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BSF payslip 2024 has put up online for everyone to be able to download. Once an applicant hears back from and joins them, they soon informed that they receive a monthly appreciation from the government in the form of a salary. The salary depends on their rank and designation, which they hold at that said time. To enquire about the BSF payslip, there has been put into place the facility which allows them to download BSF payslip pdf as well.

BSF Payslip

BSF Pay Slip enables them to access further information other than just their monthly salary like the General Provident Fund slip, which is a part of the BSF Payslip and is known as the Border Security Force GPF. To access this information they said personnel must have with them, that is their BSF log in id and password. The login id and the password are unique details that vary for every member of the BSF.

BSF GPF Payslip

When an applicant recruited in the Border Security Forces, each recruit receives his or her login id and BSF Pay Slip password that is generated by the government. With this BSF login id and password, they can access their BSF GPF payslip that has put up on the official BSF website.

About BSF

BSF – Border Security Force is one of the elemental forces of India that has worked tirelessly since 1965 to keep our border safe and secure. The BSF is an ever-growing family wherein applicants who aspire to serve their country and get themselves recruited to be a part of this prestigious force.

BSF is responsible for looking over the border day and night to protect our land. The BSF keeps an eye on the enemies and checks on the danger that is trying to infiltrate these borders.

The BSF has highly effective since it founded and today, in the world of growing opportunities and many perks of joining the armed forces. It has a massive rise in the number of aspirants who want to be a part of the force. In the light of this recent increase in popularity, the BSF offers a method so that every applicant who has applied can go on to live the life that they dream of and ability to serve their country with honour.

Each month, the BSF personnel paid a salary that is in recognition of their comradery and bravery. For them to be able to enquire about their salary with relative ease, the BSF payslip provision has put into place.

How To Login BSF Payslip

To login BSF payslip for the specific month to which the enquiry pertains, the applicant has to remember or have with them, their login and their password credentials. An absolute must because failure to procure both of these results in a problematic situation wherein the applicant has to go through a procedure to recover credentials.

BSF Pay Slip Login

  1. Open your browser and log onto the BSF payslip online login official portal.
  2. Once the homepage displayed in front of you, locate and click on the ‘BSF log in’ button.
  3. Once you click on log in, a page appears that asks for your login id and password.
  4. Enter your pay slip log in id and password.
  5. When prompted to, enter the captcha code that you have to decode and then click on the login button.
  6. Once done, you can access my BSF GPF pay slip and look into all the relevant details that you need.

Download BSF GPF Salary payslip

For the people who would like to not only view their BSF payslip but also have a proper and straightforward method in place to download BSF GPF Salary payslip, print it and check it, the further steps help them do so.

  • Visit the official site and wait for the page to load.
  • Once the homepage has loaded, look for the option that says Pay & GPF/CPF slip.
  • Click on the link to log in.
  • A page loads wherein you have to put in your BSF payslip, and gpf slip log in id and password.
  • Enter your correct information to log in successfully. The IRLA number that you receive is your BSF username.
  • After you have entered your credentials, you asked to enter the captcha code on the screen.
  • Once you have entered all the details successfully you able to access you BSF Salary payslip.
  • Click on the specific BSF pay slip 2024 that you want to access and you able to print it out or download BSF payslip gpf onto your device.

How To Recover BSF Pay Slip Password

Although the BSF payslip procedure has put into place, a lot of individuals face problems when entering their passwords. The reasons for this can be plenty, but the most common reason for the inability to log in is that the individuals forget their passwords. Also, know about Ekosh Payslip and CISF Pay Slip.

To be able to fix this problem, one can follow these steps:

BSF Pay Slip Password

  • Go to the official BSF website that is home login
  • Once you see the screen that asks for your log in details, enter the details that you are aware of and log in.
  • Upon failure to log in, locate forgot password option below and click on it.
  • You asked to provide a mobile phone number and an email id which used to contact you.
  • Click on the submit information option.
  • An OTP sent to you on either your email id or your phone number
  • Memorize and enter the OTP in the required field.
  • Once the OTP entered, you redirected to a new page where you assigned a new password.
  • Use the new password to securely login by repeating the procedure.
  • Once your BSF log in gets completed, you can access your BSF pay slip easily.

Other Methods To Access BSF GPF Slip

The methods mentioned above are the standard ways with the help of which anyone able to access their BSF payslip without any hassle. Still, if a given individual has a smartphone and can access the internet with it, then they can download the BSF Payslip app. Once one has successfully downloaded and installed the app, the benefits quickly on their fingertips and they able to access their BSF payslips with much more ease


Along with the BSF salary payslip, every individual also entitled to various perks that the government offers and these are for everyone regardless of their ranking. During your service tenure, in return for your bravery and your dedicated service to the country, everyone gets many exclusive perks like various allowances to help you with your commute and hassles.

One even enjoys many facilities that have put in place not only to serve the individuals. But also they can benefit from them and be rewarded for their dear service to the country. For more other information, check Timesalert.

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