can check these dates on the official web page of Cidco Lottery.  The regions in which the Cidco lottery is available

  • Taloja
  • Bamandongri
  • Juninagar
  • Kharghar
  • Panvel
  • Kharkopar
  • Kalamboli

The lottery  Navi Mumbai is open in these locations and the housing schemes offered in these places.

Cidco Lottery Details

Scheme Name Cidco lottery
Started   Maharashtra state government
Beneficiary EWS and LIG sections
Number of flats 94000
LIG category   53,000
EWS category     41,000
Purpose provides their own house to citizens
Official website

Cidco Lottery Navi Mumbai 2024 Benefits

The housing facilities are excellent that every individual will be happy by attaining these houses. Every year thousands of applications are registered in the web portal for these housing lotteries. The details of these housings given below

Flat Size: The floor area for EWS flats is 25.81 Square meters while for LIG flats are 29.82 Square meters.

Expected Price: The flats of EWS category price is between 17-18 lakh rupees and LIG flats category units is Rs 24-25 lakh.

Deposit Money: The candidates who selected EWS unit has to deposit Rs 5,000 as earnest money and RS 25,000 for LIG unit.

Who is Eligible For Cidco Lottery?       

There are a few things you need to check before you start the Cidco Lottery registration process. You need to know your category and register yourself on the website. Here are the details of who can apply for Cidco lottery below.

  1. The candidates of the Mumbai residents can apply for the lottery in the official site providing the complete details.
  2. Citizens are earning an average monthly income of Rs. 25,000 can apply under the EWS category.
  3. People with income between Rs. 25,001 to Rs. Fifty thousand are eligible to apply under LIG category.

Cidco Lottery Registration

We can register from the online website easily for the lottery. The registration, login, and result check are available in the official site. It also provides an easy checklist of accepted applications on the website. In the section, we will give the detail instructions of all these processes that will complete in a few steps. Go through the complete article under their respective titles that will provide you with answers for how to apply Cidco lottery from the official website.

How to register Cidco lottery

The registration process is simple to make sure you complete within given dates. We can check these dates online from the website, and the Cidco upcoming lottery is in September. The instructions to register in the lottery are

  1. Visit the Cidco lottery website in the browser, and you can see the menu options on the home page.
  2. Click on Register for Lottery tab on the screen, and that redirects you to a new page.

    Cidco Lottery
    Home page of Cidco Lottery Registration
  3. Here give your User Name for Login, Password and confirm in their respective text spaces.
  4. Enter your first name and fathers name and surname which are mandatory to give in the registration form.
  5. Enter the Birth Date in DD/MM/YYYY format, which you can select from the calendar.

    Cidco Lottery
    Register in Cidco Lottery
  6. Give the Mobile Number in the text field and then click on submit option below. It sends an OTP number as a text message.
  7. Enter the One Time Password in the text space and then tap on OK button below the page that redirects the new window.
  8. Here fill the Aadhar card details, PAN card number and also upload them in the provided formats and sizes.
  9. Also, upload the passport photograph, contact details, and address along with bank account information.
  10. Confirm the details and select the Scheme Code from the dropdown list and apply under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.
  11. Select the reservation category and application type. Now, the applicant should pay EMD amount, which is online only.
  12. Once the Cidco lottery is applied, a confirmation message pop-up on the screen. Check details and scroll down then tap on confirm button to complete the process.

Cidco Lottery Login

We can log in the portal to access our account and check the details like lottery result, accepted registration list. Here are instructions that you need to follow to complete the Login process.

  1. Open the official website of Cidco Navi Mumbai in your favorite browser.
  2. In the home page, you can see the Login section for Cidco Lottery.
  3. Here give the Username, password in the text spaces available in the page.Cidco Lottery Login
  4. Now, enter the security code as per image in the respective text box of the login page.
  5. Tap on Login button of the section which provides access to your account.

How To Recover Cidco Lottery Lost password and Username?

  1. If a person forgets the Cidco Lottery password then tap on link Forgot Password and follow the screen instruction to retain it easily.
  2. You can also get Username if lost by tapping on the Forgot Username link in the Login section of the page.
  3. It redirects the new window and provides the details of Pan Number, Date of Birth, and verification code.
  4. Now tap on Verify and then follow the steps on the screen and that will help you get your username quickly.

 How To Check Cidco Lottery Results?

The results announced on the official website, and you can check using these simple steps. On the Cidco Lottery result date, you need to Login your account and check results. Make sure you have the Login credentials for checking the results. The results are always available after 6:00 PM on the result date.

  1. Open the official website of Cidco Lottery in your favorite browser.
  2. Here enter username and password in text spaces in the Login section of the page along with code in the image.
  3. Here from the dashboard, tap on “View Lottery Result” link in the page.
  4. Now, fill the details of your application and check the Cidco Lottery result.

Check Cidco Lottery Accepted List Application

After the success of the application in Lottery website the official go through them and accepts only honest registrations. The list of approved applications is available on the official website. Here are instructions to check the list of accepted applications.

  1. Visit the official website of Cidco, and in the dashboard of the home page, we can see the Accepted Applications option.
  2. Select the lottery scheme and housing area that will display the list of accepted application names.
  3. Check your name in the list using your Lottery code, name from the list.

Cidco Lottery Contact Numbers

The customer executives of the Cidco lottery will help you with any problems or issues with the website. It suggests you the registration process and lottery schemes available. Here is the contact number, which is useful for the applicants.

  1. Cidco Lottery Contact Number: 022-62722255

How Can I Apply for Cidco Lottery?

You can open the website and check the lottery and tap on Register for the lottery on the menu bar. Here give the complete details like name, Aadhar Card, and all other mandatory information.

What is the cost of Cidco Lottery?

Flats for EWS category cost between Rs 17-18 Lakhs and for LIG category it costs Rs. 25-26 lakh Rupees.

How can I check my Cidco lottery?

We can check cidco results on the official website. Now, Login the site using your credentials. Tap on check Lottery results option, and that displays the lottery result.

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